"Rose, the reluctant sweetheart demon, has trouble making friends."

Rose watched as the large round bright glittery pink ball flew up in the air and smacked the pavement below. Up and down, over and over again, the ball flew and fell as the other demons passed it back and forth and threw it around. The game was Batball; the rules were simple. Pass the ball around using only your tail, head, or legs. The demons laughed and played on as Rose watched with desire. She wanted to play. She really did… It's just… she had trouble making friends.

She was a little shy so to speak and often watched more, rather than join in. She was fine with watching; just it got a little lonely. Others said she was cold and stand offish, she wasn't really deep down inside but she had a hard time explaining that. It really was rather sad she guessed.

The others never seemed to come up and ask her to play and she was too embarrassed and scared inside to go and ask herself. She loved Batball, thanks to her small wings she could reach higher and smack the ball down faster then most girls. It was just hard for her to approach the others and join in.

Rose sighed, she would never make friends, she was going to sit here forever and just watch everyone else play all day long… Suddenly she heard a bam, then a bang, and finally smash. She looked up to find the ball had hit a wall; then a flower pot and the pot had smashed to the ground below. The little plant, once inside it, was now sitting on the sidewalk. The demons all ran away at once, screaming and hollering as they left both Rose and the once potted plant behind. One demon stopped and looked back at Rose, she looked back at him. He ran away as Rose walked quickly towards the little plant. It was smaller then most plants she had seen and had a large bright pinkish violet flower closed shut on the top.

Rose knelt down by the little plant's side and poked it tenderly; the petals fanned out and then snapped shut again. Rose poked it again and got the exact same reaction. She giggled and picked the plant up delicately, taking care to hold the flower up and not damage the stem. The plant was like a baby doll. The flower opened up slightly when she picked it up and then snapped shut again.

She found a small bucket nearby and placed the flower down in it, than she ran to the near by school shed and pulled out an enormous old bag of dirt, it was twice her size. She frowned and glared at the dirt bag. She hated dirt, mud, and anything of the sort, but the plant needed it. She tugged bag towards the plant and sighed… this was going to take forever. It had to weigh twice as much as she did. She looked over at the plant it was now drooping to one side and seemed rather pitiful all a lone… Rose tugged the Bag even harder, determined to help the plant now more then ever. Then she tugged even harder, as the bag ripped open. Dirt flew everywhere as she fell to the ground. She looked around as tears welled up in her eyes. Blood gushed from her knees and the plants seemed to be shriveling up. Rose wanted friends more then anything now, ones that would tell her it's ok, and help her save the plant. Rose cried on and on as unexpectedly an empty watering can was dropped down next to her. Then a hand grabbed her arm. Rose turned to find the demon from before was next to her. He smiled as he held out a packet of Band-Aids.

"Scrapped your knee right? I seem to do that a lot too." He said as Rose sniffled and wiped her eyes with her hand. Her long bright pink hair was covered in dirt and so was her nice new skirt.

"Thank you…" Rose whimpered as she took the packet. The boy grinned as he pulled out a small clear cup.

"We should take a bit of soil at a time. It's a lot easier then dragging the bag. I'll do that, why don't you go get some water for us?" He asked as Rose nodded. She picked up the watering can and ran to the fountain. Water poured out as she rubbed her hands in the spray taking care to remove all the dirt. She turned to find the boy right behind her.

"Hey, just so you know, I can back for the ball ok? You tell the others nothing about me helping you ok?" He said as he blushed. Rose nodded as she stared down at her little black Mary-Jane shoes. Of course making friends wasn't this easy… he was just here for the ball.

"Ok…" Rose said as he sighed and scratched the back of his head…

"You know the rules right? Batball I mean… what to pass it with me for a bit… I sort of got bad aim…" He declared as Rose nodded. Her whole face lite up and she almost wanted to fly up in the air and do flips.

"Yes!" Rose chirped as she bounced. The boy smiled as he ran over to the pink ball from before. He then threw it up and tail smacked it towards Rose. She head butted it back and they started to pass it back and forth as fast as possible. Soon the ball was nothing but a pink blur as they hit it. Rose jumped in the air and tail slapped it to the boy's surprise as she gasped.

"Wow!" he yelled as rose jumped down.

"The plant!" she yelled as he turned the ball was hitting things left and right. Suddenly it was heading towards to plant. Then snap! The plant's petals opened up and sucked the ball in… the plant then shot the ball out like a cannon.

"Look out!" The boy yelled as he tackled Rose to the ground. The ball flew past their heads and went smashing through a window… they stood up and look to each other… "that was a fifty pointer… you just auto won!" He yelled out. Hugging Rose, he then patted her head. "That was so cool! Come on, my friends may say girls can't play, but by Satan, out of all of them you're the best!" He laughed. "You gotta play with us tomorrow, my team ok?"

"Really? I can really play with you?" Rose asked with joy as the boy nodded. "Then can we friends too? I don't really know much about having friends but they play together all the time and all so can we?" She asked as the boy blushed. He started to stutter for a moment before slapping his cheeks twice and nodding.

"O-of course! You and me, we can be best friends! Nobody can say anything but that, because I was always looking out for you ok?" he said as he grinned. Rose giggled and planted a peck on his cheek.
"Thanks! Your my first best friend!" Rose replied, as the boy blushed crimson he looked like a tomato. "You think I could be friends with your friends too?"

"What?" he squeaked as he shook his head no. "No way, those guys are like ogres or goblins! Their mean and dirty!" He said as a shoe hit his head.
"Hey, stop crushing on her and get the ball you idiot!" A demon yelled from afar.

"Uhh… yeah…" he replied as he ran away. Rose giggled; she had finally made a new friend.