The Ragnar holy text, Serpentine Manifest covers the beliefs of the Ragnarians comprehensively through poetic verse. The epic poem covers everything from the beginning of the universe to the creation of mankind. The mythology will be summarized here in a more concise way, using quotes and anecdotes.

In a black speck-less void

The heavens began to spin

Hakkash hissed and weaved

Bobbing with primordial grace

A dusty canvas beheld him

flat and featureless, ageless

According to the text, the serpent god, Hakkash, began to circle in space and weaved the heavens, bringing shape to a flat and featureless plane of "dust", presumably rock and dirt. He pounded at it with his mighty tail, forming deep trenches and craters, displacing the sediment into arbitrary and jagged shapes. He then filled all of the trenches with a hard, cold solid.

The trenches filled with stone

Cold and transparent

The ground was nigh level

A wicked breeze chilled the heavens

Hakkash opened his mighty jaw

flame poured out onto the plane

It flickered down the middle

The cold stone warmed and flowed

Washing the sediment freely

Except at its edges

This solid was evidently ice, melted by Hakkash's breath to form the oceans and lakes of Noctora. The flame burns invisibly to this day, in a straight line from east to west; because of this the far north and south are still cold and icy.