Hello there I am Ruby Brooks, there are a couple of things that you should know about me I am Irish, I have long black hair, gold eyes, I am also thin. I love to read and write I am also a descendant of Scathach also known as The Shadow, The Warrior Maid, the Daemon Slayer, and the King Maker. So now you know how messed up my life is, because I can't go anywhere without well without Daemons trying to kill me because of my unfortunate heritage. As a descendant of Scathach I have powers like telekinesis, a basic control over the four elements as well as super strength kind of like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is how my horror story starts.

I walked up our pathway of our house taking in the scent of the flowers and the sight of the beautiful full moon. I came to the worn front door I smiled looking at it I, remember the day my ex boyfriend Dominick walked through that door for the first time. He was so nervous I thought that he would throw up. I pulled my mind away from that day no good could come from looking towards the past. I sighed and as I rounded the corner of the curvy path. I gasped the front door was wide open I used my gift for being able to sense a person's life force to see if there was anyone there. No one I sighed in relief walking inside. A creak came from behind me and I spun around settling into a fighting stance.

"You are well trained."

"Who are you?"

The voice chuckled and said "I am something older than time, Descendant of The Warrior Maid!"

"Oh yeah try me."

I clicked my fingers and sparks flicked as I summoned a fireball, the creature shrugged and walked forward and I was finally able to make out its features it had soft brunette curls, she also had soft features the only way that you could tell she was not human was her eyes they were yellow like a sunflower, they glowed with a darkness that was old and implacable, she smiled her canines sharp and pointy. I smiled a soft cruel smile. I lunged splaying my hand and pushing at the air throwing the creature backwards into the wall.

It stood up and shook itself off and I started to chant.

"Psychic vampires who lurk in the night, Psychic vampires who try to destroy my life, Destroy no more of what I have achieved, Destroy no more of what I have received, Negativity is not welcome, Evil as well is not welcome, In me, around me, or around people I love."

The Dearg Due started to scream as her body started to unravel as if she was in sunlight. I walked to my parent's bedroom to check on them and they were in pieces literally, my mother's head was on her bed her eyes glassy and wide open with fear. My father was mounted on the wall like some sort of grotesque trophy. My sister's leg was next to my mother's head. I ran out of the room and threw up in our bathroom sink. I walked to my room and pulled out my backpack, I threw in a pair of jeans and my favorite Ed Hardy top with its companion jacket along with my credit card, IPod and went to the outside room to grab my sword Angel and leather tank top with leather skinny pants with accompanying heals. I swiftly changed into it. I swung the swords scabbard onto my back and put on my trench coat also leather and did my long black hair into a high ponytail, and shoved a dagger with a leather gripped hilt and a small ruby at the end of it into my boot.

. "Hello welcome to the Midnight Hotel how may I help you?" he asked. "I would like a room for a couple of night I said with a wry smile. He smiled back "For how many nights? "Undetermined." "For the first three nights it will be 300 dollars after that you pay day by day love." He held out his hand and I, placed my American Express card into his hand. He swiped it. "I hope you enjoy your stay." He said and handed me a key "Room 42" I snorted and walked to Room 42 and opened the door and let out a pent up breath and looked around only to see a dingy room it was lime green with a small kitchen area, a TV and a double bed also in lime green. I walked to the bed and flopped down on it. After about what seemed like an hour I sat into the Lotus position and started to clear my mind. My mother's head popped into my mind I screamed and started to sob. "Take it away, take it away." I sobbed. I clicked my fingers and threw a fireball at the wall of the ugly lime green wall; it sputtered and died out in mid flight. I smiled a soft weak smile; I lay down and closed my eyes after what seemed like an hour I fell asleep. My dreams were muddled and confused. My mother, father and sister the body parts were scattered all over the master bedroom, my hand full of blood, I saw nothing but darkness before me and a voice. "Watch out for the darkness for it will consume you, fight my child fight. Fight for your family and for me and you will be remembered as your ancestor was." I saw a field before me I looked down and I was wearing the golden armor of a warrior I looked before me and saw a woman. She wore armor much like mine but it looked like it was made out of moobeams, her hair was platinum blonde and she wielded a sword it was sharp and pointy with a silver sheen to it. She looked to me and spoke in a voice that reminded me of the night soft, dark and velvety. "Fight for me daughter of the Warrior Maid, my people will soon be called to war and need a leader. Fight, we need you." I screamed and awoke with my breath racing like I had run ten miles. I stood up and walked to the small dingy bathroom and splashed my face with water, I looked up and all I saw was me with my gold eyes and black hair and cool angled features. I shook my head and sighed, I walked over to the couch an ugly brown thing and sat down on it I closed my eyes and started when someone banged on my door. I walked over to where I had put Angel and unsheathed it walking to the door, and I opened it carefully bringing my sword up to the person's throat before they could move. "Rubs it me member?" said a voice I knew so well "Morgan." I breathed "How in the name of my ancestor Scathach did you find me?" Morgan smiled his freckled face lighting up as he spoke in his rough bass "Well after all that blood that you smelt of sweetie pie it was kinda not hard find you using my olfactory senses." I smiled at the weak werewolf humor coming from him. "Now do me a favor and get Angel away from my throat before I am forced to kill you." I lowered my blade and stepped aside to allow the wolf in. Morgan stepped in and started to sniff the room and he grimaced. "Rubs did you forget to wash after you were in that much blood and gore?" "Yes Morgan but anyways what are you doing here?" "Council" "WHAT? Did you lead them here?" I slammed him against the wall my hand tightening around his throat and his face started to turn purple and his breath started to come in sharp breaths as he tried to draw in breath. "No why would I lead the Council here to you?" I let him fall to the ground and he spluttered for air. "The Council is lookin for you girl, you should run they are sending blood hounds to trace your scent." Morgan said. I grimaced as I saw the blood hounds in my mind's eye, people that could turn into wolf like things. Grey and brown wolves running through the streets of LA sniffing the road as they ran I laughed at the picture that my mind's eye conjured up.