Quazar looked at Ruby with new respect in his eyes. The woman cursed and almost stabbed him in her attempt to get his attention. Ruby's golden eyes connected with his blue ones and hope shone in her eyes. "Master Bellator pleases will you follow me to the infirmary?" Ruby looked startled and followed the woman before Quazar could even say or do anything. They came up to a pink building with symbols of healing engraved upon it, Ruby's eyes widened at the healing herbs hung upon the ceiling and the Sirens moving in between the wounded. Their hands glowing under the direction of the Amazonian warriors. The Siren with blue hair walked up to them and bowed deeply showing them to an open bed, Ruby showed her the wound and the Siren started to heal her. Ruby's skin itched and crawled as the magic fixed up her wound. "I am so gonna kill you when we get back to your flat!" said Ruby. When the healing was done and they were walking out in the cool night air, Quazar handed Ruby a newspaper. "BROOKS FAMILY FOUND DEAD ELDEST DAUGHTER MISSING. The Brooks family was found dead in their suburban home yesterday evening by a concerned neighbor who found the very gruesome dismembered bodies of Ramona, Finn and Asa Brooks were found their eldest daughter Ruby has gone missing. The police have no leads to who may have killed them and why they kidnapped the eldest daughter. According to police chief Christian Coma there were no sign of a struggle and has suggested that Ruby left under her own power and was the one to kill her family. They have also said that sword marks were what dismembered the Brooks family. A room full of ancient weaponry was found with swords, pikes and shields, with one sword missing. The name of the blade is Angelus. As a fascinating twist adoption papers were found for a Ruby Ardaigh which we believe to be none other than Ruby Brooks herself." Ruby's eyes filled with the silvery sheen of tears. "My family, just left their bodies there I did not even call anyone." She collapsed and started to weep on the ground of the School for the Divines. The Siren that healed Ruby walked out, and walked toward them. "I am Aquamarine but most people just call me Aqua." she said. "What do you want?" asked Ruby.