Time seemed to tick by so slowly. It was never moving forward, never bringing the relief that I longed for. I felt so alone and cold. My heart seemed to be frozen and not beating, my thoughts numb and depressing. I could feel nothing. I had nothing. I could only embrace death.

That's how I felt as I slept through the night. I felt my nightmares come true; the moments where I found out that I would never see Braden again. I awoke in a startle, my heart being a hundred miles per hour, sweat pouring down my body as I looked around frantically. "B-Braden?" I whispered, hoping, just hoping that all of it was just a dream. That he would walk through the bedroom door any moment now to hold me in his arms.

A tall dark figure opened the door and peaked in. "Miss. Aurora?" Samuel's voice asked softly. "You alright?"

Sighing I pulled my legs up to my chest and hugged them tightly. "I had a nightmare again."

"The same one?"


Samuel walked in and took a seat next to me on the bed, gently rubbing my back. "He's going to return."

"When?!" I asked him, looking at him through the dark room. "It's been 2 months 5 days and... what time is it?"

"Three A.M."

"... and 12 hours!" I sighed and tried not to cry. "I'm so scared my dreams are going to become my reality.."

"He's the one person I know that would never allow just anyone to take his life. He will return." he told me. "Now try and get some sleep."

After a moment I nodded and laid back down, and closed my eyes to try and get some sleep. It took a long while, my thoughts racing all over the place, but I did find sleep.

As the nightmares still returned.

Later that morning, I finally awoke, still not feeling rested at all. I could feel like life being drained of me, my soul crying out for Braden. Each day felt the same, just with a bit more bitterness and pain involved. Today though, I decided I needed to try something different. Maybe it would bring me some relief.

I stood in the kitchen of this home, it smaller, but still nice. There was a wood counter, a stove, an icebox, and a sink with fresh water from a spring up the mountain. I reached down and pulled out a pan from one of the lower cabinets and sat it down on the stove.

Soup was in order today.

I walked over and peered into the living area, seeing that I was indeed alone in the house. Hmm, Samuel must have gone out for more wood for the fireplace. Sighing, I walked back and grabbed all the ingredients and began to cook them carefully, allowing the sweet aroma of fresh strew to fill the house. It took me a bit, but it was one of the easier things to make. Samuel wouldn't complain, even if it was breakfast time. He would be out until later anyways, always making sure the area was clear of anyone... and to see of any signs of life from Braden.

I swallowed hard. I missed him greatly, and I needed to know if he was alright.. if only...

My heart stopped. I froze as I felt a pair of hands slide carefully around my tiny waist, and a strong body pull me against it. I was afraid to look, afraid to see my worst nightmare.

"Wait for me." I heard his voice. My eyes went wide, and I quickly turned around to see what I never wanted to see in such a moment.


Tears welled in my eyes. I was seeing things again. Hearing things, feeling things! Why me!? Why did his spirit tempt me so!? I felt so cold then, my heart wanting to break and shatter into a million pieces. I hated this! I swear I felt him... his hands strong, his body warm and protective... his voice...

I fell to my knees, not caring how much it hurt as the pain went through my joints at the sudden impact. My hands covered my face, and I cried. I sobbed. I died.

This is what it was like for me, each and every day. I was seeing things at least once a day, and then others, maybe more... but a day didn't pass that I didn't see or hear him. I guess my mind liked playing tricks on me or liked me being tormented minute by minute.

"My lady!?" I heard Samuel's voice call out, a shocked one at that. I felt him quickly lay hands on my shoulders, and carefully pulled one of my hands down to see my face. "What happened?" he asked. These past months, without the killing, without the darkness of the life he had before in the palace, he had become a bit softer, a bit more open.

"I felt him Samuel..." I sobbed. His head fell and he knew it was happening again. I didn't always tell him when these episodes happened, but he knew they occurred more than enough. "Why can't I just die?" I asked him, seriously wanting death to come near.

"Don't speak such things!... what would Braden think!?"

"Braden's dead." I cried, knowing that I felt a part of my heart gone.

"He's not." his eyes grew cold, slowly reaching into his shirt and pulling out a very worn and bloody letter. "I was not meant to show you this, so you must not speak a word of this to Braden when he returns."

My eyes shot up, tears staining my face. My eyes were too blurry to see at first, but I wiped them clean as much possible and looked at the paper in his hand. "W-What is it?" I asked almost afraid of the answer.

"It's from a soldier."


"I went into the nearest town a week ago, and I ran into a few soldiers. They do not know who I am or what I stand for, so don't fret. They had this on them, and I took it after I overheard them talking about it."

"What does it say?" I asked even more scared than before. Who's blood was that?

His face grew grim, but he took a deep breathe. His dark skin seemed to grow even darker if that was possible. "You must not jump to conclusions my lady." he warned. "It's a letter from the queen... stating Braden's death."

My heart shattered. Tears poured into my eyes once again as I felt a sense of death flood my being.

"He's... dead?"

"No my lady." he smirked. I didn't understand. It said he was dead, there was blood on it, and is probably his. Why was he smirking!? "This is all part of the plan. If this letter was given, then the plan has worked."

"I don't.." I stood and began to wipe the counters off, scrubbing them as if my life depended on it.

"Aurora, he is coming." He admitted.

I wanted to believe him, I really did... but I didn't know if I had any strength left to do so. "I still don't understand."

Sighing he stopped my hands. "Aurora, he had to make her believe he was dead to see that he could come find you and so that you two would never be disturbed again."


I felt so cold. My body ached so badly as I walked. It had been days since I had last eaten, but I couldn't stop now. That sweet angelic face was waiting for me.

Oh how I missed her.

I had betrayed the Queen, killed many of her men, and made her think I was dead and that she was victorious. It wasn't easy, heck, she almost succeeded in killing me! I felt so weak right now, my body wanting to give in and pass out. I knew I was close though, and I couldn't stop now! My vision became blurred many days ago, my body loosing much blood. I had wounds that should be putting me into the ground, but alas, I was too strong for that.

The trees and the mountain area calmed me, keeping me sane as I walked. My steps became slower and slower as I finally saw the place I had longed to see in many months. My heart raced, even with the lack of blood, and I felt excitement. She was waiting inside. I know she was. Had she changed? Had she still believed he was coming? She was always so sure, but he knew that this time was different. This was no innocent childhood promise to keep her motivated throughout the years... this was real war, real death, real heart.


I felt a pair of eyes on the house. I didn't understand why I felt that way, but I just had a sense that something was different. As the wind blew against the house later this evening, I could tell that there was something blocking some of it. It sounded different.

"Do you hear that Samuel?" I asked him, his eyes looking up from the table as he ate.

"Hear what?"

"That sound..." I whispered. I felt scared... yet excited.

"I hear nothing my lady." he replied, standing and walking over to the door. He looked out as he froze instantly.

"What is it!?" I asked him, curious. I walked out from the living area towards where he stood and went to look out.

"Stay here." he demanded, his voice cold. He opened the door and began to walk out. I wanted to listen, I really did, but my damn curiosity got the best of me! I looked out and as soon as I saw it, I gasped.

"BRADEN!" I screamed, seeing Samuel run over to a man falling to his knees. My feet raced under me, my heart pounding. I couldn't believe it! It was him! It was really him!

"Aurora!" Samuel growled, knowing he was angry about me disobeying.

My body crashed into the man on his knees, his body went limp, as I landed on top of him. "Braden!?" I asked scared. He groaned and a light laugh came from within his chest.

"I've missed you Rory." he whispered. "But please... I can't breathe." he spoke softly. I gasped again and quickly crawled off hms, my eyes never leaving his face. That's when it sunk in... he was bleeding...


"Oh my god, Braden! W-What happened!?" I asked, fear starting to rise again.

Samuel reached down and helped him sit up. I watched carefully, but as soon as he looked at me with his brown eyes, his weak bleeding arm reached out and grabbed the back of my head and instantly pulled my lips to his.

I was lost.

His lips felt so good on my lips, the tender touch melted my heart, and I felt once again alive inside. My hands caressed his face as I kissed him back. You would think that I would be embarrassed by such a thing right in front of Samuel, but I didn't care! I wanted this, needed this, the sweet feel of his body. Then I remembered... Shoving myself back tears filled my eyes. "Your hurt!" I cried.

"I'll be fine babe." he chuckled, motioning for Samuel to help him up. He did, slowly though. I stood and held onto his arm, not wanting to even be away from his touch for another moment. Was I dreaming again? Seeing things? Was he really here right now, with me?


God how I missed those lips. Her lips. They were sweet and tasty, and I all but wanted to drown in it. She was so spastic, but I didn't mind, I was just happy to finally see her beautiful face again... to finally feel her touch. It made my senses come alive all the more, and even with the loss of blood and strength right now... I wished I could just take her into our room and have my way with her.

I felt her body react as well, and it only made my heart melt more into a warm feeling. I could finally be with her, and only her, and not report to any man or woman. Samuel had helped me up and it was sweet to see how Aurora couldn't let me go. She had a strange look in her eyes though, as if she was in a dream, and soon she would wake up to find this all a lie. Well, I'd have to prove that wrong. I smirked.

As they both assisted me in walking inside the house, I took in the fresh scent of food, and of pine and oak. Ahh, I built this place so long ago. I loved it here, and just the smell of the outdoors was already soothing me into a relaxed state. My stomach seemed to beg for the food that it sensed, and I felt pain once again. Samuel and Rory helped me to the small table and helped me to sit, and I knew it killed her, but she released me and ran into the kitchen. Soon she reappeared before me with a large bowl of soup.

After sitting it down, I slowly reached up and tried grabbing the spoon. It hurt so much to just do a simple task, but without a word, Rory took my spoon and gently blew on a spoon full. Then she smiled softly, bringing the wonderful goodness to my lips. It tastes so good, but hurt all at the same time. As I slowly enjoyed the soup Rory had made, Samuel brought things forth and began to tend to my wounds. Normally I wouldn't be so helpless, and I would always tend to my own wounds. Today though, I for once didn't mind the attention.

Aurora continued to look at me with awe and with worry. She stayed silent for a long while, until I refused to eat anymore.

"What is wrong love?" I asked finally with a moist mouth. Her eyes flashed what I thought was anger, but it didn't come out that way.

"I..." she began speaking softly.

My hand reached over and found hers, gently pulling her hand to my lips and kissing it softly. "Whatever it is, you may tell me."

She looked down, discouraged. Tears seemed to well in her eyes as she slowly pulled her hand away and took the almost empty bowl back into the kitchen.

"She's in shock." Samuel whispered to me, finally tending to my last large wound. All the rest he cleaned up and cleansed since they were only superficial.

"How has she been?" I asked, curious as to what has been happening while I had been gone. She seemed a bit lost right now, and I thought she would still be jumping for joy at me being home... what was really going on inside that mind of hers?

"Not well."

"I see."

"Nightmares, sometimes she went without eating for days. I had to do a lot of convincing to get her back on track, but as soon as she had one of those days... it was back to square one."

Finally finishing I went to stand. "I need to talk to her." Samuel helped me at first, since I still felt very weak and tired. My body still hurt, but the thought of my woman scared and confused trumped all that. He knew that and nodded.

"I'll go hunting. I'll be back in a few hours." Ahh, he knew me all too well. I was so glad to have at least one person still by my side through all this chaos. I waited for Samuel to grab his things and walk out. Taking a deep breath, I could hear the clanking of dishes as I figured she was once again cleaning.

One foot in front of the other I made my way passed the wooden table and rounded the small wall to finally see my beautiful woman.


I sniffed. I didn't know what was real right now. Was I dreaming? Was this just another torturous nightmare that found me? Will I wake any moment and find that Braden, my love, was truly dead?

I scrubbed the dish in the hot water even more, until finally I dropped it and held my chest. Tears formed as I tried my best to breathe. I want so badly for this to be real... for my love, Braden to really be here and to finally...

I stiffened as I felt a pair of strong hands wrap around my waist. Standing straight up, I close my eyes allowing the tears to run down my face. I felt his body pulling me again to lean against his strong, solid body. I remembered all the times I felt this exact thing, and it felt the exact same.

"Look at me..." I heard his voice whisper against my ear. I felt the breath of his words and I choked back a sob.

"I'm scared.." I whispered back in truth. "What if your not real?"

"Look at me Aurora." he demanded more, his voice giving off a strength I felt I needed. I felt his hands loosen just a bit to allow me to turn in them to face him. I did, my eyes still closed. "Trust me..."

"I don't trust my own mind..."

"No need to, I'm here. You can't make me disappear." He sounded so sure, so confident. Slowly my eyes fluttered open and I saw his amazing brown eyes trained on me. "I'm real Rory."

I didn't know if I should have stayed in place and examined him further, just to make sure, but I didn't. I wrapped my arms around his neck and slammed my lips to his. I heard him groan in what I could only think was pleasure as his deepened the kiss to an even more passionate one. I was hungry, needy and I wanted him. Now.

There was no more thinking to this whole process. I had waited 2 months, 6 days and.. how many hours now?

Fuck it.

I didn't care anymore, I didn't have the strength in me to stop as Braden, even in his weak state reached down and grabbed my butt. I felt my entire body grow hot as my hands ran through his hair and continued to pull him closer. "Rory..." he whispered with a groan as I surprised him and ran my right hand over his pants... over his hard excitement.

"I need you..." I desperately pleaded with him.

"Come with me." he kissed me again, grabbing my thighs and lifting me up so that I could wrap my legs around his waist and then carried me to the bedroom.

Our bedroom.

I was surprised at how strong he still was as he carried me. It wasn't a far walk of course to our room, but the condition he was in was hard enough to look at. I felt so hot though, I didn't mind, as long as he was okay with it. The desire in my body growing and begging to be let loose, to be touched by him once again.

With unmatched grace, Braden laid me down on the bed, his hands now free to roam over my body once again. A light moan escaped my own mouth as I felt his hands trail under my shirt to gently massage under my bra line. So close, it was almost like teasing! Pure torture!

"Braden!" I cried, him knowing exactly what kind of affect he was having on me. He leaned down and trailed his kisses from my mouth to my cheek, around my neck till finally he nibbled on the bottom of my ear. I gasped again as he breathed against my skin, leaving goosebumps to form.

"No. Not yet, not fast. I have waited too long for this Aurora..." he began to kiss my neck again as I felt myself already becoming wet between my legs. His hard member pressed against my clothes. He quickly fixed that, removing any and all clothing from me. "I want to make love you nice and slow."

I dug my nails into his back, causing him to groan either pain or pleasure... or both I guess. It was strange, I didn't feel shy right now, not after spending all this time away from him, thinking I would never see him again, that I was to spend my life without him and his touch. No, for the first time I was going to be free to do what I pleased and to do what pleased him.

I gathered what strength I did have and surprised him by rolling over, my body now towering over his. I slammed my lips over his and ran my hand through his long hair that desperately needed to be cut. No matter, this wasn't the time to think about cutting hair...

I found myself running my hands down to the top of his pants. Quickly, and regrettably pulling away from the wonderful kisses I went down and pulled his pants down with some assistance. He was shocked, I noticed, as I began to gently stroke his hard member. Hearing him suck in a sharp breath, I felt good knowing I was having such an affect on him. I then did what I never thought I would do without being told to. I leaned over and began to lick his shaft, bottom to top, and then slowly placed my mouth over him, taking the entirety of him into it. It was a lot bigger than I realized, but that didn't matter.

"Oh babe..." he closed his eyes, his body randomly contracting as I continued to do that, slowly moving up and down over him. "That feels... ah!" he stopped and tensed up a bit again as I began to swirl my tongue around. I continued for just a short while, my mouth already getting sore from the lack of experience of it all. That was okay though, because Braden actually stopped me, and flipped me over himself. "My turn." he grinned, leaning down and kissing the swells of my breasts until he found the tender areas that were my nipples. I moaned and gasped at the wonderful feeling that started building up between my legs area.

His hand then traveled down and began to rub between my legs as his other hand continued to play with one nipple and his mouth on the other. I sucked in a breath as I felt him slide a few fingers inside of me. "..B-Braden..." I whispered his name, feeling his fingers begin to move in and out of me. His fingers were brushing against my tender spot and I felt my self building up inside. Oh god! I was going to cum! My hips were moving with his hand, my hips starting to buck up as I panted and moaned in pleasure.

"That feel good baby?." he lifted up and began to trail kisses back up to my neck, sucking on random tender spots he had learned of. His voice was deep a husky, panting himself already in anticipation. My cries began to get louder as he moved a bit faster, until finally I felt my a flood of pleasure roll through me. He carefully pulled his hand out and licked his fingers, and then couldn't seem to wait any longer. "God your so beautiful Rory... I need you so bad right now.."

"Take me." I demanded.

Without another word his wounded body placed itself between my legs, the tip of his shaft pressing against my warm, already very wet self. I needed and wanted more than anything to feel him inside of me again! He must have read my mind, or was thinking the same thing when he quickly shoved himself into me, causing me to gasp in slight pain and a lot of pleasure. "Baby... oh god... you feel so fucking good.." he moaned loudly as he began to pump into me faster and faster. The overwhelmingly feeling of him being inside of me and the building of pleasure was almost too much to bare.

"Braden!.. Yes! Oh god yes!" I cried, almost to the edge.

Within a few more seconds another, more intense flood of an orgasm went through me, and Braden finally reached his climax as well as he moaned just as loud, and then collapsed on top of me, still being careful not to crush me.

The realization that we just made love, and knowing he was back in my arms made me feel an unimaginable joy. Braden pulled out and laid down next to me as I turned onto my side and wrapped my arms around his strong broad chest. He winched slightly but tried to ignore the pain as much as possible. "Braden?" I whispered. Looked up to his eyes, waiting for him to open his own and stare down at me.

"Yes, Aurora?" he replied in question. Silence followed until he looked down at me. "What is it?"

"I love you."

A smile came across his features. "I love you too." he told me back, as I felt my heart swell. "Marry me." he told me.

"I would love to." I quickly replied. If it were anyone else, no matter what, if they hadn't been through what they had... I would have said no in a heartbeat. But no, this was Braden, my life, my love. He had saved me and I plan on trying to bring him happiness for the rest of his life.

To be his wife.

His lips came crashing down on mine as if he was ready to go for another round. We both knew that wasn't going to happen, so I pulled back slightly, curled up more against him and pulled the covers over us. "Sleep with me." I demanded.

"I would love nothing more, my love."

That night, right then, we were finally free from the control of the world. We were able to be happy in our own little world, and we were going to enjoy every second. Together. Forever. We slept the night away, and dreamed of the new set of plans we would be starting, as this was only the beginning of our love story.

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