Experiment Gone Wrong

I look at myself in my full portrait mirror in my bedroom alongside my dresser. I am still curvy, short with brown curly hair and the same emerald green eyes upon my ageless, flawless olive skin face. Today is January twenty fifth 2071, I would be turning seventy six today but I'm not. I am twenty five years old today...even though I was born in 1996. Yes, mathematically that doesn't make sense, I know it doesn't. However, nothing is as it seems ever since Science screwed me over today fifty years ago. My life has never been the same since that one day back in my college years at the prestigious Wagner College. I remember that day like it was yesterday; not one detail has left my brain.

It was a snowy afternoon when I made it to my Biology classroom. I was late to my class because my car kept on skidding on the icy black pavement, and I had to drive twenty miles under the speed limit. My old Biology teacher Miss Fowler did seem to notice I was missing in action that day. As soon as I got into the quaint classroom; she welcomed me warmly.

"Why hello Maria, I'm glad to see you were able to make the class." She greeted me as soon as I opened the door. I was only ten minutes late. Every single one of my fellow classmates turned to stare at me awkwardly. Miss Fowler always seemed to like me; but I never understood why, out of everyone in the whole class she only knew five people.

"I'm sorry I'm late." I said as I quickly grabbed a seat to start paying attention to her lecture.

"We were discussing youth serums. How everyone seems to always want to stay young, Maria come up here." She directed me, stiffly I got out of my seat and made my way to the front, I never liked being the center of attention and it always made me anxious. When I got up there, she started showing us this clear purple liquid in a beaker and started heating it up on a beaker. It turned out I was her partner in a 'quick lab', but then she started pouring the purple liquid right upon my hand but it started making the skin on my hand start to bubble. Everyone in the room started to gasp in shock. They knew that wasn't normal, and soon Ms. Fowler started to catch on to why everyone was reacting that way. "Oh no this is bad, very bad! Everyone is dismissed." Everyone scurried out of the room but were probably secretly happy they were able to leave early than the scheduled time of dismissal. What is this serum going to do to me? There is no way she created her own youth serum, I thought.

"Where are we going? What is this going to do to me? Ms. Fowler?" I questioned, but she didn't answer any of my questions.

"We are headed to the hospital."

"What? Why?" I questioned, when before I realized she stuck a needle in my arm and I fainted; when I woke up I was staring at a blazing florescent light that made my eyes squint so badly my eyes started tearing up.

"Hello, Maria, we need to talk." A doctor told me as reality slapped me in the face. I was in the hospital; I was lying in a bed with foreign tubes attached to me on every inch of my body.

"What's going on?" I questioned hostilely, because than I remembered the reason I was there.

"The serum that your teacher spilled on you, we found out she did intentionally. We called the school to inform them. Most likely your teacher will be fired because what she did was illegal in the state of New York. However, we tested the serum and since we can't find any of the chemical within your body we assumed that the chemical has left and there was no harm done to you. Since Ms. Fowler explained to me it was a youth serum most likely it doesn't work so you will continue to age like everyone else." The doctor reassured me, which at the time I believed. I went back to school, finished my masters degree, got a job as a guidance counselor, got engaged to my long-time boyfriend Jacoby, got married, had my two wonderful kids Brody and Selena…that all happened in a course of fifteen years, which I realized I haven't aged…something was wrong.

Once I realized, I went back to find that doctor I met in the hospital fifteen years earlier. I found him in the exact same hospital, and I explained to him my theory. That I wasn't aging and I think I'm still the same age and everything. The doctor was weary but to calm my nerves he took blood from me and examined it with newer technology in 2036. He discovered I was right. The only person I told was my husband, he said once he grows old no matter how weird we look as a couple that it doesn't matter. That he will still love me the same no matter what, until his last final breaths on Earth. I thought he took the news a little too well but I never questioned him on it than because it was too early to worry about it.

It's true that my Biology teacher did this to me in an experiment gone wrong. I found out later she died a couple months after she got fired. She committed suicide. She did leave a note behind that the police gave to me to read.

"Dear Maria, I am sorry for the incident at Wagner. I am sorry for the hospital. I am sorry for whatever effects the youth serum will have in the future. They were going to send me to jail for what I did to you. I thought it would be a blessing, not a curse. I admit, I wasn't a good teacher to you or to anyone. I had my hands on elements and chemicals I shouldn't have. I stole some from my brother's lab. I know what the side effects are of the serum, and I am so sorry for what you will probably find out in the future.. I need to leave everything behind, I hope you can find the strength to keep going. With love, your teacher Ms. Fowler."

She found the easy way out of the situation. I wish she went to jail so she would get what she deserved. What strength could I possibly be able to have? She knew what was going to happen to me. Why didn't she warn me? I blame her for everything that has happened to me, because what she gave me is a curse! She gave me eternal youth when I was in college going for my masters in school psychology. I was ensured that after she accidentally spilled her experimental youth serum on me that nothing will result of it. I will age just like everyone else…they were wrong!

Even since then I ha/ven't retained one wrinkle, I haven't gained weight. I still look like I'm twenty five. Along with that, I am going to be on this Earth forever.

I saw everyone die that I loved. My best friend Jenny slowly died of lung cancer fourteen years ago. I saw my mom and her boyfriend hospitalized in a hospital after a kitchen fire that got out of control, I watched my mom die there twelve years ago. I saw both of my grandparents' die peacefully of old age ten years ago. I saw both of my kids die. My oldest son Brody died from AIDS about only five years ago. Than my beautiful young girl Selena who looked a lot like me, she got murdered by her own husband about four years ago. I saw my husband Jacoby die during a plane crash that I survived; I was the only survivor that was only last year. There were other people in-between, too many different causes, so many different funerals, and so many different forms of sadness.

I wish someday that I could live upon them. Every time I've tried to die I can't. I am bounded to this Earth's soil forever, just a side effect from the youth serum. It not only makes you look young, it makes you unable to die. I've attempted in many creative forms. I tried swallowing too many pills, I've tried to die in car accidents, I've tried to drink myself to death, and nothing works. No matter how much I want to die, no matter how determined I am, I can't die. There's nothing left for me to live for. I remember when I was younger and I didn't want to face death. I didn't know what I was thinking. There is nothing left for me that even makes me happy anymore; why should I keep living if I don't want to?