Hello Everyone!

This is the "final" draft of Chasing the Moon. Recently I've lost inspiration for Playing With Fire and You Can't Have Both, so I decided to revisit Chasing the Moon and start the long editing process.

There will be several major changes to this story, so I encourage you to read this new draft. My goal is make the story rounder and develop the plot a little more clearly. I'll be taking care of inconsistencies and making sure that everything makes perfect sense to you (and myself, of course). A lot of the things some readers complained about (i.e. Cole's apparent ability to "heal" Caleigh at the beginning of the story, but not at the end) will be changed, or taken out completely.

I'm currently reading Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult and I'm learning some new things about current research on wolves and how the pack system works. I might change the way Cole's "pack" runs to fit with more modern ideas. I suggest this book-it's very good-but House Rules and Handle With Care remain my top Jodi Picoult picks!

Please alert me if you see any new consistencies, or if you liked something that I took out and I'll try and put it back in.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about and have not read Chasing the Moon, you can either go read the finished (albeit poorly written) version, or you can wait for the updates on the edited (and probably much better) version.

Chasing the Moon is my baby and I've worked so hard to ensure it's project and that the characters are well remembered, so if you think someone has plagiarized this story, please let me know and I will contact the "board" of fictionpress and take action against the plagiarizer.

I am also considering changing the title to Why We Chase the Moon. If you:

like the title the way it is

like the new title

or have a better idea

please let me know!

And, don't forget to review! I want to know your opinions on the changes I've made to this story!

This will be the only author's note from here on out! Enjoy!