The forest was quiet. Night had fallen over it and the moon was high in the sky. A figure stepped out of the bushes, walking in an awkward way.

It was Henry. Earl's knife was clutched in his hand, still stained with blood. His sleeves were rolled back, showing three precise cuts on his arms. A glint of madness was visible in his eyes and he smiled gleefully at the trees around him.

Henry had changed. For the better. The master had taken him to his lair beneath the earth and showed him the error of his ways. He could SEE now. How the master was right, and how foolish he had been to fight against him.

Henry had offered to kill himself and give all his blood to the master. But the master had told him that with Earl gone, it would need a new servant. To bring it fresh victims that wandered across the river and got lost in the woods. Its other servants, the creatures born out of the master's rage, could not do this. They could kill, but lacked the intelligence to bring their lord the blood. So, Henry was needed.

Henry pondered over what the master had told him before it deposited him back above ground. It had said that it could sense another powerful being on this planet, also gathering power. It was growing stronger at a much faster rate then the master and had its own army of beasts. Soon, it would attempt to bring about a great cataclysm upon the earth.

The master didn't care. The other creature was strong, but it had less strength then the master. True, the master still had another hundred years to go before it could break free of its shackles and seek its revenge on the beings of Light that had imprisoned it, but it could wait. It didn't want this planet anyway, and if the other being attacked them, the master could easily crush it like a simple fly.

He had been patient for so long. One hundred years was nothing. And when the master did ascend, Henry would join him. Up there, amongst the stars. Painting masterpieces in the cosmos and flying unrestricted.

But for now, Henry was perfectly content to kill victims for the master and give him their blood.

In fact, Henry could see a person walking down the trail. He looked out of breath, as if he had just been running away from something. Behind him was the Watcher, its giant eyes gazing at the person briefly before it vanished.

Henry scraped the knife against a nearby tree. He grinned madly and began to sing.

"Row, row, row your boat," The prisoner sang. "Merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream."