Part of the Group

Michael O' Hare had only turned fifteen years two months ago. Yet, he had the courage and determination that would be excepted of a young man of his age and personality.

Michael had grown up in one of America's largest cities in a middle-class family, having a regular education. Michael's parents thought he would become a lawyer or a worker in business. But when Michael went to his first crunchball match, he decided to change future careers.

When Michael was fifteen, he had bumped into a member of the Jackson Road Bulldogs who was running away from a member of the North Miami Beach Screamers. He had no idea what the Screamers were doing in this city but he fought with the Screamers member.

The Bulldogs member felt grateful and offered Michael a place in the Bulldogs. So now Michael is a member of the Jackson Road Bulldogs, a " group" who supports the crunchball team, the Division 4 Bulldogs.

It was a normal afternoon as the Jackson Road gang was on a metro headed to the Portland Complex, a neutral complex in Harrisburg, which would be holding the match between the Bulldogs and the Division 4 Lions. Michael was dressed in gang attire, that being a jacket, a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

The Bulldogs team were currently third in the Division with 9 points. They were a two-star team merging on a three-star. The same was with the Lions. Since Bulldogs' colors were blue and gray, the gang only wore gray along with varying colors. Lions' colors were orange and yellow, which was that of a lion.

Michael's friend JJ said " Hey, Michael!"

Michael turned to look at JJ. JJ was the first friend he made after he was informally inducted into the Bulldogs. They both had something in common. To the gang, they were rookie members. Basically members who were starting out in the group.

Michael replied " Hey, JJ. What do you think is going to happen at the match?"

JJ paused and for a good reason, too. The group defending the Lions were just a minor one called the Roaring Lions but they already faced off against more experienced groups and won.

The metro lights blinked. This was their stop: 57th Street in Harrisburg. It took a while to get to Harrisburg because of the long distance between Harrisburg and their city. Portland Complex was only a few blocks north of 57th Street so it shouldn't take long to get to the complex.

Since not all of the group could fit on the metro, they sent only six members: Michael, JJ, a senior member named Grille, a guy named Lucas and two other rookies.

As the six got out of the train, Michael put on his over shirt. He didn't button it since there was no actual need. It was only one of the games of the regular season so he didn't have to show his actual team colors yet.

The six began walking to Portland Complex. Michael looked at Lucas. Lucas was a 16-year-old with blond hair and green eyes. He wore a long-sleeved maroon sweater and dress trousers with boots. He had been in the group for a little more than a year as Grille told Michael and JJ on the metro but already Lucas has a good reputation in the gang.

The six had now arrived at the Portland Complex and had their barcode straps scanned. The barcode straps were fake, of course, but as long as you didn't print an expired date on the back of the strap, you should be marked as verified.

Michael, JJ and Lucas sat down in the middle section of the stands. Close enough that they could see and yet far enough that they wouldn't appear suspicious.

Portland Complex was a large one with a dome shaped head and the metal ring inside. Since no team actually found it as a home, it was just a neutral away stadium for other crunchball teams.

The game had started and the Lions were already gaining the lead. By tackling most of the players, they were achieving their goal. By the time the Bulldogs even got close to the goal with the ball, the game was almost over.

Lucas said " It's 1-0! There's only 20 seconds left. We can't lose t-to... them!"

Unfortunately for Lucas, Martin Buckley, the new player was tackled only feet away from the goal. The Lions managed to make another goal despite the Bulldogs' best efforts. Lions won two to zero.

Lions fans were cheering and mocking the Bulldogs, especially the Roaring Lions who were having a verbal field day.

Lucas was angry that the Lions managed to score. Michael was saddened by the loss. He didn't know why he would have been. It was just a normal loss. JJ felt the same way but for different reasons known only to himself.

As the three had caught up with Grille and the two rookies and were walking out of the stands and through the port out of the complex, Lucas noticed a Roaring Lions member. The member was smirking and seemed to be doing some kind of hand gesture.

Lucas gritted his teeth but he knew he had to keep his cool if only to keep the Bulldogs' cover.

The member said " Hey, losers! How's the Bulldogs doing? Must be sucking lately, huh?"

Lucas bit his tongue before smirking and replying loudly " Yeah, well, you Lions aren't a good team either. What is this, the first game you won this season?"

The member said angrily " Like you scrubs even tried to win a match? You're just in third because those weaklings are getting lucky."

Lucas gritted his teeth and began to walk over to the boy, but was held by Michael and JJ.

Michael said " Keep it together, Lucas!"

The member was chuckling while walking away. But before he did, he turned back and shouted " Tell your dead leader I said hi! Maybe that's why he went down! He's a failure!"

Michael and JJ both looked at each other before they nodded. They let go of Lucas who had stomped over to the boy in the leather jacket who was smirking.

Lucas stared the boy down before he growled " Who do you think you are to be saying that?"

The boy scoffed before he replied " Who do you think you are to be in our complex, midget?" before he pushed Lucas .

Lucas replied " It's not your complex, you stuck-up spide! Nothing belongs to you stupid Lions but a dump!" before he punched the Roaring Lion in the stomach.

The two began to fight and as Michael noted, Lucas seemed to be winning. As the two fought, an officer in green uniform noticed and ran over, blowing his whistle.

The officer shouted " Hey!"

The officer had separated Lucas and the Roaring Lion by using his arms to hold each of them back. Lucas had a split lip and a few bruises on him. That didn't mean that Lucas didn't do a good job on the Roaring Lion who now had a black eye.

The officer said " So you two think it's good to fight, eh? Well, not in this complex, you don't! I see either of you doing any roughhousing here and I'm sending you both to the lockup, do you hear me?"

The Roaring Lion nodded with a smirk and said " Yes, sir."

The officer glared at Lucas before asking him the same thing.

Lucas said " Yes" and then just looked down with an annoyed look on his face.

The officer glared at Lucas again and pushed his arm.

The officer said angrily " Answer me properly, boy!"

Lucas said with contempt " Yes... sir."

He practically spat the last word out but it satisfied the officer so he went on his way.

The Roaring Lion glared at Lucas, pointed at him and said " I'm going to get you, dumpster boy."

He then looked at the rest of them and continued " You and your little friends too."

He noticed that the officer was looking so he scoffed and walked away. The gang was walking out of the complex and on the way to catch the metro.

And that, my friends, is a day in the life of a crunchball gang member.

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