Part of the Group chapter 3

Once again, it was another week after the last match and Lucas has reconsidered his decision not to mention the use of Turbo boost in the last match to anyone. But it was too late by then. For now, it was a match against the teal and blue Sharks. Sharks were a few places below them and since this was the last game of the season, Bulldogs had to make this one count very much.

Michael, JJ, Lucas, Kenan and Grille were all walking to Sharks Stadium, home of the Sharks themselves. The five had gotten off of the metro ten minutes which is good since the metro was only five minutes away from Sharks Stadium.

Michael asked " JJ, what do you think is going to happen this match?"

JJ answered " We're going to get at least 3 points and we're going to win, of course."

Michael shrugged and said " It sounds like a good guess to me."

The five arrived at Sharks Stadium. Of course, there was a lot of Sharks fans there and Bulldogs fans too. The game was one that fans, the media and the players themselves have been anticipating though not with the Sharks and vice versa.

They had decent seats this time but they still looked at the large screens just to save eyesight. The game started off well and by halftime, Bulldogs have already scored one goal.

In the remaining time, Sharks struggled to keep it together. As a result, they fell apart and Bulldogs used it to their advantage. Bulldogs had won 0 to 4.

The five were watching the media results on Kenan's tablet. Currently, one of the newscasters was talking about the match.

The newscaster said " A great effort and success by the Bulldogs at winning tonight's match! It just happens that this is the final match before offseason, everyone! This means only one thing: final rankings."

The newscaster continued with a smile " So now, let's see the final rankings and see who has improved their moves."

The newscaster coughed before he said " In 8th Brutes. 7th place is... Power Drive 6th place... is Raging Fury's. 5th place belongs to... Eagles Claw. Finally, 4th place, everyone... is Sharks' taking."

The newscaster continued with enthusiasm " Now for our Top Three! Third place goes to... Bulldogs."

The boys clapped with calm. They were just glad they were in the Top Three this season even if it was the last spot.

The newscaster said " Second place is shipped off to the Lions. This means, folks, the great crown of first place goes to Iron Justice!"

The boys were happy about them. They were not exactly happy that they didn't get first place but better Iron Justice than Lions.

They noticed a group of Sharks in teal and blue walking towards them.

Lucas crossed his arms and said " Well, if it isn't the losing team of fourth place. What do you want?"

One Shark, which must have been the leader had stepped forward. He had medium skin with blond hair and green eyes.

He said angrily through gritted teeth " We wanted to tell you Congratulations for getting into the Top Three."

Lucas said " Wish all of you had that attitude, huh?"

A girl who was about thirteen or fourteen stepped forward. She was African-American with black hair tied into braids and black hair. She wore a short-sleeved plain teal shirt and slim teal pants.

The girl said " Who are you to think that you are better than any of us? Do you remember a year where us Sharks weren't in the Top Three?"

The girl pointed to Kenan and said " Do you?"

Kenan shook his head as he began to think calmly.

The girl glared at Lucas as she asked " Do you, huh? Do you, tough guy?"

Lucas, for once was speechless. He never really did pay too much attention to the rankings. So there was not really a way where he could recall if the Sharks were in the Top Three or not.

The girl had looked over at Peter, Michael and JJ. She had debated on which one she would confront. The one in the red shirt seemed too weak and probably would whimper. The one in the hoodie had too much stamina and thus he would cause anger, which was the last thing she needed.

But the one in the jacket and T-shirt was a mysterious one. She didn't know his strengths or weaknesses, meaning he could have any attack. He could be smart and quick. She didn't like that at all.

The girl looked at Michael and asked him while jabbing her finger at his chest " Do you remember a time where the Sharks weren't in the Top Three? Huh? Do you-?"

Michael grabbed her arm, which had surprised her and answered " Yes. In fact, I don't think the Sharks ever made it to the Top Three. Hey, JJ, have the Sharks ever made it to the Top Three in the past 5 years?"

JJ shook his head and replied " Nope. They were usually either fourth or fifth in the rankings."

Michael smirked and said " Who's laughing now, princesa?"

The girl dragged her arm out of Michael's grip and hissed " Don't touch me."

Both groups heard a shout of " Hey!". When they turned to look, they saw a group of Raging Fury fans. Their emotions varied from annoyance to disappointment to anger.

Lucas looked at the Raging Fury group and said " Well, look who the sharks dragged in."

The leader of the Sharks group glared at the Raging Fury fans and asked " What are you doing here?"

A Raging Fury fan in the front with orange hair said " We came to see you win and beat these losers. Looks like you couldn't even do that right."

JJ replied " Hey, at least we're in the Top Three. Heck, even the lousy Sharks are higher up than you. No offence."

The Sharks leader muttered " None taken."

The Raging Fury man said " Hey, you Bulldogs got lucky last game. We could have easily beat you."

Lucas replied with a smirk " Only because one of your little dogs was using turbo boost."

There was shock and surprise on both the faces of Raging Fury and Sharks fans. Turbo boost was of course, illegal and nobody else noticed that the Raging Fury was using it except for Lucas and the others when Lucas showed them during the media replay of the match.

Lucas smirked and said " Surprised? Anyone could have figured it out and anybody could have told the NCLU or the media. Look, there are a few people there heading to the media station right now."

Lucas was right. There were a few Sharks fans running through the halls of the complex up to the media station.

The Raging Fury man swore as a few other Raging Fury fans tried to chase the Sharks fans, which made them run faster.

The Raging Fury man then turned his glare to Lucas as he said " You think you're so great, do you? You Bulldogs are just scum."

Lucas replied as he crossed his arms " Even if we are just scum, at least we never used turbo boost."

The ensuing fight was a great one with all sides colliding with one other. Mainly, it was just Bulldogs vs. Raging Fury vs. Sharks.

Michael had noticed the girl from earlier fighting against two Raging Fury fans. He had some sort of compulsion to help her even though he had previously embarrassed and outwitted her.

He picked up a loose plank of wood before he hit one of the Raging Fury fans in the head with it.

The other Raging Fury fan and the girl were both surprised. The girl did not except Michael to be helping her. She soon recovered from her shock and kicked the Raging Fury fan in the leg, which made him cry out.

Michael stood next to the girl and said with a smirk " Nice kick, princesa."

The girl rolled his eyes and replied " Thanks, urchin."

Michael asked " So what's your name? It would be nice to know the name of my damsel in distress."

The girl said " Just call me Jazarei, urchin."

Kenan shouted " Guys, the pigs are coming! Run for it!"

Michael was ready to run and leave but then Jazarei said " Wait. I don't know your name."

Michael smirked and replied " Just call me the myestery, madam."

JJ shouted " Michael, stop flirting, man. We've got to get out of here!"

Michael shouted back " I'm not flirting!"

Jazarei crossed her arms, smirked and said " Michael?"

Michael smirked and replied " It's a natural, normal name, Jazarei."

Jazarei frowned while Michael ran to catch up with JJ, The six safely and carefully made it out of the complex while there were a lot of officers at the scene of the fight.

JJ said " That was close, guys."

Lucas shrugged and replied " Well, we made it out in one piece, right? We're all fine, we're in the Top Three and it's only another week until the next season. So everyone's happy."

Kenan nodded as he said " I'll see you guys in two weeks."

The others nodded as they went their own separate ways.