Reflections, that was all that was left of them. Shadows.

They had once been people, had been alive. But that was before, not anymore.

Everything had changed, one decision had changed them, had changed their lives forever.

One decision had ended their lives. Sometimes, it was overdose; others, suicide. Whatever the cause, they had all chosen it, chosen the easy way out. They had problems they believe couldn't be solved, had pains greater than anyone could imagine. Whether it was the right choice or not, I guess we'll never know. They were gone now. Not here anymore, not close anymore. Just… Gone.

If you tried to look at them, you wouldn't see them, but if you looked down, at the ground, there they were. Walking, walking as if nothing had happened. And nothing had, at least nothing that you could see. Their decision hadn't affected anyone but themselves, hurt no one but them.

They weren't people anymore; they had chosen that fate for themselves. Now, they watched.

Watched every move you made.

I guess what they are is up to you, what you chose to call them.

You might chose to believe they are good, or you might chose to believe they are bad.

But no matter your decision, they are nothing but themselves. Or at least a shadow of whom they had been.

Some call them angels, others, guardians, or watchers. But I call them for what they are; shadows.