Alright! Wel this is my first Fiction Pres story! Yay!

Title: Valentines Day Nightmare

Genre: Small terror/ Slight hinted romance

Rating: k

Summary: Why does everyone assume that Cupid is a symbol of love? Why not the other way around?

Chapter 1.

"I -think we- lost them!" I heaved over my shoulder to the group of exhausted teenagers behind me. They stood warily, gasping for air , hands on their knees."Finally! A girl whined, dropping to her knees . We've been running for DAYS now!"

There were five of us all together, Meya, a 14 year old with a slight attitude issue. Jennifer, Meya's 13 year old cousin,acted older than she was- following her cousin, she was truly a young Meya, even if she didn't know it. Justin and Jason- 15 year old twins. You could tell them apart by their facial features and facial expressions. Jason had a softer face than Justin "Baby face" Meya called him- behind his back. He also smiled more than Justin, not to say that Justin was mean...oh and Jason, was, I think about 2 minuets younger than Justin anyway. It was easy for me to tell one from the other because Justin ALWAYS stood on my left side, Jason on the right, ALWAYS. Of course I was there too. Moria, I'm 14 also. My issues include: slightly dependent, impulsive, somewhat easily annoyed, stubborn, and loud.

"Meya.. I started. It's only been five hours.-" Stopping myself realizing that it was still a fair amount of time to run from impending doom. Meya, now leaning against a rotting tree, glared knives in my direction. After a while of trying to catch our breaths, one of the twins walked over to my side—my right side. Jason. He smiled and patted the Earth next to him. I sighed deeply and let gravity do it's job,riling up an impressive amount of dust.

"well, I guess this means that you're the leader..." He acknowledged.

"W-what? No! I don't even know the first thing about being a leader!" I shouted at him. He didn't seem moved by my sudden outburst but he did look a bit surprised that I had snapped at him in the first place.

"Jason's right Moria. Justin encouraged. I mean, you've lead us this far... so why not?"

BECAUSE I'M NOT A GOOD LEADER!" I screamed, and this time, everyone jumped. I sighed heavily at their expectant faces and eventually gave in.

"Fine..- but you're responsible for your own lives!" They all smiled and awaited their newly appointed leader to give orders.

"Well... I began looking up at the sky that was beginning to grow dark. We need to find a place to sleep we can't stay out in the open- he might catch us." I felt a shudder travel from my shoulders to my feet.

"Wait! Jennifer chirped. I think there's an app for that... With that she immediately began checking her phone for some type of tool that could help us. Found it! This app shows the nearest house for sale! It's only about 8 miles from here! that's pretty good if you think about all the walking—er, running we did!"

"very good Jennifer! Thank you!" I smiled. Well lets get going! It's getting dark you know!"

"Follow the leader everybody!"

It took us about two hours to get to the abandoned house. While they all were shocked by the size of it, I was shocked by the fact that w had walked nearly ten miles without being attacked, eaten, mauled, gutted ect.

Look how big it is!" Jenifer shouted shouted

"Pssssh, my house is bigger... and thats what she said." Meya confirmed earning a deadly glare from Justin, which made he attitude change quickly. It was no secret to Jennifer and I that she had a huge crush on him, and it was way funnier than it sounded. I tried the door.

"Locked. Twins, do you think you can- break the door down?" I asked sheepishly.

They looked at each other, and then turned their attention back to me.

"Sure—we can try" With that, they- together, rammed into the door. Once,twice, three times and succeeded. I'm pretty sure that even they were a little surprised that it had actually worked. We all stood quiet for a while, until Meya broke the awkward silence.

"Well I don't know about you but I'm not gonna stay out here any longer than I have too! Those things are probably watching us! Soooooo... bye! she rushed into the house followed by Jennifer and one of the twins. I looked around warily when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I spun around and saw Jason behind me looking worried.

You know, just because you're the leader... it doesn't mean you have to get hurt first."


I smiled and followed him into the house along with the others. The house was much bigger on the inside. It had about12 rooms all of which still had the furniture in place.

"Guess this apocalypse caught them before they could move..." Meya shuddered.