The Cursed That Killed

The Gory Prologue

It was dark as the slight August winds blew through the old house.

"You mind shutting the windows Grace?" asked a voice across from the right window. "It's getting chilly."

"Just three more minutes Eli, just three more." Grace replied and a sympathetic voice. Across the room sat two other females. The older female looked at the younger female with eyes of sympathy and worry.
"You alright Chloe?" asked the older female.

"I guess." Chloe responded and finished with a shrug.

"Chloe, it's nothing to be ashamed about." Came a voice from across the room.

"I know Jake, but I'm scared that when it happens to us, who will be are next victim?" Jake's eyes darkened as he nodded in sadness.

"So Molly, what time is it?" Chloe asked looking at the older females watch.

"Um, it's about one minute till twelve." Molly said looking at the second hand, as it slowly ticked to the twelve.

"Wait, where's Jason?" Grace asked just remembering that they were one short. As if an answer came straight from God the door swung open, and in pop Jason.

"Sorry I'm late guys!" Jason yelled as he came into the living room unzipping his jacket.

"Where were-never mind." Grace cut the question with one look at the sky. "Molly how long?"

"About thirty seconds." Molly answered in fear her voice cracking.

"Got it." Jason yelled kicking of the last of his sock.

"Do the countdown Molly." Grace asked her eyes were wild with fear as her stomach turned into a knot.

"It's not time yet." Molly said looking at the watch.
"Do the countdown!" Grace yelled in a furry

"It's not there yet!" Molly yelled back.

At this point Chloe's hands were shaking. Her breath heaved in and out, in and out. Suddenly Molly began the countdown.

"10, 9" Jake got into his usual position closing his eyes. "8, 7" Grace and Eli grabbed onto something closing their eyes. "6, 5" Jason landed on his knees closing his eyes "4, 3" Chloe Closed her eyes sucking in the last of the air she was breathing. Molly looked away from her watch counting down the last numbers. "2, 1, 0." Just as the clock struck 12:00 midnight everyone let out a blood curdling scream. Grace and Eli clenched their heads, and started to stagger side to side before collapsing to their knees. Jake Screamed forming into a ball grabbing his leg, so he could put pressure on something. Jason's head flew up facing the ceiling his eyes started to cry in pain and fear. Chloe was trying to hold in the transformation, as the pain over took her body. If at all Molly spoke soft words to Chloe.

"Chloe ah. Let it out the pain will go quicker that way ahhh!" Molly covered her stomach, as it felt as if someone kicked her in the gut. "You don't want to be the last to transform." Molly grinned a little. Chloe looked out to see everyone gain muscle, as their shirts started to rip thread by thread. Molly fell to the floor her eyes turned to a sick yellow. Upon look of a mirror Chloe could see that her teeth were becoming sharp to the point, as the teeth got sharp her fingernails got long, sharp, and turned to a sickly dark brown. Her back cracked, and her chest expanded to the point at which her shirt ripped, as the chest expanded Chloe looked up yelling her eyes tearing up, because the pain hit like an Earthquake. falling to the floor her claws dug at the couch. Grace, and Eli were almost done with their transformation. The cloths all but gone, ripped up to shreds. There posture was that of a wolf, their screams became that of a bad person trying to sing, and Then their faces, oh their faces began to outstretch into a form of a muzzle, and Every hair from every pour grew to become fur, and last but not least their eyes became yellow. Jake and Jason was half way through the transformation. Jake had formed into a poster of being on his feet and legs. Jason was on his legs and hands his face started to bubble his eyes flickered from hazel to yellow. Molly and Chloe began started to move well into their transformation with cloths fully off their fur began to grow, and Chloe's eyes became A sick yellow. Soon everyone but Chloe had fully transformed into a wolf. Chloe looked at the moon her yellow eyes burned with hatred for the full moon. I hate you so much. Chloe thought before her face stretched into a muzzle, as she blacked out. Where there stood six teens stood six hideous monsters. There muscle was big, even bigger then Hulk Hogan. The eyes of pure hunger shown through the Yellow of puke yellow, and their mouth drooled with the wait of their claws, the claws that seemed to come from the very evil of Satan would dig into a poor victim, a very juicy victim. These were not humans no, but Werewolves they had become. They stretched their furry neck to howl and let the moon Baath their body. As one wolf stopped the rest did, so with the transformation complete they leaped out into the woods to find their next poor, juicy, and meaty visitor.

The people who are about to be mentioned will not be given names, due to the fact that there names still haunt the planes of Ohio to this very day. Six people gathered around the fire having what would seem to be a bomb fire, as three women and men gathered one of the men put down what would be his sixth bear.

"Hay man, this is one wicked party." Bellowed the man as he drank his beer.

"You know, it would be wised if you stopped."

"Oh come on you little girl." The man walked over stumbling over his own feet.

"I'm a man and you need to stop." said the person warming up the fire.

"Prove its."

"How many fingers am I holding up." the man held up two fingers.

"um, I believe you are holding up a thousand."

"Alright give it to me."

"Get your own!"

"Give it."

"Fine, I have to take a leak anyway." The man staggered into the woods.

"And that's why you never drink." one of the women decided to speak out. Everyone else giggled.

"I heard something!" The drunk man yelled hoarsely. Everyone lost it as that point. The laughter continued for a few seconds, as is died down someone spoke.

"Hey, why did you bring your 2 hunting rifles." The woman belched a little after finishing.

"I took them because I'm hunting a little tomorrow, and besides it's always a sort of protection."

"HELP!" The drunk man yelled running, or somewhat running into the clearing.

"Okay, what's wrong?" The man closest to the gun asked.

"I saw Wolves, but these were not regular wolves these were huge scary wolves. "

"Okay, Now you've had too much to drink."

"I'm not lying, it's out ther-" The man's body jerked back as he screamed in pain. Everybody else just got up in an instant.

"Get the Guns!" One of them yelled.

"On it." A man said grabbing a gun and tossing it to the other male. The Screams of a man could be heard getting fainter and fainter. Another wolf came out of the bushes it's eyes shown with hunger.

"Shoot it!" The man fired his gun but the bullet penetrated the wolf's skin.

"What the-" One tried to get out before getting jumped on and dragged into the darkness screaming like a little girl.

"Noooo!" another woman screamed before getting jumped. "Help me!" The woman screamed as the wolf bit down into her leg.

"I have it in my sites." POW, yet before the gun could fire at the wolf, another wolf attacked causing the gun man to lose aim. "Ahhhh!" he yelled as he dropped the gun. The woman not being attacked ran for the gun, but to no prevail. The fifth wolf rammed into the woman causing her to lose balance. The woman reached for the gun but to no prevail as the wolf bit on her leg dragging her away. The last one made a run for the woods with the gun in his hand. He took his last stop at an oak tree trying to get his breath. All was quiet, to quiet.
"Mommy, Daddy, anybody, help me please." The man whined his eyes tearing up, his leg shaking, his breath in big gasp, and to top it off he peed on his self. He whined a little, and that's when he heard the snap. "MOMMY! AHHHHHHHH!" the man screamed not knowing any better the tears poured from his eyes. That's when it happened as the wolf bit him in the shoulder. The poor man didn't have the chance to scream, as his feet gave way he dropped to the ground. The wolf proceeded to tear in his stomach tearing out his small intestines, his organs, and other stuff. However, nobody just dies in an instant, as Werewolves like to hear their victim's screams of agony and mercy. The Screams of all the campers could be heard for about an hour, as they suffered the slow torturous death of being alive. it was about 2:00 A.M when the screams died down to whimpers, then to small shallow breaths, and then to nothing. The Wolves let out a howl of satisfactions giving thanks to the moon, as they ran deeper into the woods. It would be around the first sigh of daybreak that the Werewolves would regress to their human forms.

Chloe, Grace, Molly, Jason, Eli, and Jake would wake up naked and dazed with blood and dirt all over them, yet their senses are on fire, as it always is after the night of the transformation. it will take them a minute to get their wits together, get up, and head back to the house. At the house there is spare cloths of the same attire that they wore the previous night so there is no suspension of them being werewolves.

"Alright guys." Grace started to talk. "Tonight is are last wolf out be here at around 11:30 P.M so we can transform at around 12:00 midnight, and as always. Make sure no one follows you." The rest just nodded feeling sick to their stomach.

"Hey Chloe, you want a ride home?" Molly asked from across the room.

"Um nah, I'll just walk home." Chloe answered back in response.

"Okay." Molly said packing up the last of her gear before opening the door. "I'll get the door for you."

"Thanks." Chloe answered in a very low and soft voice. walking out into the pouring rain. Her face showed no expression.

"Poor girl." Molly said getting into her car. She turned on the ignition and cranked up the heat. Molly could still remember that she was the cause of why Chloe had got her curse. It was five months when it happened. That night according the Chloe she and a friend were at the park talking about life, school, and classes when a wolf jumped out killing the friend and biting her on the shoulder.

Molly snapped out of thought looking up at the pouring rain she thought. What Have we done to deserve this, all of us. She put the gear into drive, and left for her house.