People always tell me that when I become close to someone, I have no sense of personal space. I don't think so, because I always keep myself at least a foot away from someone at all times unless in an embrace or holding hands with my boyfriend. I know that's not what they mean, but I feel as if I must say that anyway.

People tell me that I'm too polite.

Metaphorically speaking, though, I can't see why they think so either. If something happens, then it happens, and thus I go to my closest friends and tell them about it or talk about it to my boyfriend as an outlet and for their opinions on the situation.

Which is exactly why I told Harry about my encounter with Seth Wynchester.

I feel no need to hide anything or lie about it. Honesty, after all, is the best policy and I know that Harry would be interested in knowing about my day and the new people I have met anyway. If he was here he would probably attempt to kick Seth in the rear, but Seth may or may not prove to be a bit of a challenge to defeat.

In fact, that's what Harry wants to do. When I told Harry of the situation, he said to me that he sounded like a "huge asshole" and that I really should stay away from him. "Forget about being bad news," he complained when I called him on the phone, "He just seems like a terrible person."

I, however, disagree. I believe that Seth is just blatantly misunderstood, and didn't enjoy associating with people because of that issue. Even so, I feel as if I'm... drawn to him. Quite distressful.

After Seth pointed the way to the club, I finally find the designated room. It is quite a pleasant experience, and the choir together make a beautiful harmony; I can only watch in awe and hope that I can somehow make the ensemble myself. It is very nerve-wracking when auditioned for the role, and I swear my voice cracks at least five times but I felt wonderful when I was done. It is especially rewarding with the stares that people give me, their heartwarming smiles and compliments on my voice even better than a standing ovation.

That is the moment that I finally began feeling as if I am at home, and truly, truly welcomed.

"With a performance like that," Karen says as she grabs her coat and exits the club with Lilly and I, as Sera has already been picked up by her mom, "You're bound to make it in."

They both give me smiles and I blush furiously, feeling very modest. "I... I thank you," I reply, my fingers grabbing my shirt as we walk out, and we proceed to start to talk about other things. Karen and Lilly live by the school as well, but I live farther into the neighborhood and am actually not too far from downtown Sacramento. My nanny says that it's funny on how we're so 'wealthy' but how our house, though very pleasant, is near a dangerous part of the city... Quite ironic, actually, but I enjoy my new abode. It is near enough for a fifteen minute bus ride, but far enough that severe smog doesn't really reach us.

When we are about to part ways, I bid them my goodbyes and start to head towards the other direction. The sky by now is a shade of grey, and before we truly diverge suddenly I feel a plop of water on the tip of my nose.

"Oh, crap!" Karen curses as she starts to use her folder as a shield from the upcoming rain. At first, it is only a drizzle but turns into a downpour in a matter of minutes- Lilly and Karen are muttering even more expletives, Lilly's mascara running and Karen's long curly hair becoming flat, while I only let the rain drip from my skin and water cling to my curves.

"...This really sucks!" they both groan in unison, while I only giggle and shrug.

"...Really?" I interject as they mumble and moan, "I happen to love the rain."

They only stare incredulously in response. "I like the rain," Karen mutters as she turns away and starts to walk home, "But not when I'm in it."

"Same." They both start to run, but wave their goodbyes at me before they dash to their homes. I chuckle some more and begin my tread all the way home, when I notice that I am passing by the dumpster and where Seth likes to hang out.

I can't help but feel a smile overcome me when I see that his eyes are closed, his head tilted and leaning on the metal. There is a cigarette in his hands that are grazing the floor, no smoke coming from the blunt because of the rain. I wonder how on Earth he could have fallen asleep on the ground, by the malodorous dumpster nonetheless but then I remember his blackened eyes and wonder how tired he really is.

He just... looked so peaceful, with his red hair sweeping over his face and his head drooping, his knees to his chest. So preciously adorable for someone with such a bad reputation.

I cannot help myself when I approach him, and crouch down to ruffle his hair. I am not that creepy, however, because after that I pull up his hood to cover himself so that he won't be too wet even though I am quite soaked myself and probably ruined his clothing.

I flinch when he stirs and draw away when he blinks for a while, my touch having woken him up. Oh, goodness...

He will probably try to berate me or go off on me. This shall be interesting.

His dark eyes flicker some more until he looks up and mumbles something incoherent to my ears. "...Hello there," I manage cheekily, wondering when exactly he'll bite my head off.

"Your fingers are soft," he says sleepily, and I notice that his eyes are still drooping... Oh, he must still be lethargic and drowsy from his little nap, thank goodness. I giggle and because he's in such a state, I humor him and reach out to stroke his hair again.

"...And wet," he murmurs when a raindrop falls into his eye, and he rubs it vigorously. I then notice that the area he is in actually has a little bit of a roof covering him, and feel kind of stupid for putting his hood up when his head would have been fine, but then he does this lazy half-smile that makes me take a deep breath and chant Harry, Harry in my mind.

"The wetter the better."

...Oh my goodness. Did he really just say that?

I blush heavily, and my eyes widen with shock. I almost shriek at his words from the innuendo, recalling my hand to cover my mouth and stifle my scream. However, then he grabs my wrist and his next swift motion surprises me even more, and I am at a loss for words.

He puts my index and middle finger in his mouth and bites hard, and I can feel the blood oozing out of my skin. He lets go and I take it back and stare and his expression has now changed from half-asleep into a full-fledged glare.

I get up and back away and can hear him mumble some more to himself as I finally head my way home.

"Good," he says to no one in particular, and I can hear the rustling of his feet and him brush off his jeans, "Maybe that'll freak her the fuck out so she can stay away."

I am kind of freaked out, yes, but that exchange made me even more curious.

...Why is he trying so hard?

When I get home, I am absolutely drenched, and I greet Estella at the kitchen and Wally, who is at the kitchen table with a cup of applejuice and a coloring book. He is scribbling out of the lines, even though he was taught how to color inside of them a long time ago, and he waves enthusiastically at me with a baby blue crayon.

"Hi, Aleni!" he chirps and I smile at him warmly, taking off my shoes and placing them by the doorway so that they wouldn't dampen the floor and make Estella angry, "Look, it's your favorite color!"

"Good evening, little brother," I say and kiss him on the cheek, when he frowns and starts to shoo me away.

"You're really wet! Go away so that my coloring book will be safe!"

He pouts and I roll my eyes as then I greet Estella, trying to peck her side of the face as well but she shakes her head and picks up on my wounded fingers. "Aleni, you need to take a bath and dry off," she scolds, and I shrug sheepishly at her, "Just because you enjoy the rain does not mean that you're not going to get sick."

Her face softens a little, and the smell of my favorite chicken noodle soup goes through my nose. "I knew that you were probably going to get drenched, so I decided to start some of your favorite."

"Thank you very much, Stell," I grin and I try to kiss her in affection again but she still shoos me away, "I appreciate the gesture."

Estella says something to herself that she thinks I won't hear, but I know what her words are because she says them after everything. "I have to be the one to take care of you kids because no one else will." Sadly, the statement is true; my mother is barely home, although she is technically a house wife supposed to take care of her children but Estella does the job for her. She is probably on one of her escapades; social drinking, partying, sleeping with men she doesn't know the names of... the works. I am honestly quite used to it, although Estella still tries to mask it as best as she can to keep me "innocent and unknowing." There is also my father, who is the one actually on business and this time he was abroad somewhere in India. He says that he "will send me and my brother" something nice, although the nicest thing that could happen would him being home... He actually still hasn't been in our new house yet, even though he was there when we purchased it.

"No problem, my child," she then retaliates and sends me another one of her warm, signature smiles that could rival the soup and other cooking she makes. She then finally decides to call out my injury, "Now, may I ask why your hand has a mark?"

I know that I should tell her that a weird boy bit it, but somehow I cannot bring myself to. She would start freaking out, asking if he had a mental disorder or a disease like AIDS and that I should never associate with him ever again.

"A dog attacked me," I simply state, and she shrugs and leaves me to my business. I wave a "see you later" to her and my brother, and start to head upstairs to prepare a bath. My mother actually prefers it if we get the maid to fetch my baths, but I think it silly because we are not in the early twentieth century anymore and even if I did want her to, Kimberly is always busy doing other things and I would hate to distrupt her.

I nod to her in acknowledgment when I see her in her and Estella's quarters, reading a book, and she does not seem to notice me. It is quite alright- I hate to bother her, and the fact that we have servants kind of irks me anyway. I treat them like family, but do not see why we really need them; sure, our house is large, but it is only really me, Wally, Kim, and Estella nowadays and we can look after my brother and the abode ourselves.

I reach my bedroom, and pick out some clothes to change into, placing them on my comforter and I go to the bathroom and turn on the faucet in the tub. I make sure that it is warm enough, and gather my scents and salts to put in. I want everything to be perfect for my relaxation time, and so I pull the curtains on the window to the left to expose the dark and see that it is still raining.


I take my phone out of my pocket and see that Harry has texted me, asking me how the club was. I ponder on telling him about this little incident with Seth, remembering what I said before.

I should always tell my friends about everything that occurs in my life.

Harry would be angry and ask me why I even let him do that, and say that he'd punch him in the face for me. As rude as Seth was, I just didn't think the violence and anger was necessary and thus decided against it. This would be the first time that I didn't tell Harry something in my life.

it went pretty good! my friends said i'll definitely get in and my day was pretty spectacular! hope u had a good one too :)

I feel kind of guilty when I put my phone down on the sink, and soon I strip all of my clothes off and drop them to the floor, stepping in and sinking into the bath. I sigh in bliss, and let the bubbles soothe me and my body, lifting my hand out of the water to see how my fingers are doing.

They ceased bleeding quite a while ago, but there is still a mark of his bite and the sting of the aftermath. So he really wanted me to stay away, huh?

For some reason, I didn't want to heed to his warning... But I would respect his wishes, at least for now, and see where it takes me. He seems like an interesting person who would definitely spice up my life; as much as I enjoyed the company of my new friends, my life has always been boring even with my family affairs. I bring my knees closer to my chest, placing my head on top of them and wonder why exactly this boy was being so confusing. Harry isn't very confusing; he speaks everything quite bluntly and his facial expressions can tell you when everything is wrong, and I've always been told that boys are the more simple sex. Even Wally isn't so confusing although he is a naive child with many desires and expectations.

But Seth keeps a poker face and a smirk on his mouth, and as I look out the window I see how dark it is, just like the unique color in his eyes...

The rain still stands strong, and I hum to myself, loving every pitter patter there is to it. Water, after all, is my favorite element, and I just feel so at peace and free submerged into this bath and at the storming weather.

I begin to think to myself some more as to why Seth would want me away. That is when I realize that he has already been clouding my mind, just like the smog of downtown Sacramento, just like his smoke and his polluted self and maybe he's beginning to take over me... And he's trying to stop it. He doesn't know that I am doing this, although we barely met, and then recall what he said.

"I'm bad news."

This bad news is hazing my mind and bit my finger and is trying so hard to keep me away. I don't know what to make of it.

Harry, Harry, Harry, I recite over and over in my mind as I see the blinking of my phone and suspect that it's him. I will answer later, though... My bath commands for me to sit down, relax, and maybe think some more. I think that maybe the California air is finally getting to me.

ssssssss boom.