Chapter 8

Sgt. T. MacMullin [Active Duty]

185th SRU [North American Task Force]

Academy Drill and Ceremonies Square: 10 Months Later

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the one hundred forty first Educational Regiment graduation ceremony of class 2012, this class is the most diverse in some many ways, we have regular cadets, Able through Huey Companies, our completion Company, Item Company, and our active duty members that are already apart of the North American Task Force, Predator Company." He paused for the applause, "The NATF company that is graduating, has already undertaken two very dangerous high risk operations, and on these high risk operations, they have not lost a single man or woman, but as you can see, the Canadian Flags are flying at half mast, as some of you know, Reaper Platoon of Predator Company, lost one of their best members to an impaired driver about eleven months ago,, and out of respect for Corporal Claire Melendez, I would like to observe a moment of reverent silence."

He paused for about two minutes, until last post was played. "Ladies and Gentlemen as you can tell, Predator Platoon is in full combat gear, as each cadet graduating today goes on to start their military career, they will show a constant readiness to go and do our countries bidding,"

We were standing at parade rest with our rifles slung at a downward angle, Kevlar vests fully loaded with empty magazines, and our boonie hats the SRU badge cap on pinned on each side of the boonie hat, holding the sides of the brim up to the hat, sleeves rolled up with even cuffs, just above the elbow, I made sure we all looked the exactly the same, no special attachments on our weapons, just clean iron sites, everyone was carrying a H&K .45 in on their hoisters. The designated snipers in the platoons, had their boonie hats folded down, and their sniper rifles strapped at a downward angle across their backs with the stocks pointing up and their M16's just like everyone else. We stood there for two hours while Lieutenant General Smith called out the names of the graduating cadets, before he started calling on Predator Company.

After everyone in the company had their certificate, we did on last march past.

3 Weeks Later: Houston: NATF Base

"You looking for Bailey?"

"Yes sir I am,"

"I'm her father, she's doing some work for me out on the ranch," I got in, "So what did you take out the academy?" he was eyeing my uniform, "I ain't seen no military uniform like that before, only those guys from Black Water dress like that,"

"I'm not a mercenary, that was a NATF base,"

"So your Special Operations then,"

"North American Task Force Sir, just a US and Canadian Buddy system,"

"Ah, I see,"

We talked for about half an hour before I fell asleep. I was woken up about thirty minutes later, we were on a lonely road through a forest, I could see three figures walking toward us, at least one of them was armed, I discretely cocked my forty five, "What are you going to do?"

"I'll buy you a new wind shield if this goes bad,:

It was a group of wetback Mexicans, one of them was white, and talked with a Russian Accent, "We need this vehicle," the Russian was armed with a nine mill Makarov pistol, "You realize you're side arms showing,?"

"Wha…" Was all he got before I started shooting, SRU shots had to be perfect, nailing right between the eyes, we had spent hours on the range perfecting same hole shooting,

"No ordinary soldier shoots like that,"

When we got his house, he took me into his office, "My friend did a full out back ground check on you, he could only read the file on his computer for a half second before the black lines loaded, your either a spook, or you've got some major issues, and I don't want my Bailey around either,"

"Sir, I can't explain,"

"Yes you can or you can get the hell off my land,"

"Sir, need I remind you, I just saved your life,"

"You put a forty five round through each of their eye brows in half a second,"

"I cannot tell you who I am!"

"Get the fuck off my land,"

I left, on the way out, I saw Bailey, "I'll talk to you at November Kilo."

I left without another word, RTB the next day, Bailey and were allowed to share a room, every couple had their own barracks, as I boxed up my stuff, I could hear the door slam, "Troy?"

"In here,"

"You're packing?"

"You're father doesn't approve."

"That doesn't mean I don't,'

"You still want me?"

"Yes," she kissed me,

2 Years Later: OPCENTER Worthington:

"Where, where, what's going on?" Gillings roared,

"Sir undisclosed reports of nuclear attacks on Washington, Ottawa, Moscow, London, estimated millions dead."

"Where are the Commander in Chief of those countries,"

"Harper's biz jet has been rerouted for OPCON Kilo,"


"Six hours,"

"Where the hell is Apache and Badger Companies,"

"Halifax sir,"

"Where's Predator Company?"

"Netook Airbase,"

"Get them too OPCENTER Whiskey ASAP, brief them on the situation,"

"Sir," another communications operator called, "Flash message from Netook, Olds is under gas attack, Predator Company is at the base, they haven't been affected, all are accounted for,"

"Get Mac and his squad to the source of the gas, get everyone else out to Whiskey ASAP,"

Standby for Movement

Predator Company

Move to OPCENTER Whiskey ASAP

Stand By for Operational Deployment

Location: Olds, Alberta

Situation Urgent Arm For Contaminated Air.

Sending Reaper 01

End Transmission'

"Alright, I want first squads from Reaper and Ghost platoons on me, Lieutenants, suit the fuck up, we're rolling out,"

"Is any one even alive in town?

"You know the rules Mclean, no one gets left in a CZ,"

"Copy sir,"

We geared up into our Bio gear, and rolled out. The helicopters started flying out for OPCON Whiskey, "Command wants a simple Search and Evac, main streets until we can get a de-con team in,"

"Or the gas blows over,"

"Alright, check your masks, this is going to be our last gulps of fresh air for a while,"

We went in, and just as Mclean had said, there were no survivors, seven thousand people wiped out by the gas. After collecting samples, and arriving at OPCON Whiskey, Chemical Specialists discovered that it had been Saran gas used in the attacks. Shortly after we unequipped our Bio-gear, we were rushed into another briefing.

"Obama, Harper, and the crown are assembling in Kananaskis Lodge for a unified response plan, Predator Company is to ship out for OPCON Kilo tonight at zero two hundred, any questions?"

"Any idea on who's ass we're kicking for this?"

"Figured you ask Mac, the missiles came from a North Korean Submarine, the Plutonium and missiles came from Iran,"

"Are we sure sir, we do not want Jericho Scenario,"

"Intel came from ground sources in Iran,"

"When do we go sir?"

"You don't, the Joint Air Force of NATO have been ordered to raise every major city in those two countries to the ground, Eight navies carrying over ten thousand cruise missiles each are moving into position to launch on each capital, Operation Radiation is strictly an air campaign,"

"Why don't we launch a SRU op to capture Jester?"

"You want one more world leader on your resume Mac?"

"One I can actually take credit for,"

"Operation Radiation takes place after the Summit, if you think you can beat the cruise missiles, wheels up in twenty minutes, our man on the ground will meet you in the LZ."

20 Hours Later: Iran

"Mustang Zero One, do you have eyes on the subject,"

"I have eyes,"

"There is not a way in hell this is going to be quiet," Harvey whispered,

"Dog Patch 02, sit-rep,"

"I've got eyes on the podium, range eight hundred meters,"

"Rampage Zero four, this is Mustang Zero One, Jester's convoy is arriving,"

"Are the explosives in place,"

"Wait Five"

"Heads up to Reaper Zero Two and Dog Patch Zero Two, I want synchronized fire on the convoy, fire on my mark," the convoy rolled into the kill zone, "Fucking light them!" Instantly ten M60E4 LMGs opened up, tracer rounds punched through the vehicles, within seconds all five vehicles were burning, as I checked the wreckages for Mahmoud, he was in the middle vehicle, suffering, Bailey raised her .45, and pulled the trigger,

"My turn baby," she laughed,

"Pack it up, I guess I can't have them all,"