Stepping out of the shower I let out a content sigh. Life so far had been perfect for me. First I began with drying off my body enough to step out of my glass shower before wrapping my hair. After my long dark hair was wrapped up in a fluffy pink towel I dried off my skin better. Then for the face as I wrapped the other towel around my body. Yeah, I'm home alone and I'm still wearing a towel around myself. You never know who is watching. I went about my normal face cleansing duties and once I was done my skin felt bright and clean. Just the way I like it. Discarding my towels I walked form my private bathroom to my abnormally large bedroom. Walking straight to my dresser I pulled out a plain white bra with panties to match. I would be going to bed, so it's not like I need to dress sexy. Pulling out a smaller than it should be on me cream tank top and a pair of shorts with the designs of clouds on them. I slipped all of them on before sitting down on my bed. I grabbed the brush I always keep by the side of my bed as I ran it through my hair. I am so very anal about my hair.

Hearing the door downstairs close I smiled and left my room walking down the hallway to the stairs I walked down a few before calling down them. "You're late Danny!" I called out, but got no response. I waited longer but still no response came. "Danny, if you're trying to scare me you know I'll rat you out to mom and dad..." I warned to who ever was downstairs, thinking it was my stupid twin. Again after a long period of time there was no response, and I backed up the couple of stairs I ventured down and finally I saw a shadow move across the dark room below the stairs. A smile began to form, "found you..." However the smile faded just as fast when I saw two walk the opposite way, but one stopped and looked right up at me. My mouth went dry as I notced him wearing all black with his face covered as I backed up more and he headed towards the stairs as well. Turning around and bolting towards my room I heard him running up the stairs as well and I couldn't help the loud whimper that came out of my mouth. From running in track since I was in fifth grade I was fast, but he seemed to be faster. By the time my hand even touched my door handle he was using his body weight to shove me agaisnt the door and pin me there. Being squished like that forced the air out of me and I shut my eyes tightly as he just seemed to stand there.

I wasn't sure how long we were standing like that but when I heard another pair of footsteps I was suddenly turned around and the man leaning on me merely held my wrists high above my head. "Well, aren't we lucky tonight..." He chuckled under his mask and I just let out another whimper. He looked to the other male and I could only bet they were smiling, but I really didn't want to push my luck and say anything stupid. "Go get the rope." He said to the male and the other nodded and disappeared for no longer than five minute while I tried to wiggle my way out of the other man's grasp. When the one with rope came closer to me I did my best to freak out and get out of the other's grip but it seemed useless since the one with the rope punched my guy hard. I coughed from the pain and unwillingly gave in long enough for my hands to be tied. And boy were they tied tight. The one that grabbed me opened my room and pushed me in and I fell over not expected to be pushed so hard. They boht laughed and one walked up next to me and grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet.

I tried ot remain quiet, but when I was yanked up by my hair I couldn't help my cry of pain. I was put onto my bed and my whimpering didn't stop, no matter how many times they told me to shut up. I was hit several times as the two in my room just looked me over and inspected me. "Well equipped this one." One chuckled and I knew they were talking about my ass, my boobs, or even both. I never bragged, but I was perfect body wise. Though that was probably from my healthy diet and thanks to my mother since she has got a pretty rockin body as well. Another walked into my room holding a bag of stuff. "REst of the bags are downstairs. Let's get out of here before the neighbors call the cops!" He spat out, ignoring me. "Relax dude. Let's have some fun. Besides, all the neighbors are partying or off getting high like rich people like to do." He spoke coolly to the man in a rush. He just huffed and took a seat at my vanity mirror.

One of them moved closer to me and pulled his mask off. "Much more fun if you see my face. You won't be surviving the night anywho..." He chuckled then and grabbed my chin, forcing my face close to his were he pressed his thin lips against my slightly thicker ones. I kept my lips pressed firmly together as he tried to pry them open with his tongue. Nothing he tried seemed to work so finally he punched me causing me to gasp; that's where he snaked his tongue into my mouth. Instantly I bit down and he cried out and pulled back. That earned me the hardest backhand I've ever felt in my life, so far. It left me a little dizzy and I blinked a few times trying to focus. "You, tie that rope onto her head board, then both of you hold her legs open." that jolted me awake and as soon as he finsihed I hurriedly threw myself off of my bed and tried to run but with ease they caught me. I nwas thrown onto the bed and my legs didn't exactly make it all of the way like the rest of my body and my heels ended up slamming into my bed frame causing me to cry out and wince.

They chuckled and before I knew it my clothes were being pulled off. Not giving much thought I let out a scream as loud as I could, only to be hit pretty hard again. The tears that had been falling since I first was squished against my door were soaking my pillow below my head and they just laughed again as they ripped my clothes open. I never stopped wiggling and trying to get out, but it was all useless. I wouldn't give up. Danny taught me never to just give in. however I felt myself pause when suddenly I felt something poking at my entrance. My breathing hitched as my heart beat raced. No, this couldn't be how I lost my virginity! I screamed again in hoped ot alert someone, but I was hit again before he slammed into me. That also made me scream, but this time the man simply covered my mouthand began to mercelissly fuck me. It hurt and I felt so uncomfortable right now. The tears fell more and even faster than before, and when he took his hand off of my mouth no moans ever came out. I just kept begging and pleading, and screaming for him to stop. No one came to my rescue, and he didn't slow down for a second. He got rougher and rougher and it only hurt more and more. When he finally stopped I felt a warm liquid fill me up and I sobbed as I lay there.

He pulled out and stepped aside and I just really hoped they would leave. I wanted this night to end and to forget about it all. But instead the next man moved inbetween my legs and shoved themself in me. He was bigger, making me scream again and it made him laugh. "Come on bitch, moisten up for me!" He yelled with a laugh and slapped my tits hard causing me to cry out amonst the cried of pain from him going to rough too fast. My legs had just been held apart by the other two men, but he grabbed them and put them in an upright position against hischest. One of the ones who had jsut been holding my legs had an amused expression on their face, while the other looked bored. What I had feared when it first started was liking this feeling and after about ten minutes of the bigger man in me it started to build a fire in me, but too soon I felt him empty himself in me. But he didn't seem ready to share just yet. Instead he flipped us over, and left me on top of him and he lifted me up and began to pound into me. I felt him go deeper and hated it. I knew it was starting to feel good but I couldn't stop criyng and I knew my tears landing on his chest were making him mad.

The bed leaned down where my back face as someone else got on the bed, and I stiffened at the feeling of one of their member's at the opening of my ass. When he shoved himself in I screamed as the searing pain that ripped through my body as I was pounded by both men in me. What ever pleasure I was feeling instantly vanished and I kept my eyes shut tightly until my mouth was forced open as one of them forced himself into my mouth. That's when he began to face fuck me and I couldn't help my gagging. It felt like forever; they changed positions a few times but with the anal nothing ever felt good again. I was full of theur disgusting sticky semen and I was ready to barf. They cut to ropes loose and forced me to stand before they began to beat me. I was beaten to the ground, forced back up and beating down again in a repeating cycle until I couldn't stand up on my own, that when I felt the cool metal pierce my skin andgo deep in. After the raping and the beating they still stabbed me. I only saw one of their faces, but I doubted I would be able to tell the poilce of his appearnce. One grabbed the bag they brought up as I was dragged down the hallway. From what I heard two walked down the stairs before the one holding me just dropped me and let me twist and turn down the steep stairs. I hit my head several times but I was just too weak to do anything. My hands had been freed from the rope binding them and I just layed sprawled out for anone who walked into to see. My head was currently facing the bottom of the stairs, my feet somewhat facing the top as I bled into the white carpet.

They laughed and left, leaving the door wide open. Time seemed to just fly and I was barely awake, but not exactly outof it. I couldn't move and I couldn't speak. But I heard a car door close and some laughing like a joke was told as footsteps approached the front door. There was a pause before who ever arrived ran in. "Lexi?" It was Danny. He was very late coming home. Very late. I couldn't respond as I stared up at the dark ceiling above the stairs and when he walked around discovering the missing items when his eyes finally fell on the stairs from what I could see in the corner of my eyes he nearly fell back before he ran over to me. He shook me and screamed my name, begging me to respond as he called 911 but I couldn't do anything as it all faded to black.