I tried to be serious. I did. I failed. So now there's going to be a lot of Kime ( ; D )! Besides, you guys want to know about Kip so you shall be rewarded for being faithful to me.

Chapter 5

Kip had just entered my basement. Yes, MY. I've been here long enough. Anyway, he came with food. Pancakes, eggs and bacon.

Bacon? Huh. I could've been a vegetarian and he would have felt so stupid. But I'm not. Soooo...BACON! YAY!

While he was walking down the steps, I was doing my food dance. Yeah, you make think it's silly, but everybody has one. Mine involved my famous sprinkler remix, the mashed potato, and the wave.

It was quite creative.

" What are you doing? " Kip asked in awe.

Even though I thought I was getting funky, Kip just saw a blob of hot pink.

I had changed out of my maid outfit long ago into something else. Mind you that I haven't been unconscious lately so I've been changing myself. I was now in a retro, hot pink jumpsuit. It had a black tutu, and furry black boots. I really didn't want to know where he got these kind of clothes.

" You know, I could' ve been a vegetarian and you wouldn't have known it. " I told him when I stopped dancing.

" What? " he asked again.

" Nevermind. Anyway how do you like my outfit? " I asked. He hadn't seen me put it on ( I didn't trust him anymore ) so he hadn't got to see what it looked like. And for some reason, I wanted to know his opinion.

He started to pay attention and got a good look at me. His eyes trailed my body and I did the same to him.


He was less nerdy. But still a little dorky ( nerdy and dorky are two different things ).

He had kelly green button down on, but he rolled the sleeves up. He sported dark wash jeans with bare feet. It looked like he just ran his hands through his hair, but then tried to fix it a little.

I ran up and hugged him.

" You got less nerdy for me! " I yelled, " I mean it almost worked. Almost. You couldn't leave you hair dirty, I can tell. Don't worry I- "

It was at this time that I noticed that his arms were squeezing me too. Holding me in a close and protective hug.

" You're so ... cute. " he whispered.

I tried to push away. I failed, but I managed to get a look at his face.

His eyes were closed but tears were trying to escape. I didn't know why he was crying. That was when I saw.

He was a bit of a distance away from me so I couldn't see clearly, but now that I was so close, it was screaming at me.

His rolled up sleeves revealed Naruto style bandages all up his forearm. They were bloodsplotted. His grip was getting loose so I adjusted myself and got my arms free. His eyes were still closed, but the tears were clearly streaming down his face. I slowly lifted my hands and lifted his curly locks. His face was blotted in bruises. Some old and yellow others new and hands were completely off of me now. So I looked at his shirt. His button down shirts were usually white. So, without warning, I ripped his shirt open, and gasped.

His entire chest was just a mosaic of pain. Almost every inch was covered in sickly, huge bruises. They ranged in about every color of the rainbow. But it got worse. Scars were everywhere. Some were old and faded. But most were about 5 inches long, fresh, and still bleeding. They looked like it was all caused by fists and blades.

" W-W- What happened... " I demanded hesitantly.

Kip dropped to his knees and let the tears out. Between sobs he begged, " Please. Please. Sing to me like you used to. "

Like I used to? I didn't know what he was talking about, but I couldn't stand to see him like that. So I sang.


I've tried playing it cool.

But when i'm looking at you

I can't ever be brave

Cause you make my heart race.

I sang the first song that came to mind. It was only there because of Sa-Mae, But I continued.

Shot me out of the sky

You're my kryptonite

You keep making me weak

Yeah, frozen and can't breathe

Kip was lying down now, but was shaking. I rubbed his bare chest at an attempt to soothe him. ( It was toned! )

Somethings got to give now

Cause I'm dying just to make you see

That I need you here with me now

Cause you got that one thing

I quited down because Kip's breathing was back to normal. He looked so calm that I didn't dare move. So I did the only reasonable thing that I could do.

I slept on him.


In my dream, I'm a little girl again. Playing at the playground. I'm on the swings and I can see a little, curly haired boy in the sandbox

He always sat there. Looking so cold, and afraid, and...



Yay! I know it took me a while but it was worth it.

Look you're already begging for more.

Since I respect ya, I'll see what I can do

P.S Special thanks to One Direction's One Thing!