My lil bro wrote this story but since he doesn't have an account and my dad won't allow him to have one i told him he could use mine as. Please don't flame, but he does like constructive criticism. If light is so different from darkness then why they are so alike. They both cover up things people don't want to see. Is light truly good and is darkness truly evil. The story I am about to tell you is that of poor Marek a child born into darkness and Keram a child born into light.

Even though they were twins they were raised apart Marek had been raised by his mother the queen of Elfin, while his sister was raised by their father the king of Sino. Marek could not be near Keram for more than one week in any month. That was the law; a child born of the kingdom of darkness could not be in the kingdom of light for more than one week, like a child of the kingdom of light could not be in the kingdom of darkness for more than one week. The two kingdoms were separated as long as anyone could remember. The world had been separated just like the people had. The people of darkness had the north while the people of light had the south.

How had the queen and king met you wonder, every four years the treaty of peace had to be renewed. So that faithful day the king and the queen fathers had met to talk about the treaty and because they were the heirs they had to learn to compromise with each other. As the queen to the kingdom of darkness she had to watch and make sure that the gate of darkness never opened for if it did it would unleash creatures of mass destruction. It had once been open before but that was during the time of the GREAT WAR. It was king Zane who had been ruler during that time. The queen of light had sent assassins to kill him.

They had finally succeeded with a spear of light the only things that would definitely kill a child of darkness. So when the king of darkness died there was no one who could stop the creatures from passing through the gates. The king's son was only 10 and a child being put through that much pain on them would surely die, but as the future king he decided to go through that pain if it meant saving his people. So as king Zane's son Soren took the pain and closed the gate of darkness but as a cause of it half his soul had stayed closed in the gate. He could no longer talk normal he could only speak the language of the Olden. When his own son was born the child seemed to be the only one who understood what his father said. So King Soren could never die. He only had half a soul, without a whole soul he couldn't pass the gate of death. Please R and R tell if you like it or not just don't flame if you don't.