The Sight


I have a secret. I've told only a few people, all of which are the only ones I can trust with such a secret. I am telling you now only so I don't die, many decades from now, as the only one that knows. I can talk to ghosts. I can only see glimpses of them, but I know what each one looks like as well. These are some of the things that have happened to me, all referring to ghosts. I have written in fiction, because it is up to you whether you believe in me or not. Not all of these are one-hundred percent true, however, for they are from memory.

Chapter 1

The Voice

"Chelsei…Wake up…Chelsei!" I hear this familiar, high-pitched, whiney voice coming from the side of my bed. I open my eyes, expecting to see my little brother, Preston, by my bed, being that the voice was his. However, when I look to where the Preston I love should be, he's not there, and his voice is gone as well. I rub my eyes as I walk into the living room, where Preston and my other two brothers, Austin and Chase, were watching cartoons. "Preston," I whined, "why did you wake me up so early?" He tore his gaze away from Scooby-doo to give me an odd look. "I didn't…" he said quietly. "Umm yeah you did. I heard you! You were in my room, trying – and succeeding – in waking me up an hour before I need to!" I said, exasperated. "Chelsei, why are you up so early? And why are you yelling at Preston?" my dad asked, emerging from his room, eyes red. "Preston came in my room and woke me up" I explained. "No he didn't, he's been out here sleeping until about five minutes ago. I was trying to wake him up with some Scooby-doo. I only went back to my room to get something, so I would've heard or even seen him get up." I pondered on this for a moment. "But…Dad, I swear, I heard Preston's voice…It woke me up…" I spoke slowly, trying to make sense of it as the words pour out of my mouth. I see my dad sigh as he rolls his eyes. "Chelsei, it was a dream. Now go back to bed so you can get up for school later" my dad told me in a calming voice. "But I wasn't dreaming!" I repeated once more. "Goodnight, Chelsei" he said, quickly and quietly closing the door. I didn't sleep a wink. The entire hour, I lay there, reliving the moment in my mind. How did Preston not wake me up, when it was his voice?