"Mickey, do you have your things packed?" My mother asks. I roll my eyes and yell a grunted yes down the stairs to her. I take my suitcase by the handle and lift the heavy case, filled with clothes and journals, down from my bed and pull it to my bedroom door. I take a glance into my brother's room across the hall. His room is red with yellow and has Mickey Mouse everywhere you look.

Not that I'm not totally used to seeing something Disney lying around, because I am. My mother is a Disney nut, and every room is decorated a different Disney movie. The Kitchen Ratatouille, the bathroom Finding Nemo, my brother's bedroom Mickey in general over the years, and when you walk into my parent's bedroom you feel as if you have stepped into Walt Disney World itself. I tried to keep my room as Disney free as possible; however, that didn't go over well with my mother. I managed to pick The Lion King so I could go with more of a safari/African savanna theme rather than Bam! more Disney. And speaking of bam, the sunroom is Bambi themed.

And no, my brother's name isn't quite as Disney as mine is. Thank goodness. In my sixteen years of life I have never met any other girl named Mickey. When I was younger I used to love my name, and when I went to Disney World, which was, by the way, every year if not twice, I would brag on and on to Mickey about how cool our name was; but when I turned eleven I realized how uncool Mickey really is and told my friends to start calling me Nicky instead. I would use my middle name, Jasmine, but I wouldn't want to give my mother the satisfaction of me going by yet another Disney name, Jasmine being from the movie Aladdin and all. My mother's name is Ariel, and this name was given to her even before The Little Mermaid came out. My father's name is Peter, how coincidental, right? Our last name might as well have been Pan. But it's not, it's Porter. Which might I remind you is Jane's last name from the Disney movie Tarzan. (And yes, I am aware of how funny the name Peter Porter sounds.) It's a no-brainer that my parents would meet each other in front of the Cinderella Castle some 21 years ago when she was on a family trip and he a business trip. They met, a year later had a wedding at the Disney Floridian Wedding Pavilion, 4 years later had me, and as a surprise, when I was ten years old my brother, Eric, was born (A name also from The Little Mermaid).

So here we are about to set off for my 20th Disney trip since I was born. It helps that my dad works for Disney and my mom Delta airlines to get us good enough discounts so that we get to go every year or more. But if I had it my way I would save them even more money by staying at the house; but, of course, because this is a "family vacation" I have to go along, too. I can't even take my best friend, Michelle, with me! Sure, she didn't really want to go, but I can't really blame her. Two weeks filled with the happy shrills of little children and the humid Florida air is pretty nauseating. Not to mention the buses you take that play the same songs over and over again until you want to shoot the speakers. Then you have the never ending kiddie songs from the attractions, I mean I get it, It's a small world after all.

I watch as my brother puts his piggy bank into his suitcase. Ha, the only thing I saved up to buy for this trip was the extra money it's going to take for long range texting.

"Kids, if you're done packing come put your stuff in the car." My father yells up the stairs.

I drag my hot pink suitcase down the stairs into the Peter Pan themed living room and watch as "Big Ben" clicks nine because "Peter" lands on the hand. In front of the door lay six or so suitcases that are bigger than my own. Some are black and some are blue, but all have Mickey Mouse stickers on the front pockets with the word "Porter" written above it. The outside Wisconsin air is cold and bitter as it is September, the time we usually go on our Disney World trips, except on occasion when we go in January to escape the cold. I put my suitcase in the trunk of our Camry and go back inside before I freeze. I do a double check through my room, making sure I have everything. I find my cellphone charger lying on my green comforter and stuff it into my purse with my cellphone, camcorder, book, and notebook, with more pens than I'll ever need. I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and change into my polka dot PJ's. I say goodnight to my brother and tuck him in and then briefly interrupt my parent's precious packing time to say goodnight to them.

"We need to be at the airport at no later than 6:30 in the morning, okay dear? Set your alarm clock."

"Okay mom."

"I love you." She says kissing my cheek. She grins and says excitingly "We'll be in Disney before we even know it!"

I smile faintly and go back to my room. As I drift off to sleep I can't help but thinking, When I get out of this place, I hope I never have to hear that darn name Disney ever again.