The Rain Delay

Somewhere in Providence, fourteen-year-old Martin sat in an old wooden chair by his bedroom window, staring out at rainy weather outside. The rain had been falling most of the morning in a light and windy pattern, the type that signaled a long, gloomy day. Martin watched as each drop hit the window and the ground outside while some dripped down from the window framing and screen. Drop by drop they would fall into their various places on Earth, joining their other fallen friends. Could water droplets even befriend other water droplets? Martin thought so.

The gray, overcast clouds high above in the sky proved that the rain would not end anytime soon, leaving wet weather around to stay and take its claim on the area.

"A nice April Saturday ruined by rain…" Martin thought to himself.

A spring day promised nice spring weather with temperatures in the sixties, but that wasn't the case, not today anyway.

Martin didn't mind the rain too much as long as it didn't interfere with any plans such as the idea that he would be able to go outside and continue his own Pokémon adventure, not that it was in his schedule today. That was tomorrow. Today, Martin planned on just having fun outside, trying to think of a new and imaginative game to play. Martin sighed as he continued staring at the gloomy weather,

"This sucks…" he said.

Getting bored with watching the weather, martin got up from the chair.

Martin made his way out of the room, bypassing many other fun things from the computer to fun Pokémon books lying nearby. Neither of the two caught his interest; he wasn't in the mood to read and he didn't feel like staring at a screen all day. He walked through a hallway and into the kitchen where his mother was, fixated on a list.

"Hey mom, it's raining…" Martin disappointedly said.

His mother stopped and looked out the window.

The rain came down at a steady rate as usual outside, no change since Martin left the window.

"I see that honey." she replied.

Martin stood there, looking down and around.

"Wish I could go outside… he said, "Stupid rain…"

"Well you can always get your shoes and jacket on and play in the rain." his mother suggested.

A lot of kids played in the rain.

Martin sighed again, feeling bored to the point it wouldn't hurt to try that.

"Alright, I'll go." he replied, going straight for what he needed.

Martin opened the kitchen door and entered a small hallway where his shoes and jacket were at, sitting at the bottom of a mini stairwell on and hanging on a rack respectively. He slipped on his skater shoes and zipped up a black and blue fleece jacket before heading out.

The door slightly open, Martin stuck a hand out to feel the drops. They weren't too intense; tolerable at best, with a scent of cool rain coming through.

"Stupid rain…" Martin proclaimed.

He hoped he could salvage some of the outside fun he planned to have and stepped out onto the driveway, making sure to be careful of the family car while shutting the door behind him.

Martin made his way to the backyard where the grass looked soggy as rain dripped off the garage, the fencing and down the water spout at the back of the house. He took a step onto the grass and could hear the squishy sound from the saturated sod as his foot impacted the ground.

"Yuck…" he said in disgust, quickly removing his shoe and placing it back on the concrete.

It was a lot safer there than on the muddy grass, that was for sure.

Martin stood there, his hair and jacket getting wetter each second that passed by. It was not a fun time to be outside for him at all. Looking up, he saw droplets from the sky coming down in an air raid fashion, getting bigger the closer they got and ending with an attack on Martin's face with their evil wetness! Martin squirmed and quickly looked away, rubbing his face with his sleeve.

"No, no more, stupid rain!" he exclaimed.

Martin had enough and rushed back inside!

He shut the side door behind him and gasped for breath from running back into the much warmer and drier hallway. All of a sudden, the kitchen door opened up and his mother peaked out.

"Everything okay?" she asked, hearing him rush in.

Martin kicked off his shoes, literally, and unzipped his jacket with force.

"No, stupid rain ruins everything!" Martin exclaimed.

He hung up his jacket and walked back into the kitchen, his mother moving for him.

His mother watched as Martin began drying off his hair, shaking his head vigorously like a dog before messing it all up with his hands to help, making it all scraggily.

"Why don't you do something fun indoors." his mother said.

"There's nothing fun I feel like doing inside though." Martin replied, playing with his hair.

"You can play with your action figures." his mother suggested.

"But that's only on Mondays, Fridays and sometimes Sundays…" Martin replied.

It was Saturday, not the right day.

His mother stood against a counter in thought, running out of ideas.

"Well your father won't be home until dinnertime and I'm busy making up the shopping list for tomorrow and then I have to do some cleaning, so I can't really do anything with you right now." she said, "It's only one day anyway. Try something new."

Martin groaned as nothing else came to mind, "Ugh…fine…"

He mumbled as he shuffled out of the kitchen.

Martin continued into the hall, still shuffling, socks making it easy to move across the wood.

"Stupid rain…stupid weather…" he mumbled.

It just had to come today, he thought, it had to.

"Stupid…stupid r-"

Just then, Martin stopped right before his door, catching something in the corner of his eye!

Martin turned his head left and, lo and behold, was a door only a few paces away. Not just any door, no, it was the door to the most mysterious of places in his whole house, the attic! Martin glared at it in awe, gulping in its presence as he stared at the white, rectangular doorway that separated the two areas. Even though he lived in the house it belonged to, Martin never really went up there. It was mostly storage; old boxes and other junk stashed away to collect dust anyway.

The more he glared, the more he felt different. It wasn't bad different, it was good different, the type of good where an inanimate doorway called out to him in an imaginary whisper.


But doors couldn't do that, could they? Martin turned his whole body and slowly started to shuffle towards the attic door, mesmerized by it.

At the door, Martin's eyes wandered down to the door's knob and a hand reached out for it. It grabbed a hold of the knob, grasping it tightly and all he had to do now was to twist it, so he did.

"Martin, what are you doing?" a voice suddenly interrupted.

Martin jerked his hand off the knob and looked behind him to see his mom!

"That's the attic dear." she said, "There's nothing interesting up there, just old junk."

She gave her son a smile after.

Martin glanced at the door, taking in its wooden features, only to look away moments later, back at his mother and letting out a sigh.

"There's nothing up there for you," she added, "Go play."

"Fine…" Martin replied in a bored tone.

Martin shuffled his way past his mother and into his bedroom, forgetting about the door.

"Don't worry, the rain will stop soon." she reassured with a smile.

Her son smiled back rather faintly before the door closed.

Alone in his room, Martin looked towards where his toys were.

"I guess I can always do a "house show"." Martin said.

A "house show" was one he put on with his WWE figures whenever the real version was not on. He would set up a mini arena in an open space in his room where it would be "live" and "on –air" whenever the real one was, but it wasn't on this time, so hence, a "house show".

Martin walked up to a blue storage chest where a figure ring rested on top. He moved it onto the wide open floor where it always sat during normal times.

"Crap, no entrance…" he said after looking back at the open space, seeing nothing up.

He took it down after the last official show with the pieces next to the chest.

"No, "house shows" don't really have them, so…"

He would do without.

After preparing the ring for action figure "sports entertainment"- I mean wrestling…he opened up the chest for some figures. Inside were at least one hundred, piled up on top of each other.

"Hmm…" he hummed, thinking.

Martin looked through his collection, looking for the right figures he needed. Out came two random ones, scuffed up a bit from hard shots they gave each other before. That's Mattel for you.

Martin went with the flow of how an ordinary battle would be, entrance themes via his voice and all, leading to a match he'd make up on the spot, move by move. Though, the more into the battle he got, the less he got interested.

"This is lame without the real one on…" Martin said.

He tried to continue, but his mind wandered off.

Martin tossed the figures down onto the plastic mat, bored with them.

"No contest…" he declared.

The imaginary crowd booed until he turned them off in his mind, sighing.

"I want to do something else…" Martin said.

Plastic figures fighting each other weren't good enough today.

Martin sat there on the floor, pondering what to do.

"The computer?" he asked himself, "No…"

That was out.

"The TV, "Spongebob"…" he said, "Hmm…nah…"

That too was out.

"There has to be something different to do around here." he said.

But what?

Just then, a light bulb turned on in his head.

"Oh, I know…" he said to himself.

Martin got up, dusted off his pants and walked towards the door, opening it ever so slowly to the point of creaking; sticking his head out once the gap was big enough where he saw his interest.

Martin eyed the attic doorway with a sly grin growing on his face.

"Try something new." his mother's words echoes.

He proceeded to open the door the rest of the way and tiptoed into the hallway, peaking out into the kitchen. His mother was still cleaning like she always did.

Martin let out a quiet chuckle and turned to the attic door. It stood there, peaking Martin's interest like it did moments ago before his mother interrupted.

"Hello." he mouthed, waving at it as he approached.

Martin stopped at the door, taking in its wooden self. He put his hand up against the wood, feeling its woodiness as a tingling sensation entered his body.

Eyes once again wandered to the knob and Martin put his hand back on it.

"I'm back." Martin whispered, rubbing the handle with his thumb.

Not bothering to take his time, Martin began to turn it like last time, checking behind him cautiously as his hand continued through the door-opening motion.


The door opened a crack!

Martin put his hand next to the small opening and felt a cool breeze leak through the crack. His head glanced back again. No one was there. Martin turned to look in his parents' bedroom. A window showed rain was still coming down.

"If rain's gonna stop me from having fun outside, I'll try something new…up here." he said.

Perhaps an adventure waited just upstairs above his room. His mind grew excited at the very thought of the endless possibilities!

Martin pulled the door back slowly and it began to creak! Martin cringed the first time. He was sure his mother would hear it and be there, wondering why he was opening up the attic door. His hand continued nonetheless. Martin took a precautious stance on the creaking, cringing each time it did and checking behind him.

"So far so good…" he said, not seeing his mother.

And, before he knew it, the door opened wide enough for him to go through!

Face to face now with a long set of red-carpeted stairs, Martin could sense the excitement with the smell of wood coming at him. The attic smell was a lot different than the normal house smell, much like his basement. It was as if the attic and basement were in zones of their own, blocking out the norm of the scents, sights and sounds of the rest of the house. Martin reached out for a railing to his right and a quick look back revealed nothing! Martin was safe! He looked up the long staircase and began to ascend up its grandiose self up into the mysterious attic!