Hopelessly Devoted

I think I am in love with you
I know I am in love with you
Why I love you?
I don't know
All I know is
I am hoeplessly devoted

Why does my heartbeat quicken
Every time you pass?
And why do my knees weaken?
I can no longer concentrate in class

Why do I melt
When I look into your eyes?
It's something I've never felt
My heart soars, while I deny

Why do I start to cry
When you're with another girl
My throat gets bone dry
And my stomache seems to swirl

Why should I care?
I'm crystal clear to you
This isn't fair
I'm stuck to you like glue

I'm devoted to your smile
Devoted to your touch
Please tell me why
I love you so much

Why do I love you?
Now I know it's true
I'm just hopelessly devoted
To no one else but you

How is it??? I'm not really good with love poems. I think this
is my first one...or my first good one. I might use this in one
of my fanfics one day. Please tell me what you think of it! ^_^