Silver - atomic number 47. Alabaster - a strange word that reminds me of albatross. I am writing on a wall. It is cold here. These are things I know, and things I feel.

October 14th, 1956. January 5th, 2079. March 19th, 1576. June 31st, 9540. These are dates. Some real, some not. I am not sure which is which anymore. It is warm here.

The moon is out. There are no windows.

The sun is up. There are no doors.

It is raining. I am dry.

Is it warm or cold? I am not sure. I am not sure of anything.

Time passes, or does it? No idea. It is June 31st, 9540.

The door that does not exist opens. There is no sun.

The moon is not here. The sky is void. There is no rain. I am.

I think I am walking. It feels like I walk for a long time. Then I stop.

I turn around and look back. There is nothing behind me. There is nothing in front of me. There is nothing above me, nothing below me. Am I?

I am not sure.

The mind perceives itself. The body feels the tingle of existence. But there is no here, no where. No I.

The mind sees a light, and the body feels a warmth. It is still June 31st, 9540.

It has always been June 31st. It will always be June 31st. Time cannot roll back. Things can never return to June 30th.

The light fades to black. The tingle fades to numbness. The quiet solace of June 30th ends before it begins. The infinite beyond of June 31st rushes onward. Am I?

I am not.


Silver - atomic number 48...