"Good morning, love." Lilith opened her eyes to see Iscar next to her.

"Good morning." She gave him a smile and stretched, letting out a sigh. Her body ached slightly and there was stickiness between her legs. She needed to shower.

Iscar ran his hand over her ribcage and molded onto her breast.

Lilith let out a soft sigh. "You want more?"

"Don't you?"

Lilith smiled, "I need to shower."

"It can wait." Iscar lowered his mouth to the breast he had been kneading.

Lilith could feel his dick pressing against her leg. He was hard and hot.

Iscar reached down and started to play with her, making her wet, quickly.

He slid up her chest and nibbled on her neck as he moved into position. He pushed against her gentle, slowly sinking down into her heat.



"More please."

"As you wish."

Iscar moved slowly, enjoying the pleasure of her tightening around him each time he pushed all the way in. He grabbed her leg and flipped her over onto her knees. Taking her hips in his hands and thrusting in.


Iscar smiled. What a cheeky little glutton she was. He picked up his tempo and it was not long before they climaxed.

Iscar fell onto the bed next to her.

Lilith rose and headed for the shower. "What, you just going to do me and then leave me?"

"Duh... I have better things to do." Lilith gave him a wink and closed the bathroom door.

Iscar grinned and followed her, he was not going to let her get away that easily.

Lilith climbed into the shower and started to scrub down.

"Have room for one more?" Iscar opened the door and stepped in.


"What? We are married now."

He took some soap and ran his hands over her body.

"Iscar, don't do that."

Soon his mouth was following his hands and Lilith was against the wall moaning in pleasure.

"Enough." She pulled his mouth away from her clit and pulled him up by his hair.

"Owww, that hurts."

"My turn." she lathered her hands and started working on his body.

Starting with his shoulders, she slid her hands over the muscles of his chest and stomach, before turning him around and sliding her hands over his back. Running the tip of her finger down the center to his hips. She teased his buttocks, watching them tighten at her touch.

then she slid her hand between HIS legs and further down. She turned him back around and kissed her way back up his legs, her hands already stroking the length of his member.

Her mouth replaced her hands and she sucked him in hard and fast, allowing her tongue to roll around the tip each time.

Iscar leaned against the wall, enjoying the sensations that she gave him. What a woman.

He pulled her up and pushed her against the wall, thrusting in her again. He could not get enough of her.


"Come for me honey, let me feel your pleasure again."

Ten minutes later they emerged from the bedroom, composed and dressed.

"Enjoyable night?" Lucio asked from the couch.

"Or was it an enjoyable morning?" Garion grinned.

"What about both?" Sparks replied innocently.

Lilith blushed and Iscar grinned, composure going out the window.

"Was it a good show?"

"Won't know. We were denied access." Spencer commented dryly.

"Thank you Lao."

"My pleasure Lady Lilith."

"What is on the schedule for today?"

"What ever you want it to be."

"Really?" Lilith asked.

"Well, you do need to finish opening the weddings gifts, start on the thank you notes, make a public appearance, address the new kings and of course your usual training and what not... but other then that... yup, you can do what ever you want." Garion told her.

Lilith let out a groan and turned back to the bederoom.

"I am going back to bed."

"Oh no you are not." Iscar pulled her back around. "Relax, I will be right there with you."


"Really." He gave her a grin.

"Liar." Lilith whispered as she waved to the crowd that had gathered to see the new couple. She had spent the morning, ALONE, going through gifts and writing thank you notes with Ariel chattering in her ear as Iscar had held a meeting with the kings to learn information and set up new channels of communication before they left to return home that evening.

"I will be with you for the rest of the day, I swear." Iscar grinned and dipped her for a kiss that sent the crowd into a tizzy.

"I will believe it when it happens."

"What? Do you have no faith in me?"

"Not a drop."

"My Lord."

"Yes Knife?" Lilith continued to wave. Her cheeks hurt from smiling as she kept an ear on the conversation next to her.

"We are ready when you are."

"Ready for what?" She asked.

"It is time." Iscar's smile faded. "The former kings are ready for execution."

Iscar watched Lilith pale at his words.

"You still wish to stay together?"

"I think I will take some time to myself. Shall we meet up afterwards?"

"As My Lady Wis... Ouch!" Iscar rubbed his side where Lilith had jabbed him.

"I hear enough of those words a day, thank you very much. I will not hear them from my husband as well."

"Say it again."


"Say that I am your husband again, I love hearing that from you."

"Oh shut up." Lilith gave the crowd one more wave and turned to leave. "I will see you later then." She waved and was gone.

Iscar bowed to the crowd and followed Knife out another door with a sigh. There were parts of his life he really hated.

"You seem happy." Knife commented as he lead the way, Shien joining them.

"I am." Iscar replied. Out of all the Protectors Knife had always been the closest to him.

"We are glad."

Lilith spent the afternoon saying her goodbyes to Charles and Siam. As she saw them off she felt the sadness well up again. They had been by her side almost as long as Lao and Lucio had been and she was going to miss them terribly.

"You will see each other often, Ms. Lilith." Lao commented.

"I know, but it is still bittersweet." She replied as she watched the closed carriage leave that now had the remains of King Misaki and King William in it. They had decided that the kings would have their accident together as they had been together in life.

Lilith turned and headed back inside her rooms, wanting nothing more then to curl up in a ball and cry, but alas, Ariel and her husband King Herbert were waiting for their own goodbyes.

"You must come visit, soon." Ariel repeated for the umpteenth time an hour later.

"I will come as soon as I am free. There is much I must learn first."

"Nonsense. Leave it to the men. We ladies must stick together."

Lilith gave King Herbert a nod and he put his wife into the carriage as she continued to speak.

Lilith shook her head. What a lady.

"Needless to say, it will be quite sometime til I travel there."

"I wise decision Ms. Lilith." Sparks commented dryly. He had drawn the short straw and had been the one to accompany Lilith this time.

"Come Ms. Lilith, there is more to do."

"I know." Lilith turned and headed to the next task. How had Iscar missed out on all the fun today? She was going to have to ask him, that is, if she ever saw him again.

It was late evening when Lilith finally saw Iscar again.

"So... the whole day together uh?"

Iscar gave her a sheepish grin before replying. "Sorry. I have not been here for awhile now and there were things that had to be taken care of."

Spencer shook his head as Sparks let out a groan.

"Our Lord is an idiot." Spencer spoke out of the side of his mouth.

"Agreed." Came the answer from four others.

"I heard that." Iscar commented dryly.

"Good. Then you know they are right." Lilith informed him just as dryly. "Do you not understand that you do not leave your blushing bride alone the day after your wedding?"

"Blushing bride?"

"Oh I am sorry, you will be the one blushing if you do not think of a way to appease me for ignoring me all day."

Iscar grinned and pulled her willing body into his arms.

"Allow me to make it up to you, love." He lowered his head and kissed her soundly.

Garion let out a wolf whistle after they continued for 30 seconds.

Lilith blushed as Iscar let her up.

"Now there is my blushing bride."

Lilith socked him in the arm.

"Good night gentlemen." She called over her shoulder, not doubting for a moment that Iscar would be hot on her heels.

"Please, do not wake us up tomorrow. I need a full 48 hours this time." Iscar gave them a grin and a wink before following his wife to the bedroom.

"Now where were we?" He asked as he closed the door behind him.

"I believe you were about to grovel for leaving me alone today."

Iscar grinned, "How about I take you to heaven instead."

Lilith rolled her eyes. "And yet another cheesy line out of your mouth... and it better be multiple times to heaven." She replied as Iscar lifted her onto the bed.

"I love you woman."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know." Lilith pulled him down for a deep kiss. Iscar immediately working on her clothing.

"I am so looking forward to starting a family with you. I think it just might be the most pleasurable task I have ever had."

Lilith pulled away at his words, her pleasurable hazy evaporating quickly.

"You mean heir, don't you?"

"No, honey, I mean family. I do not care a fig about producing an heir, but a child with you, I want that more then all the world combined."

"You are such a dork."

"I know." Iscar gave her a grin. "You still love me though, right?"

"Yes," Lilith sighed. "I still love you."

"Well, now." Shien spoke up as they watched the couple from the shadows. "I must say, he does have a way with words."

Five jaws dropped as the rest of the protectors turned to him.

"You speak?" Lao asked.

"Of course I speak." Shien informed them as he brushed a nonexistent piece of lint off his shoulders, "I just cannot get in a word with everyone around here speaking for me."

"Well said. To our post gentlemen. We have a job to do." Lao turned to the bedroom where Iscar and Lilith were well on their way to making a family as the rest disappeared into the night.

It was good to be home.