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Conserving Water

Cillian opened his front door and he and Quincy stumbled inside, sighing in relief when they were hit with a cool blast of air-conditioning.
Quincy leaned against the wall and watched as Cillian slid down the back of the door. "Remind me why we decided to go jogging on one of the hottest spring days in history?" Quincy wiped his sweaty forehead with his equally sweaty shirt. It probably wasn't a best idea to wear a dark blue t-shirt when he was going running in the hot sun.

"Because we both need the exercise," CIllian replied. Both men locked eyes after glancing over the other and burst into laughter.
"Yeah right," Quincy managed to say between laughs. "We're both basically walking sticks."
"Correction: You're a walking stick. At least I have some muscle."
"I do too." Quincy pouted, making Cillian laugh again.

"Of course you do, darling," Cillian teased, making his voice sound raspy and old like some kind of pompous elderly woman. Quincy only laughed harder at Cillian's rather ridiculous voice.
"I tell you what," Quincy said, standing up and stretching slowly, "I'm in need of a rest. Or maybe a good long shower." Cillian quirked his eyebrow and smirked a little bit.
"We both need a shower after how blazing heated it is out there," Cillian concurred, walking forwards slowly in the cool hallway, sweat still pouring down the side of his face. Quincy somehow found it quite hot in some twisted way.
"I wanna shower first!" Quincy declared, but Cillian shot him down with a laugh.
"It's my house. I shower first."

"You're supposed to take care of your guest though. Therefore, I should shower first." Cillian rolled his eyes as he made his way down the hall.
"Are we seriously arguing about this?" He asked, brushing a wet curl out of his eyes and looking at Quincy with an eyebrow arched. Quincy's ability to speak suddenly eluded him, so he simply stuck his tongue out at CIllian, though the action was quite childish.
"I won't take too long. I promise." With a smile, the younger man disappeared into the bathroom, the door clicking shut behind him. Quincy let out a sigh, shaking his sweaty hair from his eyes, and kept his position leaning against the wall.
He heard the sound of clothes hitting the floor and the shower turning on. He tried to keep thoughts of Cillian naked out of his mind, but he couldn't successfully do so.

Quincy slumped to the floor as Cillian took to the shower, the curtain sliding closed behind him. All was silent for a few minutes until Quincy heard the one sound that send shivers through his spine.
The sound of water hitting the bottom of the tub—by sliding off of someone's body. Cillian's body.
Quincy bit his tongue as best as he could manage and tried to block out the thoughts, but when he thought he heard Cillian moan for some reason, images flooded his mind from every direction.
Cillian's body was slim and gorgeous, the water pouring over his skin and sliding down into the most pleasurable of areas. Quincy could see the fantastic hip lines of Cillian so vividly it were as if he were right in front of him. The mental image panned up and focused on Cillian's face, his blushing face; and he was biting his lip erotically.
Quincy stood for reasons he knew not. Those images already filled him with an intense drive, though he didn't exactly know how Cillian would react.

His legs felt like lead blocks as he slowly walked down the wall, stopping in front of the bathroom door with his hand poised over the doorknob.
What was he doing? Quincy didn't half of an idea himself, but his sexual drive took over from there and opened the door. He could see Cillian's silhouette through the shower
curtain, and he couldn't help but lick his lips at the sight he knew he would find behind the curtain.
He quietly closed the door and stripped out of his clothes, leaving his on the floor next to Cillian's. He stood there, naked and unsure of what the hell he was going to do now.

A few minutes thought gave him enough time to think about Cillian, just on the other side of the curtain, his hands probably stroking all over himself, slick with soap. Quincy felt a ripple of anticipation go through him and he ran his hands through his hair, sighing.
Oh shit.
"Someone there?" Cillian called, a small note of fear in his voice. Quincy realized that Cillian might shut off the water and his chance would have flown the coop. "Hey, come on..." Cillian said, trying to dispel his fears.
Mustering himself up, Quincy strode to the shower curtain and pulled it aside to see Cillian.
The man was fucking gorgeous.
His hips were slim, skin slicked with water. His eyes were trained on Quincy's face, full more with shock than anything else. His legs were long and smooth, his nipples prominent on his chest. Cillian's body could only be described as purely voluptuous.

"I thought...I thought maybe...we could conserve water and shower together?" Quincy stuttered out the sentence that sounded more like a question than a statement. The older man was trying so hard to keep his eyes on Cillian's face out of respect and for now it was working.

Cillian's face was flushed with color, but he had not yet yanked the curtain shut and told him to leave. Quincy could feel the steam from the hot water swirling around him as he waited for some kind of reaction from the gorgeous man standing naked in front of him.

"Conserve water?" Cillian finally said, his eyes still meeting Quincy's. "Are you sure that's the reason?"

Quincy cursed to himself; he hadn't planned on having his plan being found out so quickly by Cillian. The older man cleared his throat and searched for a reason.
"Don't be modest or change the subject, either," Cillian said, a smile twitching on the edges of his lips. But before Quincy could act all modest or change the subject, Cillian pulled Quincy into the shower and managed to rip the curtain closed behind him. Quincy stumbled forwards and pressed his hands on either side of Cillian, who was now with his back against the shower wall.
"This is, uhm... cozy..." Quincy managed, making Cillian chuckle light-heartedly at Quincy's sudden anxiety.
"Are you always like this before you fuck someone?" That made Quincy crack an embarrassed smile.

"Not always," he replied honestly. The water was starting to soak through Quincy's sweaty hair,
droplets running down his face.
"Well what are you waiting for? Are you going to kiss me or what?" Smiling, Quincy leaned forward, his hands still pressed against wall, and kissed the younger man. Almost immediately, their mouths opened and tongues tangled together. Cillian's hands were splayed across Quincy's back and he realized that he had been wrong earlier.

"You do have muscle," Cillian murmured into the kiss, his arms tightening around the older man.
Quincy chuckled and moved his lips to Cillian's neck. "Told you." The younger man shivered at the feeling of Quincy's lips on his skin even though the shower water was at a nearly scorching temperature.

"Remind me to ask you what took you so long to get in here," Cillian whispered, biting his tongue as Quincy's lips caressed the soft flesh on his neck. Cillian closed his eyes and leaned his head back on the tile, letting himself be pulled into the tingling sensations.
Quincy kissed Cillian's chest and took in one of his nipples, sucking on it gently. Cillian breathed out slowly, his body trembling as Quincy's tongue flicked it up and down. Quincy bit down slightly on the bud, pulling it with his teeth-Cillian yelped.
"So eager so soon?" Quincy asked through his kisses against Cillian's rapidly hardening nipples, which for some reason he couldn't get enough of. He lazily licked them, tonguing it slowly as Cillian bit back the soft moans of pleasure he knew wanted to escape from his mouth.

"No. I just—ah!" Cillian couldn't get the words out due to Quincy's hands which were suddenly squeezing his ass. The younger man let out a soft whine as Quincy kissed his way southwards.
"Why hold back?" The older man asked, giving his ass another squeeze, his mouth dangerously close to Cillian's engorged penis. "I want to hear everything."
Cillian didn't realize it was possible for him to get more turned on than he already was.
The younger man moaned softly and threaded his fingers into Quincy's wet, brown locks.

"What do you want Cillian? I can't do anything until you tell me what you want."

"S-swallow me..." Cillian tried but it was taken by a sharp gasp when Quincy kissed the head of his swelled erection. "Dammit, Quincy I—ahh..." Cillian let his head loll to the side when Quincy placed his lips around the head, sucking slowly and rubbing his tongue across the slit. It felt like Quincy was making out with his shaft, and good god did it feel amazing.
Quincy stroked the rest of Cillian's hardness with his hand, rolling his fingers around it slowly. Cillian whimpered in his throat and his hips twitched into Quincy's warm mouth—god dammit he needed this so bad.
"God, your voice is hot..." Quincy murmured through the cock between his lips. Cillian attempted to say a thanks but a moan blocked it. Quincy hollowed his cheeks and Cillian cried out, flattening his head on the tile as ecstasy pulsed hot through his member.

Cillian shot a load down Quincy's throat, who swallowed and continued to stroke the younger man, making him come again. Quincy kept his lips tight around Cillian's member, not wanting to waste a drop of his sweet juices.
Cillian shook as his orgasm washed over him, his hands fisted into Quincy's hair. A strangled cry
came from his open mouth, the sound almost drowned out by that of the shower.
Quincy swallowed Cillian's second load and kissed the head of his penis before moving back up his body.

"Quincy," Cillian breathed, opening his eyes. The older man was smiling at him, a genuine smile, but before he could say anything, Cillian grabbed Quincy's member and began to stroke it, making his words die in his throat.

Cillian's hand was slicked with soap that he hadn't washed off yet, his smooth pumps bringing forth heavy groans from Quincy. Each movement was expertly timed and steady, an even pace that made Quincy see stars after only a few seconds.
"Cillian..." he mouthed next to silently, his hips involuntarily pushing into Cillian's hand, into more of that deliciously good feeling. Cillian looked down at Quincy's arousal—he thought it was just a little bit longer than average, the perfect size for someone like him to fit inside his body.
A low groan from Quincy alerted Cillian to the hot streams of come that splattered onto Cillian's upper stomach, though his strokes continued. Quincy whined and squirmed in the grasp, but he only came harder than before, his body arching against Cillian's. Come stained Cillian's face from all the way down in between Quincy's legs and the younger man gasped from surprise.

"Oh shit," Quincy whispered, his cheeks flushed pink from his orgasm and his embarrassment. "That was an accident." Water from the shower was still streaming down his face and the rest of his body.
Cillian wiped off some of the come off of his face with a finger and popped it into his mouth, sucking all the juices off. His eyes were on Quincy all the while, the action making the
older man's member perk back up.
"Cillian?" Quincy's hands were on Cillian's slim hips.
"Yeah?" His normally slightly wavy hair had gone straight because of the water and his sea green eyes looked at the older man curiously.

"Can I please fuck you now?" Cillian bit his lip as if the question were a difficult one.

"Yes. But under one condition." Quincy felt himself get a little dizzy when Cillian said that, but something told him that it wasn't going to be a bad condition. He nodded for Cillian to continue before speaking.
"Sure, I guess... What is it?" Cillian's sea green eyes burned bright with desire as he opened his mouth to speak his terms.
"I want you to fuck me until I can't see straight, until I can't breathe without moaning, until I'm only able to scream your name. Can you do this?" Quincy felt a surge of anticipation sweep through his body at the laced words. Cillian's eyes betrayed nothing but the need for Quincy's hardness pounding inside of him, buried so deep inside that their hips will be riddled with bruises.

"I can definitely do that." Both men noticed Quincy's voice suddenly deepen with lust, but neither said anything about it. Instead, Quincy forced Cillian around so his face was towards the tiled wall and his ass was facing him.

"Go," Cillian breathed, his voice laced with arousal. Complying, Quincy grabbed his hips and forced himself into the younger man.

Both men groaned at the feeling. Cillian, being a virgin, was so tight that Quincy felt like if he moved, he'd blow his load. And Cillian had tried...experimenting before, but he had never felt this full.

Quincy pulled out and thrust back in, making the younger man moan already. The water consistently pounded on their bodies, making them heat up more than they already were. The older man set a steady pace, one that made Cillian whimper and moan with each thrust.

"Q-Quincy—aah..." Cillian moaned, Quincy keeping true to all of his words that he had spoken before. Cillian couldn't say anything but Quincy, it got interrupted by a moan, and his eyes were shut tight from the sheer fullness of having Quincy's large erection pulsing inside of him.
Cillian whimpered and keened loudly when Quincy began thrusting at a slightly faster pace. The member was slicked with the water that rained down on them, giving more heat to the passion play unfolding between the two men.

Quincy flipped his wet hair out of his eyes and shoved himself back into Cillian, who pushed back into the thrust so that the older man was hitting his deepest spot. Cillian screamed in ecstasy, his body beginning to shake. His hand gripped his erection and he matched Quincy's pace, pushing him that much closer to the edge.

"F-fuck Cillian," Quincy muttered, drilling back into the younger man and hitting his sweet spot again. Cillian moaned, louder than his scream had been, and his head drooped to his chest.

"Q-Quincy..." Cillian whimpered the older man's name, only slightly ashamed but more turned on that Quincy was fulfilling his condition.

Harder, p-please… Cillian thought to himself, unable to say anything as Quincy ground their hips together the harder he thrusted. Cillian's strokes, coupled with the member pounding into his deepest, most luscious of spots, made the younger man lose his eyesight to unstoppable waves of ecstasy. He felt it—god it was so close, it was so hot, boiling right at the hilt of his penis...
Quincy only thrusted faster into that white-hot heat, his body going into pure overdrive as Cillian's body shoved back to meet his desperate thrusts. The older man could feel himself on the edge, just a single contraction of Cillian's insides away from exploding...
Cillian came out of nowhere, a loud scream on his lips as his come rocketed from his shaft and stained the walls white with his essence. Though it hurt Cillian kept stroking himself through the entire orgasm and past that, pulling as much out of himself as he could; it felt too good for Cillian to even think about stopping his blurred hand movements, though his hand was slicked with his own come. Cillian's body tightened down like a superhot vice on Quincy's member, and it was Quincy's turn to have his mind go blank as he smashed into a massive orgasm.

He gripped Cillian's hips so hard, that he found out later that he had left finger shaped bruises. He leaned into the younger man as he emptied into him, moaning and shaking. The two men rode out their orgasms together, the shower now smelling of sex.

Cillian's vision slowly came back to him, and he blinked a few times, still breathing hard. Quincy kissed his shoulder before pulling out, the younger man groaning as he did so.

"I'm impressed," Cillian said softly, pulling the older man into the direct spray of the shower and wrapping his arms around Quincy's neck.

"Because the sex was amazing?" Quincy grinned and Cillian chuckled, kissing Quincy's forehead.

"Yes. And because you upheld my condition."

Quincy couldn't help but chuckle to himself, making Cillian raise an eyebrow in question. Quincy's eyes glimmered with humor as the words left his mouth.
"I think we conserved just a little bit of water..." Cillian couldn't help but laugh before catching Quincy's lips in a slow, passionate kiss.

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