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This text is a placeholder for the original content. I'm pulling the "King's Champion" story from FictionPress, though I'll be leaving placeholders for reviewed chapters to preserve the reviews I've gotten. The book is finished, and I'll be revising and editing over the next year (I'll be in my third year of med school) as I prepare to submit it to publishers. Given the issues of digital rights etc., it's better for the story not to be posted anywhere before it's submitted. I truly wish that weren't so-revision would be a great deal easier if I had input from readers-but IP law is an unforgiving beast.

Those of you who took the time to read and comment, thank you-for both your readership and your encouragement. I'm sorry to leave you hanging in this fashion, but as some of you are writers and all of you are readers, I think that you probably have some understanding of writers' concerns.

Thanks again, and best wishes-