Without You, I'm Stronger


A song about a false relationship.


Helpless I am, lost in a world of bitterness and despair,

The days seem so long, the nights so cold and empty,

You swore you'd never leave me, but fate was not so fair,

Now here I stand, at the edge of the beach staring out at the sea,

Hoping for a better tomorrow.

You swept me off my feet, captured my heart and I gave you mine,

We traded loving words in the afternoon underneath the sun,

With the sun's rays shining upon you, you appeared so divine,

But the honeymoon period did not last, and soon we were done,

A better tomorrow was not to be.


Every time you needed me, I was always there

But when I needed you, you left me without a word

And these words that I sing, reflect my pain

Because without you, I'm stronger.

You believed you could shatter my defences, crumble them into the dust,

In my most vulnerable moments, you'd launch at attack against me,

Destroying my frame of mind with your words, how unjust,

And to think you once made me feel weak at the knee,

Believing in a better tomorrow.

But the past is the past, I will not bear the brunt of your violence,

It's time to make a stand, and I'll fight until the very end,

Through bitter tears and hurtful bruises, I crave the silence,

I'm not going to pretend that you are still a friend,

A better tomorrow was not to be.


Because without you I'm stronger!

Stronger than ever before

The lessons I've learnt

Define who I am

And made me stronger than before!


Just a song about a relationship gone sour. I'm sure we've all been through something similar. Reviews are much appreciated!