Some friendships are happy; others are toxic.


As I lay on my bed, thinking about all the things you said,

Sometimes I think I'd be better off being dead,

The vile words you spoke, the insults thrown

Why can't you just leave me the fuck alone?

Sometimes I feel I gotta let it all out,

Throw my head back and scream and shout

Let the world feel the pain I feel,

Keeping it hidden within ain't keeping it real

Sometimes I wish I could repeat the past,

Then I'd know how to beat you

For all the times that you beat me down,

Made me feel like I was just a clown,


I feel angry enough to give Satan a deal,

As my sanity begins to peel,

Angry enough to give Satan a deal...

This hate! That I feel! Isn't going away! (you better back the fuck off if you know what's good for you)

This fury! That I feel! Isn't fading away! (you better run for cover if you know what's good for you!)




As I close my eyes, to try and sleep at night

Your putrid face flashes before me and gives me a fright,

Taunting me, mocking me, taking my life

Your words cut through me like a knife,

You and your friends always came around,

Thinking it funny to push me into the ground

Jeering as I struggle to find the strength to stand,

This I swear is the last straw, I'm taking action before this gets out of hand



Just a song about a friendship gone sour. Toxic friendships, we've all been there. Reviews much appreciated!