Gone nowhere.

Take a few steps back.

Looking down, at your feet,

Realizing that you're back where you started.

Starting again.



You're here, and you're not.

Feel your heart,

But your hand just goes right through.





Hard to think straight.

Keep repeating, repeating myself.

Keep repeating those words, those sounds, those things.

The bumblebees, they won't hurt me,

They don't bother you.

Not like how your absence bothers me.

But you're not gone.

But you are.

But you're here.

Singing in the kitchen,

A lullaby for a heart,

Broken too many times.

Hard to sing when you keep crying.

I hate crying, it hurts, hurts so bad.

Can't close my eyes, because the tears are still there,

And it keeps the cycle going.

This vicious cycle.

It keeps going.

I want it to stop.

But I don't want to stop.

I'm not going to.

You can't make me.

No matter, it doesn't matter,

All that matters is that I keep you close.



Where you can never leave.

Don't leave me.

Don't go.

But you're gone.

Gone nowhere.