It had been six months and I was as big as a damn horse. Found out that mine and Draven's baby was a girl. According to Ariella and Zenith, I would only carry her for six months. Therefore, I was due any day.

I bet you're wondering how Draven and Malderon are getting along. Well, they have in fact become rather close.

It's strange to see the man who was your greatest enemy and your husband as best friends. They were like brothers.

Oh, that reminds me. I forgot to tell you. Malderon and I got married a month after the big battle and the big news. Just thinking about it now, I roll my eyes and laugh.

It was a small wedding. Just immediate family. Zenith stood up with Malderon as his best man. Draven was the groomsman. I asked Nevaeh to be my maid of honor. And Ariella was my bridesmaid.

After the baby is born, my transformation will be taking place. Deron has agreed to turn me into a vampire. Thing is, I won't be a full-fledged blood sucker. I will be only one third.

Why, you ask? It's simple. Malderon marked me as a hybrid, remember. I will be a fourth water demon, fourth vampire, and fourth angel, and fourth human. Crazy right?

We were at dinner when it happened. Draven and Nevaeh had made a special dish that night. Tilapia, or fish, and shrimp scampi with garlic rice. For some apparent reason the baby had been craving seafood.

They set the plates down in front of us and their own, sitting down. Ariella prayed over the meal. Although she was bound from Heaven, she still prayed to God.

Honestly, I think he will take her back with open arms. He planned everything that had happened to all of us and look how that turned out.

We were chowing down when my stomach started to cramp and tighten up. My eyes grew wide. I was having contractions.

I glanced at the clock and began to time them. Seven minutes apart and regular. This was it.

I stopped eating, as did everyone else. Malderon and Draven went silent and put their attention on me. They could hear my thoughts.

Malderon stood from the table and picked me up, taking me into the birthing room. Draven followed close behind. Ariella and Nevaeh got hot water and towels to clean up the baby and me. Zenith started grinding up some herbs to help with the pain.

Deron laid me down and helped me undress. I kept on a sports bra. The rest of me completely nude. I couldn't have a baby with pants on.

He kissed my cheek as the pain became intense and gave me his hand. I clenched it and started groaning in agony.

Draven spread my legs and placed my feet in the stirrups. He put on a latex glove and shoved two fingers inside of my vagina to check my cervix.

It was so uncomfortable. I squeezed Deron's hand harder.

Draven slid his fingers out and a shit-load of fluid gushed out of me. "That would be her water breaking. And now we wait."

After a few hours of writhing on the bed due to horrendous contractions, Draven checked me again. "She's eight centimeters dilated and ninety percent effaced. Not too much longer. Her cervix needs to be ten and one-hundred."

"Dad!" Deron hollered. "She needs that herbal pain remedy."

Right after he spoke, Zenith rushed in with a needle and syringe. I hated needles.

Tears clouded my eyes. This was excruciating. The contractions were becoming unbearable. I didn't know if I could do this anymore.

Zenith tied a thick rubber band around my arm and slid the needle in my vein, pumping me full of his pain antidote. He undid the rubber tie before it cut my circulation.

As soon as the natural medicine spread throughout my body I relaxed. The pain was almost gone.

"Why do I feel like my bowels are about to move?" I cried out, scared of it happening and embarrassing myself in front of everyone.

Draven's brow lifted. "That is your indication to push, Evelyn."

Malderon gawked at him. "Check her again."

Draven went through the same process of checking my cervix. His eyes lit up and a smile lifted the corners of his mouth. It was then I realized it was time.

"She's ready to go." Draven put another glove on the other hand and sat down in front of my spread thighs.

"Okay, sweet, I want you to push with all your might. Bare down, use your anal muscles."

"What?" I shouted, but did as he told me. I took a deep breath and pushed.

Needless to say, the pain was coming back. Three more times I inhaled a big breath and bore down, panting afterward. I felt like I was pushing out a watermelon. I didn't want anymore kids after this.

It was never this tough and agonizing when I had my first daughter. But she wasn't a hybrid either.

"Come on, baby." Malderon urged. "You can do this. One more push and the head will be out."

I gritted my teeth, took the biggest breath and pushed, hard. That's all it took as the head slid out. She had brown hair, like mine, and a good amount of it.

I started bawling once her first cry echoed through the room. Draven took the bulb syringe and sucked all the gunk out of her.

He told me to push one more time. I did and her body slithered out, Draven catching her and cutting the umbilical cord.

Nevaeh came to her and wrapped her in a towel, taking her to Ariella. They cleaned her up, weighed her, measured her head.

I breathed a sigh of relief. My hair drenched in sweat. I was so tired.

Ariella brought my daughter back over to me and laid her in my arms. She had beautiful sea blue eyes. I knew they would change at about a year old. All babies did. She looked at me, right into my eyes, and I heard Draven say something beside me.

"What?" I asked, not comprehending what he said at first. I was too happy and overtaken by her.

"Can I hold her?" he questioned again.

I smiled. "Of course. Here you go, daddy."

His eyes softened at my declaration and reached down to lift her in his arms. "What are we going to name her?"

"Anastacia Roselyn Velici Aqua." I said, exhausted.

Draven had expressed to me months ago that he wanted the baby to have Malderon's name. For reasons I am not sure of myself.

Draven grinned. "I like that. My little Stacia."

Ariella replaced Draven. "I need you to push again, dear. The afterbirth needs to come out."

She pressed on my belly to help release the placenta. I pushed and cried. This, for some reason, was more anguishing than the birth.

Finally, everything gushed out of me and I felt such a relief. She sewed me up from where I tore a bit when Stacia stretched me.

After everyone had their chance to hold her, they gave her to me. She was ravenous. I guided my nipple into her mouth and she latched on and started to suck. It stung a bit. I wasn't use to it anymore.

Roselyn was my deceased daughter's name. I had to put it in Stacia's to honor her. I missed her a lot. And a tear slipped down my cheek in remembrance of her.

A year later, Stacia was up walking everywhere. Little words were popping out of her mouth. She was strong, too, and smart.

Her eyes had turned green with red and purple specks. Her hair stayed brown, but I was starting to see white, natural highlights.

Her and Deron were close. He was her step-daddy and she loved him. He spoiled her every chance he could get, as well as Papaw Zen, Mammaw Ari, and Auntie Vaeh. She couldn't say their full names yet.

As for Draven, he had recently started his own rock band. He was the singer. Never knew he could sing. He was great.

Stacia asked him to sing her lullabies all the time. He loved his daughter very much. They were inseparable.

She had him wrapped around her little pinky. He got her any and everything she wanted, when she wanted it. No matter how much she was being spoiled, she was still very sweet and respectful.

Whenever she got hurt or didn't feel well she ran to me. Mommy to the rescue. I would kiss her boo-boo's and caress her hair when she felt bad.

Her teeth coming in was painful. I would put her to sleep running my fingertips down her back. She was precious.

I had been turned into a hybrid after I stopped breast feeding her at eleven months. She had six teeth and kept chomping my nipples during feedings. Let me tell you, that hurt.

Everything was perfect all around us. I couldn't be any happier.

The connection I had with Draven had broken once Stacia was born. It was her all along. The love she felt for her father effected my judgment of him. Good thing, too, or I would have just let Deron kill him. However, I couldn't.

I care for him to this day. Even so, my heart still and will always belong to Malderon.