Title : Walking in Darkness
Author : sKiTzO
Author's Note : An experiment... Just an experiment... It's like Shakespeare, so there's a lot of wordplay, a lot of spelling changes, and other forms of words used. It's a lot easier to understand than Shakespeare, but I was wondering if in the review you could write what you thought happened so I can maybe work better it for the future. This is horrible, but it's also my first attempt :)


. : Scene : A teenage girl, Eva, is walking home. What she does not see is that an ex-boyfriend, Robert, is waiting for her. Robert is stalking her. : .

Robert : Eva! Angel of mine fire, halt, so that I may track with thee.

Eva : When Hades doth bear the wait of hunters and tailors, then shall I weight for thee.

Robert : Why dost thou spurn me so?

Eva : Let me to my house before a lawful dog I set upon you.

Robert : Call not upon your advocate. There is no cause for him.

Eva : Think you that, then you are more less stable than I fright. From me thou shalt stand a race, this forced upon you by society. A sheet shall be my shield of you, and I shall revel in it. Now, haste, away, be gone with you. Let me walk in darkness.

. : Robert exits : .

I slumber that there is an us, and yet it is not plaused. He is no more rocking, and I am fear. I request for days of ancient, for of those I was found.