Angela's Rap

Weed and beer aint fazing this chick

She go up in the house and grab ya dick

She start stroking it all nice and long

Humming on your nuts, singing a song

Her kitty's in my hand while I'm spreading cheese

Finger fuck her so hard that it made her sneeze

Drop to your knees and give my dick a suck

I go for my zipper but that bitch is stuck

Oh fuck, what's an Indian to do?

My cock so hard my balls turning blue

I rip my pants down, with the quickness

Stick it in her mouth, wait for the sickness

Feel my shit start swelling and expanding

Parted the runway, now my cock is landing

Open the gates and let's begin

Checking my nuts at the local inn

I parted the sea while you tilt your head

Eyes rolling back in your head like you was

Night of the living dead

Still spreading my load on that wonder bread

That's when she screamed, no please don't stop

I'm pull that ass over like a motherfucking cop

Drop it on her tonsils…watch her skin get hot

Fucking that ass at a furious pace

Pull the cock out, spit it right in her face

Her names Angela, if you didn't already know

She ain't a dumb bitch but a down ass ho