Michelle's Rap

When you're talking to me you shut that mouth.

Shit's stinking so bad, you went bass to trout.

Fuck what ya heard and fuck clam divin'.

I ain't in it to win, bitch, I'm just surviving.

So pass me the gasmask is what I'm asking.

You ain't Winnie, and I ain't Tuck Everlastin'

I'll be lucky to make it past round three.

If I do, I might be the champ, I might be Ali.

Your cunt like Apollo, my cock like Rocky.

If this goes the distance, and I hope it won't be,

bitch, this ain't the start to matrimony.

Pussy so stank that it was drippin' cheese.

Finger fucked her so hard that it made her sneeze.

Got her so good, she gave my ass a squeeze.

Now, I'm am her god when she's on her knees.