"Life", for Piano

Since birth, a song is played for us,

And by us,

Dictated and written by more than

Our own hands.

For those that influence us

Are shown in the sweet movements

And concertos we compose,

Intertwining joy, and happiness, and smiles

With the sunshine of summers.

And then the creeping of the minor

Harmony, a constant shadow through

The dark winter days.

And as we age, the song grows

And lessens in complexity,

An arc-like motion.

Diminuendo, legato and slow

Are the heavy bass chords that indicate

Sleep. Warm, comfortable sleep.

And in that sleep, as your last breath is

Stolen swiftly away,

The song that was yours, all through life,

Ceases, at once, to play,

And, though the dust settles,

The piano keys play on.

For many millions of people

Still write and play their songs.