I wrote this at 3 in the morning so be kind:)

Lance led her into the master bedroom of his secluded manor and gestured for her to sit on the luxurious king-sized bed. His cold lips lightly met her warm ones as he trailed kisses down her jaw to her throat.

"Are you sure?" he whispered, his breath sending chills down her spine. Angel nodded her silent consent and tilted her head to the side to better expose her pale skin.

He could feel her heart pounding; her life flowing through her veins. He gently brushed back her dark brown curls and lowered his mouth to her creamy skin. His silver eyes clouded over in hunger as he bit down. She gasped as sharp fangs pierced her neck.

Blood flowed freely from the open wound into Lance's waiting mouth; stray droplets of crimson staining the creamy sheets. At first all she felt was agonizing pain, but it was soon replaced with an odd sense of pleasure. As she felt herself growing weaker and her breath became labored, she leaned against her love's strong chest.

He gently laid her back on the silky cushions, and retrieved a small crystal vial, filled with his blood. Vampiric blood. He sat beside her and slid her head into his lap, barely able to detect her slowing pulse. He uncorked the bottle and let the dark red liquid flow between her full pale lips. Her weak heartbeat stopped, but her ragged breathing remained.

It had worked.

As the silver disk that was the moon slowly forced its way into the night sky, Angel's eyes flickered open.

Had it been a dream? Did he really do it? A quick glance around with her new eyes told her that she was in the small bed of her own apartment. Even in the dark she could pick out distinct details. She ran her tongue over perfect teeth to find two razor-sharp fangs.

Her hand instinctively rose to her throat. A pair of bumps marked where his fangs had been earlier.

"Lance?" she called, although she knew she would receive no answer. She had guessed it would happen. He couldn't handle staying with her forever, just the same as all the others before her. She sighed. She could find someone else. She rose and slipped out into the night to start her new life in eternity.