I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I opened my laptop, and checked the date. I had been asleep for two days. Meh. I'd slept longer. I quickly dressed myself and stepped out of my bedroom. Judging by the mountains whizzing by the train windows, we were somewhere in the Rockies. It didn't matter. We'd been here a zillion times.

I am part of the circus. There I said it. I'm embarrassed by it yes, but it's my family. We are the "Amazing Hamsens." Whoopdidoo….. We're acrobats, and our family is quite good at it. I'm not old enough to be in the act yet, still only thirteen, but next year, I'll be flying among my sisters. For now, all I can do is work out, and train, and make sure I know what I'm doing.

I move silently down this particular car, trying not to wake Suzanne, the animal trainer. She has the biggest room. It's practically an entire train car. She needs it, too. Suzanne has so many animals to take care of. A lot of people, when picturing animals in the circus, see cages and mistreated animals. That is far from the truth. The animals in the circus are treated better than the people, if you ask me.

Unfortunately, my careful steps weren't enough. I hear the yapping of a tiny dog, then the screeching of birds, the barking of what I assume is a Great Dane, and some noise I can't imagine belongs to an animal I've ever seen. I take off sprinting, my long blonde hair flying behind me.

Running is something I've always enjoyed. My mother says that it's a good thing I'm addicted to it, because it's good exercise. I don't know the truth to this, but I hope so. It'll save me a ton of sit-ups.

When I reach the car where we all eat breakfast, I've woken myself up with the running. I grab a plate from the end of the table, do a quick Aerial, and shovel breakfast onto my plate. That's when the impact hit. I flew forward, and knocked myself out on another table on the other end of the car.


I know it's super short, but I just wanted to see how it would work. I also don't know what's going to happen next... Lot's of blood and guts and eating each other... It's going to be a very fun ride. If anybody has ideas for a better title, or what should happen next, please let me know.