"Jake. You know we can't take any more people in. She needs to go. Find her wreck, take her there, and leave her."

"Sarge, I can't do that. I can't just leave an innocent person to fend for her self. She needs our help."

Avariella's green eyes slowly opened. They opened to a horrific scene. Even more horrific then some of the things she had already seen? Maybe. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of people lined the walls. Sitting, standing, laying down. There was one thing they all had in common. They all looked miserable.

Jake's eyes snapped to her. He smiled warmly. "Hi. Are you hurt?"

She rubbed her tired eyes and tried to steady her spinning head. "No. My giant swollen ankle feels fine, and I passed out before because I feel totally fine."

He narrowed his eyes. She's a firecracker, is she? We'll see about that. He had a knack for making people feel depressed. Well, maybe it wasn't him. Maybe it was just the circumstances. Most people would get upset if they were constantly surrounded by other human beings who where dying.


Amidst the horror of my situation, I realized something. Today's my birthday. You must be thinking that I'm crazy. I don't blame you. I think I have gone insane. Let's recap: Train crash. Dead family. Possessed brother. Almost eaten by monsters. Carried away by a teenage boy. Who wouldn't go insane?

"Today's my birthday," I whispered under my breath. He looked at me like I had four heads. Honestly. Who would care about birthdays under here? Jesus.


I think she was genuinely insane. Maybe I should leave her at her wreck. The colony has no need for useless people. However, despite my skepticism, I couldn't help but say, "Happy birthday."

She was lying on a thin blanket on the hard ground, and I stood above her. I stared into her deep green eyes, hoping to burn holes in them. It didn't work.

"Jake! Show her around why don't you?" Sarge awoke me from my angered daze. I nodded my head, grabbing the girl's hand and pulling her to her feet. I led her down the cavern.

"What is this place?" She looked around, sadness etched in her features.

"We are the survivors. Of train wrecks, plane crashes, car accidents. Think of this valley as the Bermuda triangle. When you enter, you won't leave." Before she asked why, I cut her off. "I know what you're going to ask. Do you remember those creatures? Well, the eat people. The way they get human flesh is by causing accidents. They block roads, tracks, and send out signals that cause planes to crash. Worst part about it is that there's no way to communicate with the outside world."

"Why don't you just leave?" she asked incredulously. "Just take everybody and leave the valley."

I was at a loss for words. Why didn't we leave? "Just… Because…"

"Because why?" She stared at my face. Jesus. If looks could kill, I'd be stone dead. She was right. Why didn't we leave? I don't really know. I was in charge of everybody, yes. But I was more of an unofficial leader. Sarge controlled everything. Food rations, medicine, who got water. If we wanted to leave the valley, it would be up to him.


All this suffering could be avoided. It was simple. Leave the caverns, and walk. Just keep walking until you find civilization. Why these people didn't leave I'll never know.

I scanned the walls, looking at the people who leaned against them. Young and old people cried together. Short and tall. Blonde and brunette. Then I spotted one boy. He looked about seventeen, short and muscular. With curly black hair and green eyes.


What? What is this madness! I don't know! I had plans for this story, but they got totally out of whack. I don't know what's happening anymore. Help, please?