Welcome To The Otherside Of The Line

There's a line of normality, sanity, and average

There's a line of business, work, and government

There's a line leaders, followers, and jury

Those are the insiders.

But the few who can seeā€¦

They live on the other side of the line

They pity and scold the ones in, who aren't out

They help, but aren't seen.

They live to be free, and they are

They are the outsiders.

They are popular, loved, and favored

People do as they say

They have no life, no real substance, are shallow

Them, over there. They are the insiders.

We live full of 'shame', are hated

And are outcasted

People ignore us or see us as bad

We have life, substance, and aren't shallow

Us, over here. We are the outsiders.