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Everything felt so hot. He felt like he was burning, as he had told them. Anyone could see the thick film of sweat covering his skin as locks of red hair clung to the delicate curves of his face. Not even the folded damp rag lying across his forehead could cool down the temperature of his flushed cheeks. His expression, which had previously been of discomfort and fear, was now gentle and relaxed, despite the hot air that escaped through pale lips. Though nobody else could pick up on the small signs, the younger one knew exactly what it had been that had caused such an expression earlier; nightmares that were brought on by the same fever grasping his brother so tightly. He had found out only moments ago, when he had walked into the room to check on the older sibling, but had sat on the chair next to the bed upon realizing there was something terribly wrong with him. Green eyes flicked down towards the hand gently clasping his own. It felt clammy and slightly uncomfortable, yes, but ever since he had laced their fingers together, all the signs of fear had disappeared. And for him, that was just enough to make him not pull that same hand away.

"Emilio...?" The voice pulled him away from his thoughts and caused him to focus on the rounded face now turned towards him. Eyes of an amber hue stared directly at him through eyelids half-closed, clearly trying to shield most of the light from the dark pupils. A gentle smile appeared at the sound of his name. Yes, it wasn't his true name and was in fact his middle name, but that was because he merely called his brother by his middle name as well. They did that often; always called each other by something different than what most knew them by. The younger one was always called "Emilio" while the older sibling took on the name "Vin"; a nickname derived by his middle name, Vincente. Yes, most called him "Vincente", but there was only one person who was allowed to call him by any nicknames from that word.

The younger one stood from his chair and took one step forward so that his knees brushed against the fabric of the bedsheets lying over it. He then brushed away the hair and pushed away the washcloth and lightly kissed the skin in which they were previously hiding. "I'm here, don't worry. Get some rest. You're burning up." His voice was soft as to not aggravate any headache that may have come with his brother's awakening, but it still had a calming and gentle tone. He had to bite back the surprised shout that wanted to escape his lips when he was suddenly tugged onto the bed by the same hand that grasped his own, finding himself lying directly next to his brother.

"You're not leaving, right?" Worried and doubtful eyes surveyed the smaller boy. He should've known such a question would come into light. This was, after all, his brother he was talking to.

With another gentle smile, he grabbed the cloth and lightly pressed it against Vincente's forehead, covering his eyes with a small hand. "Of course not. I'll be right here." Then the expression turned into one a teacher would give when scolding a student about his homework. "But you gotta promise that you'll go sleep. No keeping me here just to talk!" There was a small laugh before a small 'I promise' slipped from his lips. It was enough to cause the stern expression to fade into a gentler, more relaxed one with a smile twisting back onto his lips. But even so, he couldn't accept just a simple promise. Letting his hand slip from the grasp, he quickly hooked his pinky with his brother's. "It's a promise. You can't break it or else you'll have to give me your whole allowance for a year, got it?"

The buzzing coming from just to his side caused his eyes to snap open suddenly. Light filtered through the blinds and filled the room, causing him to squint to protect his eyes from the sudden brightness. No, it wasn't as bright as it could've been with the blinds wide open, but it was still bright compared to the darkness he had remembered falling asleep in. As he sat up, he could hear a few of his stuffed animals fall to the floor. Probably the ones that he had accidentally kicked out of their places while he slept. A quick sweep of the room told him that he was still alone. He should've known. He was younger only a few moments ago than he was hours before that. Then again, it was a memory as well, not just a dream. Yes, he was about 8 at that time. He only remembered because he knew that was the day Alisa had rushed Vincente to the hospital due to an extremely high body temperature. Ah, how he wished he were back home...

Then he realized the buzzing had stopped. He hadn't even noticed it before, but now that it had stopped, he noticed full well that it had been there. Looking to his side, his eyes fell upon the gray phone just beside his pillow. That must've been what it was. Quickly grabbing it and flipping it open, he saw that his suspicions were true. On the brightly lit screen, it read '3 new txt messages' in capital letters and right under that, 'Vincente'. 3? Just how long was he asleep for? Scratch that, why hadn't it woken him up? He was pretty sure he was a relatively light sleeper. He pressed the center button and opened up the first one that had been sent. "Good morning~!" it read. He smiled lightly at this, but decided to look at the others before he actually replied to it. The next one read "Wake up already. Don't make me call you Sebastian ;P". And then came the last one. "I'm at the gate. Where are you?" He raised an eyebrow at this. They weren't supposed to be here until late. Their flight from Spain had been delayed and they would take longer to get here. Didn't they? Then it dawned on him as his eyes wandered to the lower parts of the text. He had slept in.

Eyes widening considerably, Sebastian quickly threw off the covers and quickly changed into some new clothes. He only had enough time to comb out his hair with his fingers and slide on his shoes before he grabbed up his phone. But before he could even get to the door, that same phone buzzed again and he quickly checked just to see what it was. "You're awake now, aren't you? Look, don't rush. I don't want you hurting yourself again. We'll be fine until you get here" was what it read. Vincente always knew when he was actually rushing... He smiled lightly at this but replied with a smile 'okay, I'm coming now' and slid the phone into his jeans pocket. With that done, he exited his room and traveled down the hallway. He could see someone standing just outside of Seta's door, but paid no attention to him until he realized he was actually being looked at. A slight turn of the head and redirecting of his gaze told him who exactly this was. This boy was Reidan Lass. He had ran into him quite a few times during the whole time he had been here, and heard a few rumors that the boy wasn't one you should mess with. He himself had seen just how Rei tended to fight and he had to admit, it was quite impressive. Being one who didn't fight unless he absolutely had to, he found no reason to provoke the boy and actually have him attack him directly.

It was then that his polite manners came into being once more. With a light and gentle smile as well as the nod of a head as a greeting, he continued on his way and merely left the ghost boy alone. Though, that didn't mean that he didn't miss it when the gesture was returned to him. Huh. That was a bit odd. A delinquent had actually greeted him in a calm and collected way. He didn't really think that they would suddenly lash out and attack him, for he was always the quieter of his classmates and tended to stay out of trouble whenever possible, but he still didn't expect a kind greeting to be returned. Figuring that he shouldn't be lingering on such a thing, he was quick to dismiss his thoughts and continue out of the building. Thankfully, it didn't take him long to locate just where the front gate was. A quick scan of the crowd and he quickly found not only a few delinquents and student council members, but the family he hadn't seen for so long. But even more than that, he noticed one face out of the crowd. Instantly, nostalgia, happiness, and a few other emotions overwhelmed him. He couldn't help but to take off in a fast sprint, his legs carrying quickly towards his destination. A shouted name was enough to warn his brother of his approach, but even that wasn't able to fully prepare him what would happen.

A smaller body slammed directly into the taller one, nearly causing them both to fall over as thin limbs latched tightly around the other redhead's waist. Thankfully, Vincente had only stumbled back and the younger one could feel his hug returned. Of course, it wasn't as tight as the Sebastian's hug, but it was still returned nonetheless. Once they were both stable and a soft chuckle escape from Vincente's lips, the small boy found himself burrowing his head deep into his twin's chest. "Oh dear God, I've missed you so much!" was the first sentence that had actually left his lips. A light hand stroking his hair caused him to pull his face away and tilt it up towards his brother's, though it was instantly met by a loud, sudden laugh.

An amused smile twisted onto Vincente's lips as he surveyed the one in his arms. One arm soon pulled away and a hand gently began to wipe away at the cheeks, causing the boy to realize just how wet they had grown within just a few seconds. "I can't believe you're crying, Emilio! You're so emotional sometimes, I swear." The Spanish accent hung thick on his words, but they were clearly English. Yes, Sebastian no longer had such a strong accent (it had faded during his stay here), but it was still light and clear that it was there. After all, he had lived in Spain for most of his life.

It didn't take long for Sebastian to latch onto his older twin again, though he didn't burrow his head this time. "I can't help it, I'm sorry," he spoke softly. "I'm just happy I get to see you again." Despite the fact that they spoke nearly every day through text, phone calls, emails, or whatever they could, it still didn't help the fact that he felt quite lonely without his brother. He had spent his whole entire life around him, from the time they were born until he was sent here. It had been quite rough on him in the beginning and he found himself trying to plead to come back at times, but he had slowly gotten used to it. Well, more or less, that is.

A small chuckle once again came from the older brother and he gave his sibling a light squeeze. "As am I. But you gotta stop being so soft. You'll get hurt," he warned. After a small moment, the brothers finally pulled away and Vincente leaned down to give Sebastian a small peck on the cheek. "Have you forgotten our usual greeting? I thought we had picked up these customs a few years ago," he pointed out, amusement laced within his tone. There was a nervous laugh from Sebastian, but he was quick to agree and then followed it up with a small apology. It was dismissed rather quickly and another figure came into the picture. This time, it was a female; a tall woman with brown hair.

Upon realizing this, Sebastian looked towards her and granted her a warm smile. "Hello, Miss Alisa. I'm glad I was able to see you again," he greeted as he lightly kissed her cheek and proceeded to hug her. It was the usual greeting, just as Vincente had stated. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary for him. In fact, it'd be more awkward if he hadn't done such a thing. Then again, it was only natural because he had grown up with the woman. She was the one who had taken care of he and his brother when they were young, raising them until their parents had finally gotten home. Though, he definitely didn't want to think about what happened after they were home for good. He did not want to remember such things, especially not right now. He knew that his mother and sister wouldn't be able to visit, for his sister wasn't able to obtain a passport just yet.

"My, you've grown! You're almost caught up with Vincente now!" The woman seemed ecstatic about this, for a large grin had taken over her features. However, that same happiness was soon met with Vincente's teasings.

"Oh, please. He's nowhere near my height."

This caused Sebastian to frown lightly as he let out a huff. Though because he couldn't keep up the irritated attitude for long, he found himself having to pretend he wasn't happy with his brother. "I'm now up to 5'6", thank you. Just because we're twins doesn't mean that we'll both be 5'11", nearly 6'. We're not even identical," he pointed out. This earned a small chuckle from his brother as he ruffled the younger one's hair. Of course, this is when his "mask" broke and a smile soon appeared on his lips. Ah, how he had missed this. There were many times he wished that he could just go back home, but he knew that he wouldn't be able to. Not until the school year was over. But he supposed this would be okay for now.

It took a moment, but finally, both Sebastian and Vincente were calmed down. Somehow, Vincente had managed to get Sebastian to stop crying, though thankfully that didn't take long at all. However, midway of their conversation of exactly which classes Sebastian was taking, their little group was rather split up. This was because their previous caretaker had decided she wanted to tour the grounds. Sebastian offered to show her around himself, but she then revealed her true intentions; going to the restroom to take care of some 'womanly' business. With a slight blush dusting his cheeks, Sebastian allowed the grown woman to wander away in search for any facilities she would be able to use. Well, at least she would be back soon. Or at least, so he hoped... He still needed to show them around. He wanted to show them the acquaintances he had actually made, even though he unintentionally avoided such things. It wasn't his fault. In classes, he was constantly struggling over the material, so he was always busy. Of course, that didn't help his habits of staying quiet unless he was spoken to, either. It gave him quite the specially awkward disadvantage, but he was more or less used to it by now. At least he was able to make some acquaintances. (Though, he always called them 'friends', even though he never knew much about them.)

Ah, but there was so much more to show them then just that! There were classrooms, his bedroom (despite all of the... decorations that he would never let anyone else see), the gym, the cafeteria... the library! Ah, so many wonderful things! He absolutely loved everything about the school. The only problem he had with it was being away from Vincente. If it weren't for that, then he would definitely enjoy his time here 100%. Maybe he could somehow encourage Vincente to join... Hmm, maybe... Speaking of Vincente... By the time Sebastian looked up again, he found that his brother had gone missing. Where he had been standing, he no longer was. Confused as to what had been happened during his time in his memories, the Caring Princess quickly glanced around for any sign of his brother. At first, he couldn't spot him. And this definitely worried him. He had just met up with his brother again and he was already gone? Not to mention that Alisa should be back sometime soon! Oh wait. There, by the gate! It wasn't too far off, but now he could see the red hair sticking out through the dwindling crowd. Sighing in relief, the full-blooded siren allowed a smile to form back onto his lips, walking casually towards his sibling. But that smile was extremely short lived as he actually came within earshot of his brother and could see him clearly. Before he knew it, he could see an arm slinging around another student's shoulders. How did he know it was a student and not a visitor? Well, that was easy. This was someone who was relatively well-known around the school – and not in a good way, like Sebastian or Aiden. In fact, this here... This was Rikuo Kiriyu. He wasn't exactly worried about him, for Toya was standing beside him (as far as he could tell), but there was still that underlying fear. He always tried his best not to mess with the delinquents.

Ah, but there was a reason he was so terrified and skittish of all the delinquents. When he had first arrived here, he had nearly no social experience. He always stuck around his brother in school, never went around anyone else. He always paid attention to studies and strayed away from conversation. On the very first day, he had met a boy who had showed him around the school. He proved himself to be pretty trustworthy, so of course Sebastian actually came to trust him. It wasn't long before he found he was stuck in the same class. The boy, upon recognizing just how gullible Sebastian was, decided it''d be absolutely hilarious to tell him "If you even look at a delinquent wrong, they'll pull you behind the school and beat you senseless." Sebastian, being the gullible person he is, believed him 100%, much to his misfortune. Even after he's been here for a while, the same 'joke' is continued and he still believes it. And so, now you know why this little 'princess' is much more awkward when it comes to the delinquents of the school. For that sole reason, he wouldn't often be seen willingly approaching a delinquent in such a hurried pace.

Not that he was exactly willing, of course. He felt like this was absolutely something he needed to do. The reason? That was simple! He could clearly hear his brother state, in a flirtatious tone, "Oh my, who's this little cutie?" Now he definitely couldn't mistaken it. With that Spanish accent, the red hair, the body build... Everything matched up perfectly with his brother. Which made him panic a bit more. After all, it was relatively clear just who this man was. The twins looked relatively alike; red hair, light eyes (though Vincente's were yellow while Sebastian's were green), light skin, seductive voice (Vincente tends to flaunt his a lot more than he should, though he doesn't sing as Sebastian does), and even the facial structure were similar. They had their physical differences due to being fraternal, yes, but there were still undeniably related to one another. And that was exactly why Sebastian had to get Vincente away from Rikuo. "Oh? And he has a lovely lady by his side as well~!" Wait, what? It was then that Sebastian noticed the form of a woman standing beside Rikuo. This girl... Just who was she? No! Not the time to think about it now.

By the time he had arrived at his brothers side, the boy was already gently holding Farahlin's hand and lightly kissing the top of it. Unfortunately, it seemed that his brother knew of his presence before he could even do anything, for he soon straightened his back and turned his head to look at the shorter brother. Seb's lips parted as if to speak words, but even a single syllable stood no chance at escaping before Vincente decided to speak himself, "No wonder you like this place so much, my dear little brother." Wait, what? Since when he had told him...? Oh. Right. The last email he sent, he had said 'you'll love this place as much as I do, I know it'. That was right... He had forgotten about that. Even so, he couldn't even question him before the older twin continued. "There are attractive guys running around everywhere, don't you agree?" At this, Vincente began looking around, an amused smile playing along his lips. His gaze even lingered on Rikuo before it shifted to the woman again. "Not to mention those same boys have beautiful women they know," was how he completely that thought. But he didn't stop there, oh no. Instead, he wandered back to his brother and slung an arm around his shoulders. Unlike what he usually would, he didn't even note the blush that was steadily rising on the younger's cheeks. "Maybe I'll have to enroll, too. This school, after all, serves as every homosexual man's dream. Have you even tried singing yet, Emilio? I bet you'd have them all drooling at your feet in no time."

At this, Sebastian's face grew bright red. That was a secret that had never got out ever since he came out of the closet with his parents. He was careful not to show it. And yet, here his brother was, risking to show it to the whole school. Sighing heavily, he gently brushed off the arm and lightly grabbed it, tugging on it as he tried to get his brother away from the two he had been flirting with. "Brother, please! You know that's not why I'm here, and you know I won't use my voice for purposes like that. Come on, Miss Alisa's waiting for us," was all he could find to say. He couldn't even find anything more to say to him. So instead, he focused a worried and apologetic gaze on the two nearest to him, even letting it flick to Toya momentarily. "I'm so terribly sorry for my brother's behavior. He doesn't like to control himself very much," he apologized. Of course, he only said this because it was true. Vincente was never one to control his actions. He always believed in living life to the fullest and having all the fun you possibly can, when you want to have it. Because of that, he was quite the flirtatious thing and usually did dare-devil like stunts all the time. Yeah, it usually scared Sebastian to death and yeah, it always worried him, but that didn't mean he'd stop.

Apparently, that just wasn't enough for Vincente. The next thing that left the teenager's lips caused the younger one's cheeks to flare up bright red. "Why, I'm sure you catch yourself checking out some of these lovelies within your gym class's locker room!" Sebastian could only think of one phrase that could possibly show just what he felt like doing at the moment: 'Please, just let me die...' Ah, yes. That's all he could possibly think of. But what had left his lips was merely his brother's name in a surprised manner, which only managed to gain his attention. Ah, that amused smirk meant that he had something else up his sleeve. Instinctively, Sebastian took a step back when his brother bent down to be at his own height, releasing his hold on the other's shirt. "Ah, so it's true~!" his brother teased.

He could feel even more heat flowing to his cheeks, though this time, he forced a frown to his face. "It is not! Vincente, please, control yourself. We're in an academic setting and as one of the student council, I will not allow my fellow students to be harassed in such a way." Of course, he didn't mean for it to come out so sternly. In fact, he wasn't even used to saying anything in that sort of speech. But he felt it was necessary. Though, he found that he couldn't hold it for long. After a moment, he finally tore his gaze away and murmured an apology. But the response he got was... confusing, to say the least. It was almost as if Vincente had anticipated his reaction. With a chuckle, the older of the two reached up and ruffled his brother's hair.

"Goodie two-shoes. If you're going to be strict, at least play the part through to the end. But you're finally learning to stick up for yourself and others, Emilio, so I'll give you points for that." Oh. So that's what it was. Vincente was testing Sebastian; trying to see if he was able to raise his voice to even a loved one. Well, at least it was a little less confusing. Or at least, so he thought. It wasn't long before Vincente once again had his arm around Rikuo's shoulders, nuzzling his head. "My, you're just too cute~! You smell good too~! Ah, wait. What's this? Human? Ah, no wonder you're so attractive~! I'm surprised nobody's eaten you up yet~!" Quietly, Sebastian let out a sigh. But he couldn't even find the words to say, save for just a mumbled 'brother'.