Warning: Smut/Lemon, BoyxBoy, Established Relationship, Slight Bondage, Easter Eggs, Language, Annoyed Russians XD The usual, really.



It was highly unusual for one such as Rarah to wake up on a peaceful Sunday morning to discover his mansion being empty. His lover was not on the couch, nor was he cuddled to Rarah's side in the bed they sometimes shared. He was not in the kitchen, or anywhere else. Rarah didn't even need get out of bed to decide this, for the vast home was completely silent. This was a sign that his apprentice, Zandrew, was also nowhere to be found. Nor was Zandrew's companion, Soren.
It was only after deciding all of this, that the Russian man discovered something lying on Sethe's pillow: a blue, plastic egg.
It was an Easter egg.
Inside the egg was a neatly folded piece of paper with Sethe's messy handwriting scrawled across it, which read, 'Check the mail.'

Rarah raised an eyebrow, then, with a long-suffering sigh, he stood and pulled his pants on, tying the string to tighten them around his hips before walking out of the room, rubbing his face. The mail box was all the way outside and he was on the top floor. This was gonna be a long walk...fifteen minutes later saw him at the front door, opening the simple mailbox he'd had Soren build.

Bills. The electric bill, the water bill, useless ads, a letter from a client, and finally, a letter simply addressed 'Rarah.'

Rarah sighed, stuffing the bills into his pocket, putting the ads back, and opening the letter, frowning.

You've probably forgotten that today is an American holiday. I don't know if Russian's celebrate Easter or not, since you don't really talk about that stuff. Whatever. You're celebrating it today.
Zandrew helped me hide eggs all over the mansion for you to find. Each blue egg has a clue to help you find the next one, which will inevitably lead you to where I'm hiding. If/When you find me, you get a treat.
I will Willingly do Anything you want for the next twenty-four hours, from the exact moment that you find me.
Also, you're being timed. You only have an hour before this offer expires.
Good luck.
Happy Easter.
Love, Sethe.'

The Russian slowly read through the note again, his eyes narrowing.

Oh, that little bastard...

On the back of the paper, there was one simple word.

Rarah sighed, glaring for a moment, before crumpling the paper and stuffing it into his other pocket.
The TV was all the way up in his room.
He walked back inside, slipping his shoes off as he made his way back up to the bedroom he'd originally come from.

Sethe was probably laughing at him right now.
By the time he got to the room, there was an egg on top of the television that hadn't been there before.

He felt his eyes twitch.
"What the fuck..." he grunted softly, grabbing the egg and opening it.

'Your time starts now.
Maybe you should try the kitchen.'
The room smelled familiar as well.
It smelled like Sethe's cologne. The kind he knew Rarah liked and he only wore on days he specifically planned to seduce and keep Rarah in bed with him all day.

He slowly smirked, dropping the egg to the floor and making his way to the third and top floor kitchen, looking around for the next clue.

Little did he know that the next clue would be harder to find.
Because Zandrew had hidden it.
In the fridge.
In the egg carton with all the other eggs.
Which he and Soren had recently dyed blue.

Rarah looked around for a while, looking behind everything he could think of, growling when he couldn't find it.
"Where the hell did they-" he looked at the fridge, and then opened it, spotting the eggs and feeling the twitch again.

He growled, grabbing the eggs and taking them to the sink, quickly turning them over and watching them all crack-except for one.
He grabbed it, opened it, and read quickly.

This time, there was one of those small, useless packets of lubricant stuffed in with the paper.
The hint read 'have you fed the fish yet?'

Rarah smirked slightly, taking the mail from his pocket and tossing it to the counter to look at tomorrow, before pulling the packet in his pocket and leaving the egg, moving to the Fish Room.
The Fish Room was a personal aquarium he'd had built for Sethe. It housed every known fish in the world, two of each to populate it, though the 'baby fish' were usually sold off to avoid overcrowding. He walked over to the small fish tank in the middle of the room, the only talk that held the customary household fish.

The next small egg was sitting beside the fish food.
This message read, 'The batteries are going to be dead if you take too long. Go to the beach and look through the sand.'

Rarah almost shivered, biting his lip at the implying words, smirking as he dropped the hint and egg and left the room, walking quickly to the second floor, down the hall and into the only room on the whole floor.
It was like he'd stepped into an island. An indoor beach as far as the eye could see in both directions. He'd had almost every room from the floor removed, leaving only the walls needed to hold the top floor up-and he'd had those redesigned to look like thick forests of trees. The salt water he'd had transported to his make-shift beach was filling the air with a beach scent and he purred softly as he walked quickly to their usual spot, dropping to his knees in front of the sand castle that Sethe had been working on for months.

There, on the top of one of the tallest towers lay the Easter egg.
A cock ring was resting beneath the egg to keep it from rolling around or messing up the sand.
Rarah carefully picked up the egg, opening it away from the castle to read the note.
Sand immediately seeped out of the container.
'Check the time.'

Rarah blinked, stumped for a moment, before he stood and walked back to the door, leaving quickly to look at the clock above the door that led to the stairs.

However, the only thing he could see was a sticky note that read, in large, black print, 'Wrong Clock.'

Rarah frowned.
There were at least twenty clocks in this fucking house.
He groaned, and then turned, looking at the clock in the second floor kitchen, one of the three rooms he'd left in the second floor.

Again, he received the same message.

He groaned loudly, checking the only bedroom he'd left on the floor.

Still, he was left with the same message.
This had to have been Zandrew or Soren's idea.

Rarah growled, taking his phone out and calling Soren.
"Tell Zandrew to tell me where the fucking clock-egg-shit is before I go into his room and burn all of his fucking clothes."

Soren snorted, handing the phone to Zandrew, mumbling, "He doesn't want to play fair."

Zandrew whined, taking the phone.
"This is cheeeeating, Rarah."
"Fuck you. Where is it?"
"I can't tell you..."

"'Could tell him what floor it's on..." Soren suggested.
Zandrew hesitated, and then nodded.
"It's on the third floor." he hummed softly.
Rarah blinked, then shut the phone and set it away, humming softly.

When he finally made it to the main room of the third floor, he was immediately met with the smell of Sethe's cologne mixed with that hot, sweaty, sex smell.
He noticed the time on the clock above the TV, and then noticed the little blue egg sitting atop said clock.

"Oh Fuck, Sethe..." Rarah moaned under his breath, feeling himself stir in his pants at the smell.
He quickly went to the clock, not even glancing at the time as he grabbed the egg and opened it, reading the next hint.

'Look behind the couch.'

Rarah blinked, and then did so.

There lay his lover, looking back up at him with lust-filled, bright green eyes.
He was wearing a skimpy, leopard print, leather lingerie outfit. The skirt barely covered his ass, his erection peeking out from under it, the tight, lacy black thong he was wearing doing nothing to conceal him. His hips were twitching slightly with the vibrator inside of him, obviously pressed against his sweet spot, though he made no sound, as his mouth was restricted by a gag. His hands were handcuffed behind his back and the cockring around his member kept him from reaching his climax. The fuzzy bunny ears he was wearing instead of his usual hat even matched the collar that he had been forced into.
"Rarah..." He moaned around the gag, grinning slightly up at him.

Rarah's eyes darkened with lust and he shivered, dropping to his knees to remove the gag and kiss him deeply, his hands immediately going to explore the boy's body.

"H-Hap-appy-y Ea-easte-ster, Ra-Rara-ah..."

The raven haired boy whimpered loudly, looking up at him, gasping and trying his best to arch into his touches.
"O-Oh...Tha-Thank-k yo-you..."

Rarah nodded, purring as he trailed his lips down Sethe's body, moving down so that he could flip the skirt of the lingerie, exposing his member. He then leaned down to lick it through the thong.

Sethe shuddered, desperately arching into the touch.
"R-Raraaaah..." He moaned, his breath hitching slightly.

Rarah smirked.
"Mmm, I get you for a while twenty four hours? This is gonna be fun...

Sethe moaned softly again in response, licking his lips.
"'m n-not gonna be-be ab-ble t-to walk-k wh-when you're do-done, hm-m?" The boy shivered; his stuttering ruining the cocky tone.

"No." Rarah smirked, leaning up to kiss him deeply as he took the packet from his pocket and ripped it open, undoing his pants and shoving them down as far as he could, before covering his cock with the lube.

The younger boy shuddered as he watched him, his whole body suddenly burning and aching with and undeniable need to have his lover inside of him.
"OhGodRarahPlease..." He whimpered, squirming.

"Beg for it." Rarah growled softly, groping his member suddenly.

Sethe whimpered, a pleading look shining in his eyes, perfectly beginning to beg and plead, the years of whoring himself out on New York streets paying off.

"Mmm, good boy..." Rarah whispered, kissing him suddenly as he pulled the toy out and pressed in, moving the string of the thong aside, but otherwise leaving it be.

Sethe moaned loudly, arching as best as he could as he kissed back desperately.

Rarah gave him little time to adjust, one hand going to finger his member as he began to thrust into him rapidly.

Sethe's legs wrapped around Rarah's waist, his moaning and groaning quickly filling the room. "!"
His hips arched and jerked slightly as he tried to meet his lover's thrusts, his toes curling in pleasure.

"Mmm, fuck, Sethe, God, you're such a good boy..." he moaned into Sethe's neck, purring loudly.

The raven shuddered, desperately wanting his release, but knowing it was too early to beg yet, instead whispering words of gratitude to the Russian and tilting his head to give him more room, wanting to feel Rarah mark him again.

Rarah growled in please, burying his face in Sethe's shoulder, smelling the cologne and nearly melting, loving the scent of it and sex on Sethe's skin.
"Fuck, Sethe..." he growled, kissing along his neck and jaw as he moved faster, slamming into him faster, and hitting his prostate suddenly.

Sethe screamed, his body tensing around Rarah as he spasmed, his bright eyes going wide at the pleasure.
"OhGodYesPlease! Rarah!"

"I-is this normal Easter celebration?" Rarah smirked, nipping at his neck.

"Ngh...N-Not exa-actly-ly..."

"Mmm, I didn't think so," He laughed, kissing his jaw lightly as he moved inside of him.

"Oh, fuck, Rarah..." The American native almost sobbed in pleasure.

"God, do you wanna come, Sethe?" The Russian whispered against his lover's skin, licking him.


"I don't know, you made me go on a wild chase all over the house..." he licked him slowly again, shivering at the tight heat around his cock.

Sethe whined, "'wa-was Zan-andre-ew's i-idea-a..."

"Mmm, but you allowed it." Rarah smirked, suddenly biting into his shoulder, marking him.

He screamed again loudly, legs tightening and pulling Rarah deeper into him, "-"

And suddenly the cockring was gone and Rarah was slamming into his sweet spot, that gentle word-'come'-echoing in his head despite being so quiet.

He felt his whole body shudder, jerking forward slightly as he screamed his lover's name, wave after wave of pleasure washing over him as he rode out his orgasm, soft sobs and mewls of pleasure escaping him.

Rarah gasped, licking the bite mark on Sethe's shoulder as he suddenly let go with a soft grunt, eyes closing as he continued to thrust, feeling himself emptying inside of the other boy.

Sethe groaned at the feeling, looking up at him happily.
"S-so wh-whatch-cha-a go-gonn-na-a do ne-next?"

Rarah smirked, purring.
"Mmm, first, we're gonna take a catnap on the bed, then I'm going to screw you so hard you'll be sobbing for me to let you come." he whispered.

Sethe shuddered, nuzzling him lightly.
"'G-gon-onna u-undo the-the han-andcu-cuffs fir-firs-st...?"

"Mmm, maybe if you ask nicely and say please." he smirked.

"Ngh...Mmm, wi-will y-you pre-retty-y, p-pret-tty ple-eas-se ta-take th-he han-andcuf-ffs o-off, ple-eeeaaase...?"

Rarah smirked, licking his neck lightly.
"Mmm, I suppose. Where's the key?"

Sethe whined, "Z-Zand-drew p-put i-it i-in th-the e-egg un-nder the-e co-couch..."

Rarah raised an eyebrow, reached under and pulled the egg out, opening it and laughing softly, showing him the empty egg.
"Mmm, someone got tricked, and it wasn't me."

The raven whined, and then pouted, looking around the room. "'Go-gonna ki-ill him when h-he gets bac-ck..."

Rarah laughed, gently pulling out and standing up, grabbing his lock pick case from the coffee table, then knelt down to pick the lock.
"Mmm, sit up for me, love."

The raven whimpered, wriggling around so that he was lying on his stomach, blushing slightly.
"'Tha-that work...?"

"Mhm." he snorted, leaning down to quickly do away with the handcuffs, tossing them to the couch for later.
"Mmm, good boy." he hummed, helping him back up and lifting him in his arms, walking him over to the bed.

Sethe purred, his arms wrapping around Rarah's neck.
"Mmm...Thank you. Happy Easter, Rarah..."

Rarah snorted, "Mmm, happy Easter. I don't think crazy, kinky sex was the best way to celebrate it, though I'm not complaining." he smirked, kissing him gently as they lay on the bed.

Sethe pouted, cuddling to his side quickly.
"I think it's a wonderful way to celebrate it..."

His Russian lover snorted again, kissing him gently.
"Mmm, I love you, Sethe..." he whispered softly, licking his bite mark gently.

"...I love you, too, Rarah."

"I know. Now shut up and go to sleep." he teased, kissing him gently.
For a holiday centered around colored eggs, Easter was a pretty nice holiday if this was how Sethe celebrated.