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"Your new names are Sydney James, Alexa James, and Alexandra James." The woman said to us.

"You are going to be living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Don't call yourselves by your real names. These are your real names for now on. Sydney, you are going to own a pet store." My mom nodded in understanding.

"Alexa, you will be going to middle school in Albuquerque." The woman said, staring straight at my sister. Alexa nodded.

"And Alexandra, you will be going to high school in Albuquerque. You will also have your own job at Starbucks." I nodded.

"Now here are your new passports and ID's." The woman said, and she handed them to us.

"Here are your tickets." The woman handed us our tickets.

"Soon we were on our plane without any disturbances, but we had to go slow because my mom was on crutched. I went back in thought about the things that had happened in the last day or two. Normally, I would be getting ready to go to school right now, but instead, I am on a plane, going to start a new life. I went to sleep, thinking about the whole scene.

My mother, sister, and I were walking home from the movie theater. We lived very close and always did that. We passed a common dark ally. We heard a woman screaming. We ran there, in fright, and saw a man stabbing a woman. There was blood everywhere. The scene was so frightening, that my sister screamed. The man looked over at us. He dropped the woman to the ground. WE could tell that she wasn't breathing anymore. He came over to us. My mom took my sister and I and pushed us behind her. The man grabbed my mother and stabbed her multiple times. I listened to the piercing scream, unable to move. My sister pulled me with her away and called the police with her cell phone. The man was not smart enough to realize that we were gone, because he was having fun hurting my mother.

The man ran away when he heard the sirens. My sister and I stayed with my mom until paramedics came. We went to the hospital and stayed for hours, worrying about what was going to happen. Many police asked us questions.

Soon, we were notified that our mother was fine but she would be using crutches for a while. We were later taken to a place where the people wouldn't tell us why. We were than notified, that the man we saw was a serial killer, who was still out on the loose. They told us that we were leaving our lives, for protection. Only then did I realize it. I was going to leave my whole life, friends, everything except my mother and sister. I was then introduced to something face to face that I had only seen on TV.


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