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The next day, Mom, Alexa, and I, worked on unpacking boxes. We weren't able to bring many things for ourselves, but the agency or whatever gave us quite a lot of stuff. Soon, my room was as girly as any room could ever be. WRONG. I had black and purple walls, rock band posters, and black comforters. Don't get the wrong idea, because I am NOT emo. I just like black and rock music, got a problem with that?

I sat watching TV in the living room until I heard the doorbell ring.

"I got it!" I yelled. I ran to the door and opened the door.

"Hi. My name is Emily. I live in the house next door with my family here. We saw the moving trucks and wanted to help you settle in." A woman said. She looked about 40 years old.

"Hi! I'm Sara! What's your name?" The little girl said. I immediately fell in love with her. She was such a cute little girl!

"Hi. Come in. My name is…Alex. I'll go get my family. Just take a seat here." I said, pointing at the living room.

I went up stairs and got my family.

"Hello. My name is….Sydney James. This is my daughter Alexa. I believe you already met my other daughter, Alex." My mom said, introducing us all.

"My name is Emily Frost. We live next door. These are my children." Emily said.

"Hi, my name's Stacey!" a blond girl said.

"I'm Bruce." Said a boy, probably around my age by the looks of it.

"Hi! My name is Sara!" Sara said, smiling, revealing that her two front teeth were missing.

"I brought some of my famous brownies!" Emily said, revealing the huge plate of brownies. Everyone took some.

"Why don't you take Bruce up to your room, Alex? I believe you guys are in the same grade. You can get to know each other." My Mom said to me. I shrugged. I stood up and started walking towards the stairs. I could hear Bruce's footsteps behind me.

"So, where did you move from?" Bruce asked me, after we were sitting in my room. I was sitting in my bed and he sat next to me.

" Uh, California." I said, remembering the file that we read about our new "lives".

"Oh, cool. Where did you live in California?"

"Uh, Monterey Bay."



And our conversation went on like that. Pretty boring, but I got to know Bruce. Soon, the Frosts left. At dinner, Mom told us the worst news ever.

We were going to start school in 2 days.

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