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First off, this story is fictional. Sacred College is not a real school for misbehaving children and teenagers.

Secondly, this is the first time I have posted fiction that is not based on something already around. Please review. Thanks!

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may we present to you, THE RETURN OF SHAKIRA VULDANA!""

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the death of Ivey-Lee Jones. I thought.

Yeah, I was Shakira Juanita DeGoula Vuldana. Was I proud of my life then? No. I was a complete and total wreck. The problem was that Ivey-Lee Jones was making it worse. She was like Sherlock Holmes, but female and with blonde hair, always wearing jeans (never ever letting her legs show) and a tee-shirt with an open business shirt on top. Sometimes she even went as far as wearing a top-hat. She usually wrote for the school's newspaper, as she was capable of getting information out of anyone, and I mean anyone. Teachers also called on her when they needed to work out what student did what.

Once upon a time, Ivey was one pain in the ass that everyone wanted to avoid – for example, she was a control freak and everything had to go her way, she was ridiculously smart, and when the roll was called, she would say "here" when everyone else would say "yep". Not to mention that she's sometimes a complete bitch. After writing an interesting letter to the Principal, she gained the trust of almost every clique leader. Ivey had her hobbies, and she never had any intent one hurting anyone. Unfortunately, that wasn't exactly the way things went.

As a sixteen year old, I was rather . . . ridiculous for my age. I sucked at English, Humanities, Algebra, Art, and every other subject that you could think of – apart from Music and Drama. I always seemed to work well in those classes. I work well with brawn – brains are not so good with me. Boys seem to steer clear of me, because they know that if they touch me they'll get a kick in their junk. The only reason I'm writing this is because I was asked to – by the time it's done, I'll probably be one hundred because I suck at typing. I also suck at reading, so if you see any mistakes, complain to my educationist.

Getting back to my "return". I glared at the blonde haired Ivey Jones, who currently had a black hat on. With a devilish smile, she tipped her hat towards me.

"Nice to see you again, Shakira Vuldana. How's life?"

"Oh, believe me, it'll be much better when you suddenly disappear off the face of the Earth."

She laughed. "I'm Cliff. Jump over some time."

" Oh, I plan to."

These were the usual conversations between me and Ivey. She was just one of those people that I loathed. She was a smart-aleck, and a damned smart one at that. Any problem you put to her, she solved within an almost-instant. When I first met her, she knew that my sister was dead, just by looking at the make-up on my face. To be honest, she's probably the only one that didn't have friends in Sacred College.

I sighed to myself, and walked up the steps of Sacred, Ivey in a tow.

"So why did you leave in the first place?"

"To get away from you?"

Another laugh. "A lot of people try that and then they fail. No one can escape Ivey Jones."

This was also how she usually talked about herself – as if she was a third person, and not actually herself. Do I make sense when I say that?

"So you've killed a lot of people?"

"I haven't killed anyone." She said curtly. "I was merely saying that they always manage to get dragged back."

Dragged back? More like dragged back to Hell. Sacred College was probably one of the worst around, only second to Bullworth Academy – a game school. Remind me why I'm alive?

"So, any plans?"

"Yeah, throwing you or dropping you off a building."

"Touchy touchy. That'll go on the news today!"

I stopped in my tracks, and grabbed Ivey by the neck. "Listen here you," I growled. "I am so fed up with you and that stupid newspaper. NO MORE, understand? If you so much as mention my name in the paper, consider your life taken!"

Ivey put her hands up and pushed me away. "Okay, okay, jeez." She muttered. "You don't have to be so pushy."

By the time I had reached the buildings, a school newspaper was thrust into my hands by a kid called Danielle. I knew her somewhat, having been in a couple of her classes, but the only thing I paid attention to was her hair – it changed colour at least once a week. But it wasn't her that interested me. It was the front page of the newspaper.


Principal Rowan Sanders has given up his flute playing, as well as made some drastic changes to Sacred College – the Music budget, once upon a time cut to half funding, now has a full $40,000 back in its pocket. Mister Drew Robens is rather happy with this development, having dove into it to get more instruments for the Music kids.

The Nerds, originally kicked out of their spot due to "too many people being in the area" are now allowed back in the foyer of the Library. The leader of the Nerd clique, Harrison Saber reports, "We are now happy to call a truce with the school staff, the Preps and the Greasers. We apologise for any inconvenience we may have caused among the cliques, and are now happy to negotiate terms of a 'peace-time' with the Greasers." He has also confirmed that there will be a "Re-Grand Opening" of the Chemistry Club again in celebration of the new treaty.

Principal Sanders has also demanded that the school oval's repairment rate be increased. The Jocks have no comment on the matter.

Those teachers that have been reportedly hitting on female students have now been sacked, and Stace Cameron has been given full control over the Art Room, where the female students will now hold annual meetings. She has asked that the items being discussed not be told to any of the boys.

The rest on the front page was how he was caught kissing a fellow teacher and how and why he changed everything. I knew why he changed things – it's what made Ivey famous in Sacred College. The famous letter to the Principal.

I sighed, and kept trudging back to the girls dorm. Several of the guys were staring at me on their way, and every time I looked at them, they just looked back to whatever they were doing. Yeah, you know you'll get your ass kicked.

The Girls Dorm was smaller than the boys, mainly because there were more misbehaving boys in the world than what there was misbehaving girls. It was a known fact. Either way, the girls here were vicious, and some of them didn't even get in here because they misbehaved – Ivey, for example. She was sent here merely because her parents couldn't be bothered looking after her and it got her away from them and out of England. Not to mention that it was cheap, it had her favourite subjects, and it forbid regular contact home.

I got here because I managed to get expelled from my other schools. Girtons Secondary College – Expelled for abusive conduct towards teachers. Caruses School – Expelled for graffiti of the school locker bays. There were at least three more schools that kicked me out for minor reasons. This school, however, was the school I wanted to get out of. This one, the teachers constantly put up with me. Detentions were things like mowing lawns or shovelling snow. The Principal, however, cowered behind his desk as his teachers ran 'round trying to keep the school together, and Ivey made sure he stayed that way. It was Ivey-Lee Jones that was running the school, now. Heck, she even had her own office.

Throwing my bag on the bed, I pulled off my hoodie and my top-shirt, throwing them on the floor. Tomorrow morning, I had to head to E-4; The Notice Room, to grab my timetable. So at nine pm, I pushed everything off the bed, closed the door, jumped on the bed, and fell asleep.