Chapter 4

"So how did you get this wound again?" Doctor Kelly asked me for the millionth time.
"I told you, I was around the corner from a construction site when I was pushed by one of those bullies while I was walking home and I fell on a really thin, sharp metal object," I told her, rolling my eyes.
"Hmm, but I'm sure that something else went through your arm, because it would have stopped bleeding now, I'm also amazed that you are still alive seaming as you have lost so much blood," She replied, totally unconvinced.
"It's true! I swear on my short lived life that it's true!" I snapped at her, my anger flaring.
"Yes, if it is true, it doesn't matter, I cannot do anything for you unless your parents come in here and say I can," Kelly told me, scribbling something down on her clipboard.
"But I've told you, they are in Perth doing stuff they didn't want to tell me, they won't be back until next week, and by then I will most probably be dead," I said, her nose looking like a good target for my clenched fist.
"Then why can you not call them on their phones?" she asked, eyeing me over as though she had a mental lie detector, which I hoped she didn't because every word I have said was an absolute lie, except the dyeing part, which I hoped doesn't come true.
"They hate modern day technology! They were basically forced onto the plane to go to Perth! I have to go to my friend's house almost every night just to watch TV!" I snapped.
"Fine I will see what I can do," Kelly replied, sighing as she walked out the door.
"Arg, she is so annoying! Couldn't we have gotten a different doctor?" I asked, lying back down on the very uncomfortable hospital bed and turning on the TV and listening to the news.
"She was the only one left Kate, you should be glad we even got someone," Brian said, speaking for the first time since we were lead into the hospital room.
"Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm glad we got someone, but I'm just not glad that that someone was her," I tell him, pointing at the closed door.
"Yes I know, but it's better than no one Kate, now do you want me to call your mother?" he asks, reaching to his jean pocket to grab his phone.
"Yes, sorry I snapped at you, but today is turning out to be really bad," I said "Now if you don't mind, I am going to go to sleep, hopefully for a few hours, wake me if something goes wrong or whatever,"
"Alright, you get some rest, I will call you mother and tell her to come over, I will be here when you wake up, promise," I heard Brain say before I fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

When I woke up, it was almost pitch black in the room and it took me a moment to remember where I was. I stared at the digital clock trying to see past my blurry vision. After I wiped my eyes, I stared back at the clock and I realised it was just past midnight. Remembering I fell asleep at about 1 in the afternoon, I was startled to find I was asleep for 11 hours. It only felt like a few minutes. After I sat up, my eyes started to adjust to the dark and I could see that there were 7 people in the room. They were all asleep; my dad on the uncomfortable looking arm chair with who I assumed to be my mother on his lap, her head on his chest, James on the window sill with his head against the glass, Jake and Storm sitting crossed legged side by side on the floor, backs against the wall, Storms head on Jake's shoulder and Jakes head resting on top of Storms, Rebecca was on the chair next to my parents and little Julie curled up in a ball at the end of the bed. I was so happy to see everyone together, just for me. It made me feel loved, really loved for the first time since I thought my parents were murdered. With the hole in my heart now sealed, I thought nothing could go wrong, but I knew better. Once I was out of hospital, my new family would have to move towns. The police knew I was living with other mutants because they had all helped me get out of a jam at least once. Well everyone except Julie. She would be able to stay here, probably live with my mum and dad, but she followed me like a shadow, so I know she would never leave my side, no matter what. So after another quick look around the room, looking at all of the peaceful faces, I fell back asleep.

This time when I fell asleep, I had a night mare. One I have had so many times before. It was the night of Christmas Eve, 1996; I was walking down the hall way with Rebecca in my arms, towards the dining room. As I rounded the corner two covered faces turn towards me, guns in hand. They slowly stepped aside to reveal both of my parents dead, both having been shot in the head, blood running down their faces and onto the floor, their eyes unfocused, their skin white as paper. I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. Then the scene changed into to a cave. James was playing a round of hide and seek with the others and I decided to join in. After counting to 20, we went to look for them. But when we found them, they were all in the same state I saw my parents, dead, bullet to the head, blood everywhere, and eyes unfocused. But when I looked around for James, I found him being held by a man, his face covered, but his voice cold as ice;
"You will never win," he cried before slitting James's throat and running away.

I woke up with a start, covered with sweat and breathing hard. There was light in the room now and everyone was awake and starting at me with worry. I close my eyes and slowed my breathing, trying to calm down. It's only a dream, it's only a dream, I keep thinking to myself before opening my eyes again and looking at everyone.
"Kate, are you alright?" James asked, now standing at the side of my bed.
"Yeah, I-I just had a night mare, that's all," I replied hoping he would believe me.
"Are you sure?" Brian asked, and when I looked over to him, he was standing just in front of the chair he was sleeping on last night, holding my mum tight in his arms. It was then I realised that everyone was standing where they had been sleeping, except Rebecca and James. Rebecca was sitting at the end of my bed with Julie and James had moved from the window sill to the side of my bed.
"Oh God, did I wake you guys up? I'm so sorry," I said, trying to sit up, but only getting a sharp jab of pain in my arm.
"No, no it's ok, we don't mind, we were worried about you," Storm piped in, her normal matter of fact tone gone, replaced with a very rare tone of worry and tiredness.
"No it's not ok, I woke you guys up!" I said, but then deciding to lighten things up by saying "But I suppose it's a good thing in a way, because you all look really crappy, now I don't feel so bad," and as I hoped, everyone laughed, all of the faces in the room lighting up.
After everyone settled down, a new voice came through the room.
"Oh Kate, I've missed you so much," my mum said, her sapphire eyes filled with tears.
"I've missed you too, mum," I replied, reaching towards her. She didn't even hesitate; she left my dad's arms and took my hand, sitting on the side of my bed. As if that was a signal, James helped me to sit up wile causing as little pain as possible and everyone (I don't know how) walked over and sat on a spot on the bed. We shared funny stories with each other and had a good laugh. After we ran out of stories, James and my father left the room to go get everyone breakfast, leaving me, my mum, and the rest of us to ourselves.

"So, you are Kate's boyfriend?" Brian asked as they walk towards the elevator.
"No," James replied, his face sad.
"But you care for her a lot, am I right?" Brian asked.
"Yes, I do, why do you ask?" James replied questioningly. Brian grabbed hold of his shoulder which stopped them both in the middle of the hall.
"I need you to promise me that you will never let anything happen to Kate or Rebecca. I have gone without them for seven years and I couldn't stand if anything else happens to them, understand?"
"I can promise you, that I will do everything in my power to protect the people I care for. I give you my word, and I am a man of my word," James replied, hand over his heart, proving his point.
"Good, thank you. Even though I have only known you for a few hours, I know you would probably be the best man for Kate," Brian smiled, starting to walk again.
"And I have never met a man who loves his daughters so much, that he would place so much trust is a 16 year old boy whom he has only just met," James smiled back, starting to really like Brian. After that was said, the two of them walked in silence the rest of the way to the elevator.

When the guys returned Jake practically sprung from his seat and bolted towards them, falling to his knees, hailing them.
"Oh thank God! I have just been through the worst kind of torture! Girl talk," he cried and everyone laughed.
"No I'm serious! It was horrible!" He whined "They went on and on about makeup and clothes and manicures and hair styles and designer brands and it was so boring!" and everyone laughed again. Jake was a funny guy, that's why everyone liked him. Especially Storm, I had been noticing how they had been very flirty towards each other lately and was about to ask if there was anything going on between them when Doctor Kelly walked through the door.
"Now how did you all get in here?" She snapped at everyone, flaring up at once.
"Doctor, please! These are just my friends! My uncle invited them over so I could have company!" I snapped back at her, irritated by her sudden outburst at my family.
"Oh so Constable Brian is your uncle? You failed to mention that last time I was here," she shook her head crossly.
"That's because you never asked," I muttered to myself and my mum giggled.
"What? What's so funny?" Kelly snapped at my mum.
"Don't you dare talk to her like that?" I snapped back "If you have a problem with my company, then please quickly state your business and leave!"
"Fine! I only came to tell you that you are going to have to have an operation to fix the bone in your arm and the muscle and tissue around it. You are going into surgery at six o'clock tonight so you better be prepared because you might lose your arm!" she snapped at me then turned on her heal, stormed out the door and slammed it behind her.
"Gee, she should get fired, I mean seriously, I thought doctors were supposed to be nice towards patients," Jake said sarcastically and again, everyone laughed.

When the time came for me to go into surgery, everyone gave me hugs and good lucks before I was wheeled into the surgery room. It was actually quite scary. It was this large room with surgery tools on a tray next to my bed, a big machine that they hooked me onto so they could keep track of my heart beats and other stuff I didn't know about. I was just about to ask the nurse, who was preparing the "happy gas" for me, about what the machine does when the surgeon walked through the door and started to explain the procedure to me.
I wasn't really listening, knowing as soon as I wake up I'll most likely forget whatever he said. When he finally finished he asked if I was ready and I gave him a quick nod and the nurse placed the mask over my mouth and after a while I fell into familiar darkness.


When I awoke, I found myself, again, surrounded by my family. I smiled at them all, but they just looked at me uneasily. I looked at James about to ask what was going on but when I looked him in the eyes he pointed towards my arm and when I looked down, I found it was completely healed. There were no bruising, swelling, marks, scars; there was absolutely no sign of any previous wounds. Using my other arm, I softly poked the spot where there once was bruising and swelling all over, only to find I felt no pain what so ever. I tested it out by lifting myself up into a sitting position and it felt as strong as ever.
"Gee, those surgeons sure did a good job," I said but when I looked up everyone was shaking their heads.
"What is it?" I asked, feeling a bit sick.
"Kate, it healed it's self halfway through the surgery, the doctors had no idea what had happened," my father said.
"What does that mean?" I asked, my voice shaky "Do they know what I am?"
"No, no, but they are onto you," James said.
"But that's not all is it?" I asked, feeling myself going white again.
"No. They want to take blood samples to see what they are dealing with. But we all think that if they do that, they will find out what and who you really are," my father said.
"Kate, why didn't you tell us you could heal this quickly?" James asked, trying to keep his voice calm, though I could hear the small bit of fury in it.
"James, do you really think I would go to the hospital if I knew about this?" I told him "Do you really think I would not have mentioned this before if I knew about it? Because if you do, then you must underestimate me, because if I knew about this, I would have told you right away, no questions asked,"
James sighed "Yes, I know, I'm sorry. I just thought that you, oh I don't know. I'm sorry, I won't underestimate you again," he replied.
"It's ok. At least we don't have to worry about coming here again, well for me anyway," I said to everyone, and they all smiled in relief.
"Well we better get you out of here before they can do any testing on you," my mum said.
"Yes, I will go now and fill out the form, I will be back soon," Brian told me, kissing me on the forehead and walking out the door.
"Come on, we need to get you out of those scrubs and into some clean clothes," Rebecca said, walking to my bedside table and opening the draw, pulling out a new pair of jeans, a new t-shirt, socks, shoes and even a hair brush. Once I swung my legs off the bed and stood up, she passed me the pile of clothes and led me to the small bathroom in the corner of the room. By the time I finished showering, drying, dressing and brushing my hair, everyone was waiting to leave.
"Finally, gosh, girls take forever," Jake said sarcastically as we all started to head towards the elevator and everyone laughed.
"She doesn't take as long as her mother, believe me," Brian said as we reached the elevator and everyone laughed again.
When the elevator doors opened we all jumped in and Julie hit the floor button. As we travelled down I got another one of my weird feelings in the pit of my stomach; the ones that tell me some things going to happen that I don't like.

Once we hit ground floor, Doctor Kelly was standing at the elevator doors, arms crossed, looking pissed. She even had two policemen behind her. Oh great I though this is going to be fun.
"Ah, Kate, there you are. We just wanted to take a few blood tests if that's alright with you?" She said in more like an I-get-what-I-want way than in a, you-get-to-choose way.
"Oh yes, my uncle told me about that, but I'm not a big fan of blood tests, so if you don't mind, my friends, family and I are just going to go home," I said as calmly as possible.
"I'm sorry, but that won't be happening. I know who you are Kate, and what you are. So the only leaving of this hospital you will be doing will be leaving to go to jail," she smirked.
"I'm sorry, but not today thank you very much," I replied, a plan forming in my mind, but before I can put my plan into action, Sergeant Kane walked through the double doors at the front of the hospital. He was tall, and I mean tall! He was like 8 feet! No maybe even taller, I couldn't really tell. He had a coffee-like tan going perfectly with his long, black, wavy hair that fell just past his shoulders and his deep brown eyes staring right into my soul. He might sound handsome to some people, but to me, he was the scariest person on earth.
"Kate, so nice to see you," he greets, his voice kind, but I knew better, "And Constable Brian, the General won't be too pleased to find you are actually helping a thief. Oh dear, too bad I can only fit one in the car, so I'll take the girl instead," he mocked, pissing me off.
"Oh, ok, I'm sorry to tell you this," I said, putting as much irritation and hatred into my voice as possible, "but I'm not going anywhere with you,"
"Oh, but you can't make that choice, and I assure you that you cannot out run me," Kane said, obviously not having read my newly updated file.
"She may not be able to outrun you Kane, but she can still escape!" James shouted at him, and then stared at me, pleading to get out of here before anything went really bad.
Don't worry; I'll get us out of this I told him telepathically.
"Kate, come on now, why don't you just give yourself up so we can get his over with," Sergeant Kane said, talking to me like I was just a child, which just pissed me off even more.
"As I said before, I'm going nowhere with you, the only place I'm going is home," I snapped at him, meeting his gaze which just chilled me to the bone. But instead of replying, he made a signal with his hand to the men behind him and they charged right at us. I knew I didn't have enough time to put my plan into action, so I shouted for Rebecca to take Julie home and for my father to take mum and leave. As soon as I finished shouting orders, the two cops were on us. James and I quickly took them out and when I turned around to check on Jake and Storm, I find they are held in head locks with guns pointed to their heads.