Fragile strength, sensitivity gives a voice to internal vulnerability. Leaving Eden, even angels can cry and fall from grace. Broken open crucified wounds, welcome in the blissful sounds of innocence and silence. The purpose destiny driven blessed life, mighty chosen woman of God be shaken and broken by circumstances nomore. Modern day virgin Mary, let liberty reign and begin to become whole in Jesus once again. Sacred arc of the covenant, modern day Joan of Arc, dance in the rain. Modern day, Noah's ark, follow the stars back home and become hollow inside. Gracious graceful youthful celestial beauty, eat a mouthful of diamonds. Young strong immortal divine beautiful heroine, turn to a brand new page in history. Beloved valentine in waiting, teenage guardian angel in training, be at peace with heavenly father and mother nature. Traveling on a road toward freedom, embrace this endless lifelong adventure of self discovery. Longing for nurture and a pure heart, receive tender loving care and enjoy the snowfall. Lost within the rains of glory, be anything but ordinary in his holiness' sanctuary.