Searching for a light in a dark cold world, I am in need of an encouraging word. The lord sees me suffering and works through a friend to give me a hug. Cutting deep into the core of my existence, I can't sweep this feeling of happiness underneath the rug. Joy is a state of mind, a blissful chilly wind breeze promising change is coming. Falling in love with the sweet sound of music, I smile in my sleep on this silent holy night. Full of magic, the titanic sails once again on the ocean. Jubilee shalom, it is a less tragic romantic sad love story this time around. There is a fire burning in my soul, a dream waiting to be born. Torn from my imagination, how long will this new creation last? God's love is like a sharp razor, lazor that burns me and turns my soul inside out. Taking on the form of a harp, I am a lily of the valley who longs to hear a funny silly joke. Touching the sky, I want more of this spiritual high so called numbness. Infinite divinity, holy sacred agape love, please embrace, romance and restore me.