Cleopatra Harvest:

Eyes: Hazel (with green specks)

Hair: Depends on her mood and outfit, usually something that brings attention (normally some kind of "Cleopatra bob")

Skin: Black ("African American")

Height: 5"5 (usually wears high heals so she might seem taller)

Favorite food: Chicken Parmesan

Favorite drink: Anything with Tequila in it

Favorite color: Purple and electric blue

Personality: Bold, independent, can be pervy at times, take charge kind of woman, flirty, gold digger

Pet Peeves: People chewing with their mouth open, the sound of pencils scratching against paper

Job: Makeup artist of Alexander Eberstark, and singer song writer on the side

Status: Mostly Single

Life: Grew up in a large plantation house with rich parents. Three older brothers and a younger sister. Grandfather taught her how to shoot a gun in early teens. Graduated in cosmetics and started working for Alexander Eberstark a couple months after.