I hate my name. I have no idea what it means. Yeah, you're like, what stupid seventh grade girl doesn't know what perseverance means? Truth is, I never bothered. I'm not one of those nerd girls who raises their hands to every single question and gets straight A's on my report card; I'm more of like that girl in your school who has always been popular. I'm in a clique; Led by yours truly, of course.

Like I said, I hate my name. I go by Revi. Much better. Don't ever call me my real name. I only let off first-dayers, sixth-graders and under. Other than that? Then if you call me Perseverance, girl, you're dead.


Hey, yo. Sport's my thing. People who don't know me or haven't yet seen my wardrobe would be all; Veralyn's a nice, fancy, pretty, girly girl name. She must be so into sewing; or something of that sort. She presumably has no idea whatsoever of the term 'sports' Oh gee, I'm so smart! Yadda yadda yadda. Yeah . . . Nice girly name. Thanks a lot, Mom. Note sarcasm.

Yeah. I'm Veralyn Ralace. Fancy, and the complete opposite of me. I go by Ralyn. Vera; heck no. Too fancy. I have other reasons too. Lyn? Too short—and fancy. What's left: Ralyn.

One more thing peeps: Mess with me—the Ralyn Ralace—and you'll regret it. Cross my heart, and hope to die. No one gets away with it.


Author's Note- My first story! This is only the prologue. Please do not let this judge your thoughts of this story. I know it's short. But it's the prologue, and I can't give everything away, right? Anyways, read and review!

~Emmeline Alicia Mary