In Which Perseverance Daydreams

Perseverance Mint—8:01 AM—Wednesday, August 24—Sunset City Middle School—Sunset City, Utah—Event~ First Day of School

Revi takes out her phone when Mrs. Moran wasn't looking. She quickly checks her e-mail, and spies one titled 'Status Check Mistake'.

Revi curses as she taps on the e-mail.

From: statusgirlscms -at- yahoo . com
moranha -at- sunsetcity . k12 . ut . us +9 others

This e-mail is only concerning Lottie and Lotte.

Because of today's events, Lotte and Lottie have been switched rankings.

Current Status-
1. Revi Mint *
2. Ralyn Ralace
3. Manda Burke
4. Edith Morgans
5. Maryana Letus
6. Lotte James
7. Lottie Letus
8. Emetine Lain
9. Alyce Nelson
10. Sarelyn Kale

Please do not reply to this status check e-mail from Moraly. If you wish to contact Moraly, you can reach her at statusgirlscms -at- yahoo . com

Revi breathes out a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, Mrs. Moran hears her, and turns around.

"Perseverance?" She queries. "What is that—give me that phone!"

Revi pales but does not give in. Not just yet.

"Now!" Mrs. Moran snaps. Revi hands over her phone reluctantly. "Good girl. Only forty minutes left of your detention."

Okay . . . so that means I miss out on all of first period! Yes!

Revi takes out her book and begins to read 'City of Bones', a Mortal Instruments book. Yes, (surprise, surprise), Ms. Revi Mint was a huge book nerd.

Revi smiles at herself as she read about Jace and Clary. Jace was so romantic! Revi settles into a small daydream about her own crush.

Justin Hale. Amber eyes which were not at all freaky. Windswept brown hair. Cute smile.

Just one problem.

He's dating Revi's other enemy. Lotte James.

But of course, Revi would win him...right?

~ Author's Note ~

Wow. I even surprised myself...

I was looking through old Google Docs and came across this one. When I opened it, I had the chapter already half-way finished (which obviously isn't a lot). Then I asked myself, "Why aren't you updating?" So I went on FictionPress and posted an author's note, and I finished the chapter. And I updated it, as you can see. (Duh.)

Anyway. Sucky short chapter here...so sorry. Hey, at least it's better than nothing, right? :D

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- Emmeline Alicia Mary -