It consumes everyone and everything it touches. It falls without discretion and wreaks havoc across the once peaceful lands of Lacrye, staining it scarlet with the ink its own peoples' blood. The waters run thick with the poison of the ill hearted. The towers and castles crumble, the fields grow over and eventually die.

But a new hope arises from the depths of despair- something no human has ever been able to touch before.

The power of the Gods…


To fight the darkness, a kind of magic is created from the Fallen Star of Lacrye, upon which the entire land revolved around.

This magic, named Ink after the darkness it was created to hold at bay, is the basis for every magic form, and is the natural bane to all things unholy.

Ink… The beginning of magic…

But with the creation of this great power for good, there were many who wished to use it for it evil.

For the safety of the now saved Lacryre, the three most powerful elders sealed Ink away with three keys, where they would remain for three centuries…

But soon the magic will be awakened…

Ink…The beginning of magic…

And most likely the end of it.


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